It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane It’s a … Window Washer? These Kids With Cancer Get a Heroic Surprise.

The patients inside of the Children’s Hospital of Alabama got a special surprise one afternoon. Instead of surgeries, medicine and treatment, they got dose of superheroes. A group of unitard-clad men crawled all over the outside of the building, just to bring smiles to the faces of the children inside.

Outside of the children’s hospital, a group of superheroes were suspended high above the streets.

They weren’t fighting villains – instead, they were there to cheer up the many patients inside.

You see, the hospital was the Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

They hung outside of the Benjamin Russell Building just to bring smiles of the children inside.

The heroes scaled down the 15-story building, stopping at every floor to brighten up the days of the children inside.

The cute act of kindness was performed by the Squeegee Cleaning Services of Chelsea.

Although it was adorable, it was also heartbreaking.

Every child inside was fighting off illnesses…

But for that afternoon, they were superheroes, too.

It took courage for Captain America, Superman, Batman and Spiderman to be suspended outside of such a large building for so long…

But it was worth it, if it meant brightening the days of the sick children inside.

Some people think superheroes only exist in comic books or movies… but judging by what these men did for some sick kids, we think superheroes are REAL. Source

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