It’s not just fast food workers who make less than $15 an hour!/Kelso_Walton/status/373103726447169537

The nation’s fry cooks will presumably head back to work Friday without that raise they demanded in a series of rallies and walkouts across the nation Thursday. President Obama certainly doesn’t care about the working poor: if he had his way, he’d force them to work for only $9 an hour rather than the $15 they need to survive.

If fast food workers do end up securing that $15 an hour wage, a lot of people might want to trade in their degrees for spatulas.!/CindyChaney6/status/373175825589219328!/Diva_Starlet/status/373275801581805568!/bluuRaeeinHD/status/373258758987579392!/Larrylegend69/status/373242835698331648!/Todd_SpenceJr/status/373231488352792576!/NatesMama1128/status/373206884213207040!/ElJefeA1/status/373077039773130752!/libbylovely_/status/373067321465524224!/captainsavehim/status/373074213562613760

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