Jim Carrey: The lives of assault rifle owners aren’t really ‘worth protecting’


Hey, gun owners: There’s “very little” about your life and even your very soul “worth protecting” if you bought an assault rifle after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, according to funnyman Jim Carrey. Because, you know, he values life and stuff. The emoticon at the end of his tweet just shows how much he cares.

“Dumb and Dumber” doesn’t begin to cover this one. And much like Musket Morgan, we’re guessing Carrey couldn’t define “assault rifle” if he tried.

@jimcarrey to say that the life and soul of a law abiding gun enthusiast isn’t worth protecting is absurd and a terrible thing to say.

— Alec Kenny (@AlecSean) February 2, 2013

@jimcarrey I bought an assault shotgun. Oh, and I’m a veteran so I was the one doing the protecting for mouthy celebrities like you.

— James Law (@JayLaw05) February 2, 2013

.@jimcarrey Anyone who dances on the graves of the SH children should not be allowed to speak. What’s that? 1st Amend. you say? #2A also

— JustPlainBill (@JustPlainBill) February 2, 2013


— ExperimentalVaccines (@EVaccines) February 2, 2013

@jimcarrey lets blame pencils when we make grammatical and spelling errors too! #smh

— kelly balcazar (@kellybdoll) February 2, 2013

@jimcarreyDoes it make me have less of a soul for keeping the assault rifle I’ve owned responsibly for years?#dontbeafuckingidiot

— Jeremy Gifford (@Gif38) February 2, 2013

In August, Carrey called for America to “revise the Second Amendment.” Note to Jim:

Dear @jimcarrey: If you don’t like our freedoms here in America, kindly return to Canada. Or just shut your mouth.

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) February 2, 2013

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