‘Jovan Belcher’ Twitter account raising money for his daughter is reportedly a fake


Just hours after it was reported that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend before killing himself, the @Jovan_Belcher Twitter account sent its first tweet.

I am the agent for Jovan. At this time we are asking for prayers and sympathy. This is a very hard time. Thank you.

— Jovan Belcher (@Jovan_Belcher) December 1, 2012

The account’s bio claims it’s the “Official Twitter Account of Chiefs Jovan Belcher” and the first tweet is purportedly from Belcher’s agent. But the account is unverified and appears to be tugging at Twitter users’ heartstrings in an effort to gain retweets and followers.

As Jovan’s agent…. One RT= $1 Dollar donation to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention… afsp.org

— Jovan Belcher (@Jovan_Belcher) December 1, 2012

1 RT= $1 to the beautiful child that will now grow up without parents.

— Jovan Belcher (@Jovan_Belcher) December 1, 2012

$1 will be donated to Suicide Prevention for everyone who RT this and likes facebook.com/JovanBelchersS…

— Jovan Belcher (@Jovan_Belcher) December 1, 2012

The account has also retweeted what look like fake accounts for other sports figures.

For every FOLLOW I get and RT this gets I will donate $1 to the beautiful child that lost her parents in the @jovan_belcher murder/suicide.

— Andrew Bynum (@33Bynum) December 1, 2012

The “Kobe Bryant” account has already been suspended.

Sports journalist Jason La Canfora reports that Twitter confirmed the account is not “overseen by Belcher’s agent.”

@jovan_belcher @twitter confirmed this isnt account overseen by Belcher’s agent. it’s a fraud, and a sick one at that. needs to be shutdown

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) December 1, 2012

The account has not responded to requests for confirmation that it’s the real deal.

.@jovan_belcher can you identify yourself to media? The credibility of this account is being questioned.

— RunGomez (@RunGomez) December 1, 2012

Many Twitter users are disgusted.

The person who created the fake twitter account Jovan_Belcher should be ashamed. Grow. Up. This is a tragedy. What are you DOING?!

— Stephanie Haberman (@StephLauren) December 1, 2012

People should know that @jovan_belcher is a fake account, using this tragedy to get followers, change the name later, and sell the account

— Brandon Keating Sr. (@BrandonTalks) December 1, 2012

Some idiot has created a fake Jovan Belcher Twitter account (@jovan_belcher), claiming he/she is Belcher’s agent. What a sick person.

— Michael Berger (@MichaelSBerger) December 1, 2012

Does anyone else have any journalistic ability to maybe, possibly, reason that @jovan_belcher is a fake account? Stop RT.

— Micah Grimes (@MicahGrimes) December 1, 2012

Some people wonder why Twitter hasn’t suspended the account yet.

Hey @twitter, maybe shut down that fake @jovan_belcher account? Trolling for RTs after a tragedy like this is unconscionable.

— Daniel M. Jimenez (@DMJreports) December 1, 2012

If I understand correctly, the @jovan_belcher account violates @twitter Terms of Use policy. Waiting for it to be taken down.

— RunGomez (@RunGomez) December 1, 2012

While the official @Twitter account has not commented on the @Jovan_Belcher handle, it appears this one is a ghoulish fake. A repulsively ghoulish fake:

Before Jovan killed himself he called me (agent) saying, “Please make sure my beautiful daughter lives the best life possible. I love her.”

— Jovan Belcher (@Jovan_Belcher) December 1, 2012

Whoever created the fake Jovan Belcher Twitter page has a VIP reservation in Hell on deck.

— Carrington Harrison (@cdotharrison) December 1, 2012

Update 12/2/2012:

Belcher’s agency confirms that they are not running the Twitter account.

Fake Twitter account @jovan_belcher makes false claims about donations in wake of murder-suicide: bit.ly/YCa3Mx #Chiefs

— 41 Action News (@41ActionNews) December 1, 2012

But, this news agency hasn’t figured it out yet, and continues to report as if the account is real.

@carmichaeldave interesting a KC TV station is acting like Belcher’s agent twitter feed begging for RTs is real KCTV5 kctv5.com/story/20234680…

— Andrew Sharrock (@aesharrock) December 1, 2012

. @kctv5 went on the air for the 2nd time quoting the fake Jovan Belcher twitter account. First time I’ve ever called a news station.

— Joel Herring (@joelherring) December 1, 2012

From KCTV:

Belcher’s agent has been tweeting from his account and is encouraging everyone to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at afsp.org.

Using the same Twitter account, Belcher’s family said, “We would like to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. We never would have imagined such a thing. A young child is now going to grow up without parents. Please continue to pray. God bless.”

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update with further developments.

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