Keep Jesus ‘out of my vagina’: Pro-aborts continue to exploit children [pic]!/ProLifePolitics/status/355782559856201728

To pro-aborts, unborn children are just lifeless clumps of cells, devoid of any humanity. Children who make it past childbirth, on the other hand, are the perfect tools to peddle their twisted agenda.

Here’s the #StandWithWendy crowd’s latest inspired offering:!/Students4LifeHQ/status/355781917964111872

She was flanked, by the way, by these works of art:!/Students4LifeHQ/status/355797724270039041


Whatever her age, she’s too young. This is emotional child abuse.!/MeredithJessup/status/355783971331784705!/sistertoldjah/status/355782684645134336

That face is monstrous.!/Tyler_McNally/status/355784931504422912!/JohnEkdahl/status/355783046710034432

Always vulgar.!/Matthops82/status/355786582122430464

Shame on these people.



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