Kid Caught With Makeup All Over His Face…Swears He Didn’t Do Anything

The first rule of being a kid is when backed up against a wall: deny, deny, DENY!

It doesn’t matter if you’re actually the one responsible for whatever catastrophic event that sent your parents over the rails, simply pass the blame on to an unknowing scapegoat. That always seemed to work for me!

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Unfortunately for three-year-old Hux, he was caught red-handed (literally).

After his mom noticed that the room he was “watching TV in” was a bit too quiet, the toddler emerged covered in lipstick and mascara. Knowing full well about the unspoken rule of denial, when asked if he had been playing with makeup, he tries pinning the blame on his sister.

Unfortunately for Hux, I don’t think he got away with it this time, but maybe he could come teach all of us a quick makeup lesson or two.

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