Like President Sideshow, Clown Carney calls Benghazi a ‘political circus’

It matters, Mr. Carney.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, President Obama shamefully called the Benghazi talking points a “sideshow” and a “political circus.”

Dead and circuses: Obama’s #Benghazi SIDESHOWS on Letterman & at the U.N. ==>…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 13, 2013

Iowahawk brilliantly said, “that’s why he hired a Carney.” Well, now Clown Carney is parroting Obama’s shameful line.

WH Jay Carney referring to #Benghazi as “political circus”

— Jennifer Eckhart (@JenniferEckhart) May 14, 2013

Carney: “the clear political circus that #Benghazi has become”

— Matt Sullivan (@sullduggery) May 14, 2013

“Clear political circus #Benghazi has become…” – @presssec Jay Carney.

— Tim Wells (@RightWingNerd) May 14, 2013

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Benghazi matter has become a “clear political circus”

— Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) May 14, 2013

Citizens honk Carney’s big red nose and take him to task.

Carney triples-down:Benghazi is a “political circus”

— AquinasMan (@AquinasMan) May 14, 2013

“Political circus” Oh Carney

— Heather (@hmfearny) May 14, 2013

@loriblaney @sharethis Carney appears to be confused about what a real political circus is.

— JPeterman (@PragueArtist) May 14, 2013

Jay Carney calls #Benghazi “a clear political circus.” Does that make him the ringmaster or just a clown?

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) May 14, 2013

Benghazi is a political circus. Noted, Mr. Carney.

— the eye (@ShannonPoe) May 14, 2013

Because he politicized it. RT @jamiedupree White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Benghazi matter has become a “clear political circus”

— Fred M (@fredontwittur) May 14, 2013

The death of 4 americans in Benghazi is being referred to as “a political circus”. Jay Carney. This Administration is a Circus. #tcot

— Richard Page (@RPublican) May 14, 2013

So the White House views the #Benghazi scandal as nothing more than a “political circus” according to Carney.

— Eric Odom (@ericjodom) May 14, 2013

Jay Carney says. Bengazhi is a,political circus WOW 4,_dead and he calls it a circus

— Ray(@hrwj54) May 14, 2013

Jay Carney just dismissed #beghazi as a “clear political circus.” The dead hear you, spokesboy. #teaparty #tcot #war

— ABOwarrior (@ABOwarrior) May 14, 2013

Carney: “Benghazi is clearly a political circus”I’m sure the families of the fallen feel the same Jay. #tcot #lie #coverup

— Jim Burton (@JimBurton007) May 14, 2013

Four Americans died. But to the moral cretins in the Obama administration, playing politics takes precedence.

Shame on you.

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