Majority leader’s latest inside information inspires new #HarryReidRumors

Today isn’t the first time juicy rumors about the Senate majority leader have spread on Twitter. For some reason, these rumors — such as whispers that Harry Reid might be a pederast — pop up whenever Reid starts spreading things he’s “heard” from his reliable sources. During campaign season, a little bird told Reid that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in a decade, and today, Reid told reporters that his opponents in the fiscal cliff negotiations aren’t getting along.

“We’ve heard about all the infighting going on with the House leadership. I don’t know how valid it is,” Reid said. “I just got a message here that there’s a battle going on between McCarthy and Ryan and the Majority Leader in the House … and Boehner.”

We don’t know how valid these most recent #HarryReidRumors are, but we thought we’d better pass them along.

The Senate will pass a budget this year. #HarryReidRumors

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) December 11, 2012

Outrageous! What else do you have?

Gambling to be outlawed in Las Vegas by January #HarryReidRumors (@rorycooper) #tcot

— Blake Gober (@Blakegober) December 11, 2012

I heard Harry Reid is retiring to do a show in Vegas… #HarryReidrumors cc: @apandrewtaylor @ericaelliott

— Joe Brettell (@JoeBrettell) December 11, 2012

Gov’t Secret: Mayans were right #HarryReidRumors

— Erica Elliott (@ericaelliott) December 11, 2012

The democratic party will become the new American monarchy, guess Obamas king now. #HarryReidRumors

— Cameron Griffin (@Ctgriffin7) December 11, 2012

Harry Reid to star as Zombie #7 in the next episode of The Walking Dead. #HarryReidRumors

— LibertyBrad (@LibertyBrad) December 11, 2012

Reid learned about Boehner battling Cantor/McCarthy/Ryan from a Bain investor. #harryreidrumors

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) December 11, 2012

Sen. Reid should either explain the message he received, which has no basis in fact, or apologize to press for misleading. #HarryReidRumors

— David Schnittger (@OhSchnitt) December 11, 2012

Apologize? Reid never backed down from his Romney tax return rumors. What will his imaginary friend tell him next?

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