Maps are hard! CNN’s geography slip-up, flashback oops are hilarious [photos]!/gimbakakanda/status/496934509724831744

Oh dear. This is CNNagain.!/Balkissaide/status/497328836963753984!/Maya__Anderson/status/497111641784188928!/Gidi_Gossip/status/497268476105334784

A reason for the slip-up?!/ThePeoplesCube/status/497171421463052288


Maps are consistently hard for CNN.!/AfricasaCountry/status/497393755566395392!/legit_denmark/status/496806254246100992

Yup. Many Twitter users couldn’t help but be reminded of that hilarious oops.!/yesnicksearcy/status/497423945176334336!/DavidKenner/status/497301669676187648

So there’s that, CNN!


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