Marie Claire mag skewered for absurd jab at Candace Cameron Bure!/Cry4Liberty/status/421086879996735489

As Twitchy reported, actress Candace Cameron Bure responded to feminist attacks on her marriage with a kick-ass photo.!/candacecbure/status/421180428095995904

In her book, Bure writes, “I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work.”

Keyword: “Chose.”

Bure embraces the biblical definition of “submissive” and said, “It is not weakness. It’s strength under control. It’s bridled strength.” That’s a choice that doesn’t get the stamp of approval from the supposedly “pro-choice” Left.

As we noted on Wednesday, this tweet from “women’s magazine” Marie Claire was among the feminist freak-outs.!/marieclaire/status/420671915418611712

A billion!!111!!eleventy!!11!

Marie Claire followed up that tweet with this one:!/marieclaire/status/420672872885915648

Candace Cameron Bure is setting women back “approximately a billion years” by determining what works best for her family, but “Girls” actress Lena Dunham? #GoGirl! Predictable.!/BlondeNY/status/421120365218496512

Pass the barf bag and take a look at some of the other things that really “matter to women,” as determined by Marie Claire.!/nataliees_09/status/421288357550108672!/marieclaire/status/413817270549635072!/marieclaire/status/386225713285963776

Last but not least, a retweet of Planned Parenthood:!/marieclaire/status/386243216149725186

Marie Claire as an arbiter of what’s good for women? What. A. Joke.!/GayleBfromSoCal/status/421097982524538880!/hkamia/status/421076275919613952!/Votegoat1/status/421132246297227265!/blessedboymama/status/421084590229319681!/Mommy4Cocktails/status/421110876562018304

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