Matt Yglesias’ observation about pay and performance triggers snark!/GayPatriot/status/491967221280034816

Matt Yglesias, executive editor of Vox, shared another attempt to “Voxsplain” an issue:!/mattyglesias/status/491959323783086081

Being overpaid while underperforming certainly isn’t limited to corporate CEOs, is it?!/RBPundit/status/491967538583339008


There are others, according to these tweeters:!/wikiworf/status/491965917346426880!/Mishak68/status/491962581179846656

Confirmed: You don’t have to be a corporate CEO to make good money while consistently underperforming.

Obligatory reminder:!/MissMarple2/status/491966568201744385


Matt Yglesias flogged with his own seven month old buffoonery

‘Sanctimonious bigot’ Matt Yglesias thinks he’s got conservatives all figured out

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