Media reaction to foul Biden remarks can be summed up with one word

Of course! It’s just silly old Joe, guys! As Twitchy readers know, Joe Biden grossly referred to unscrupulous bankers as “Shylocks.” Whatever, folks! Nothing to see here. Move along. Just like you should move along when he swiftly followed with an “the Orient” remark.

Props to @jaketapper for RTing this and blowing up my mentions tonight. One of the fairest guys in the biz

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) September 18, 2014

What did Tapper retweet? This nugget that totally sums up the incredible bias of the media:

"Shylock? Never heard of it." "Macaca? Wow, George Allen is one obviously racist bastard."

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) September 17, 2014

Remember that? All you need is one word to make the case each and every time this happens: Macaca.

My latest at @RedState – Media Bias (Again) Shines Through in Coverage of Joe Biden's Anti-Semitic Slur

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) September 17, 2014

Biden issues 1/2 dozen racial slurs and the media backs him. Quayle spells potato wrong and he is unfit to be VP.

— Directive 10-289 (@Major_Skidmark) September 18, 2014

Biden says 'Shylock' and it's crickets from the media. Sure is nice to be a liberal.

— TylerKY (@TylerKY) September 18, 2014



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