Mook And Pop’s Culinary Delights

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Mook And Pop’s Culinary Delights
Mook Is Well Known For Her Cookies That She Makes. She Is A Unique 81 Year Old Who Lives With Her Husband, “pop” In A Historic Cabin In Twain Harte Calif. Mook Has Compiled Her Recipes Into A Series Of Ecookbooks, Starting With Cookies And Bars.
Mook And Pop’s Culinary Delights

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Paleo Cookbook

Paleo Cookbook is about to hit the online community, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be big. For the past few weeks there has been a rage throughout the Paleo community. Everywhere I go I’m hearing of this great new teaching tool from the award winning Author and Paleo Chef Nicki Young.

But do these Paleo recipes really own up to the hype?

To be honest, when I first heard of this new “nutritional system”, I was skeptical to say the least. As a 20 year nutritionist I’ve seen my share of bogus “quick health” products, but again, I also know of Nicki Young’s reputation. Nicki has formal education in nutrition, and is the author of many highly prized healthy eating books.

Let’s make this simple: Sebastian’s Paleo Recipe Book was the clear winner of our tests. But of all other programs, Paleo Cookbook provides a very good second-best choice. It combines the virtues of extensive and well-researched recipes, easy to follow instructions and clear pictures, and we found it very efficient for beginners and intermediate chefs alike. Although not as complete as Paleo Recipe Book, its combination of high quality teaching with a low price easily wins over all other competition we tested.
Paleo Cookbook is composed of several eBooks with hundreds of Paleo recipes, and offers free email consultation. The next few paragraphs provide our assessment of the program’s components:

The Paleo Cookbook is divided up into 8 recipe categories so everyone’s tastes are catered for. Snacks, meat, chicken, seafood, soups, salds, omelletes and deserts encompass the total Paleo eating guide. Unlimited 3 course meals are easy to create from a combination of these recipes.

In addition, there are bonus specialist categories including chocolate, capsicum sandwiches, noodles, breakfast and foccacias. These can be added as side dishes or used to create a complete meal.

I must admit, the benefits of eating from this cookbook over a period of 2 weeks are already beginning to show. I feel more active and motivated and notice my inner sexual instincts coming to the fore as attractive women pass by – much to the dismay of my wife. But she is happy to see that I have lost weight (as anyone naturally would with a lower calorie diet). The other benefits mentioned I assume will show themselves in the winter months when I often get ill and the weather takes it’s toll, such as a stronger immune system and healthier looking skin.

For the price of a single consultation with a nutritionist, Paleo Cookbook offers the second best selection of Paleo instructional recipes we tested. The course is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced home chefs, and can provide an infinite selection of health Paleo meals.

When it comes to enlightening Paleo Cooking, I HIGHLY recommend this impressive list of recipes called Paleo Cookbook.


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