NUTS: Romney’s charitable contributions don’t count. Because, Mormon church!/Nuclear_Wynter/status/249219157932011520

Why would she wonder that, one might ask? Well, you see, lefties are evidently completely out of their minds. As Twitchy reported, the first bout of liberal outrage after Romney’s tax information was released was that he paid too much in taxes. No, really. Now, they must be humiliated by his incredibly generous charitable contributions. You see, Romney leads by example. This does not suit.

Plus, as we know, it is the Left that is full of anti-Mormon bigotry. So, the next unhinged outrage?

I give it till Monday for the press to say Romney's charitable giving was all to the Mormon Church. Then: they go after Mormonism.

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) September 21, 2012

Left criticizing Romney charity to Mormon church. Obama gave almost $54K to Jeremiah Wright's church 2005-2007. Jeremiah. F-ing. Wright.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) September 21, 2012

Romney’s staggering charitable contributions do not count. Because, Mormon church. Or something.

Again, reminder: #Romney's "charity" bankrolled hate legislation Prop 8 in CA.

— (@femalep) September 21, 2012

Sneer quotes! It’s not really charity, if it’s icky old Mormons!

Well? @TPCarney @DanFosterNRO You'll be reading a lot abt how Romney's donations to his church werent *real* charity

— Jack Shafer (@jackshafer) September 21, 2012

And here it comes …

I really wish news organizations would quit lumping Romney's LDS tithe in with his "charity" contributions. Not quite the same thing IMO.

— Jason Byrne (@geekwithsoul) September 21, 2012

any story that talks about Romney's charitable contributions as if the Mormon Church were a real charity is misleading its readers

— Ben Adler (@badler) September 21, 2012

@mattduss right. stories about how Romney gives generously to "charity" when it's mostly to Mormon church are BS

— Ben Adler (@badler) September 21, 2012

No he doesn't, he is forced to give money to his church. RT @mboyle1: Romney donates more to charity than Obama? Guess he blah blah blah

— Daniel (@dan_verg_) September 21, 2012

Reminder that Mormons are bound by religious doctrine to give 10% of income to church. Romney calls this 'charity.'

— Adam (@adam_m_jcbs) September 21, 2012

@slatest do we know how much of Romney’s donations went to the Mormon church? Or how those are outlined in his tax returns?

— Kelsey Long (@klongthoughts) September 21, 2012

Romney gave away a lot to the Mormon church/ they gave it back to his superpac

— Cathy Phillips (@cphillips505) September 21, 2012

@stevebeste I want to know…is #Romney's "charity" the Mormon Church???

— Al Clements (@afc33125) September 21, 2012

Reminder that Mormons are bound by religious doctrine to give 10% of income to church. Romney calls this 'charity.'

— Adam (@adam_m_jcbs) September 21, 2012

Required giving to church shouldn't count. MT @politico Mitt Romney gives more to charity than Pres. Obama, Joe Biden

— Erin Sutherland (@erincarly) September 21, 2012

I presume that the $4m that Romney gave to 'charity' was simply money he funneled into the Mormon Church?

— Unca Red (@swampwulf) September 21, 2012

Romney giving charity to the Mormon church is like Diddy buying all the Ciroc at the club. that money is going right back in his pocket.

— Choppah™ (@iamchoppah) September 21, 2012

romney is only incredibly generous if the majority of his charitable donations doesn't go to his church (which are mandatory)

— HappaWolves (@HappaWolves) September 21, 2012

Mittens nice charitable donations number? Most of it is clearly going to the Mormon Church #FridayNewsDump #romney

— Hannah RM (@veronicafeverx) September 21, 2012

The Mormon church is not a "charitable donation" it's Mitts club that holds his money until he tells them how to di…

— BLOB™ (@Blob_Fish) September 21, 2012

I guess Romney didn't want the LDS church to think he under-tithed?

— Clark Matthews (@clarkmatthews) September 21, 2012

@wbconservative Romney didn't donate to charity, he donated to the wealthy Mormon Church. #p2 #tcot

— Terrell Lewis (@SgBz) September 21, 2012

RT @badler: Romney donating to Mormon church is like donating to an ideological 501c3 think tank. Fine, but it doesn't prove generosity.

— David Roberts (@drgrist) September 21, 2012

The unhinged, it scorches!

so 30% of your income went to whom? RT @mjayrosenberg Romney's charitable deductions are bullshit: he supports the Mormon Church.not charity

— Wendy (@wendysboys) September 21, 2012

Zing! Bingo.

This is all they have and it’s easy for them to hop right on that train, being anti-Mormon bigots and all. And, clearly, not knowing the meaning of charity and giving. All they do is take.

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