Obnoxious DNC staffer asks if RNC staffer got her job with a ‘binder rec’


Evidently this is what passes for humor with Big Bird-obsessed Democrats.

DNC trying to be funny? #sad RT @melaniednc: .@kakukowski Hey, how did you get to the RNC? Binder rec, I’m assuming…

— Brittany Cohan (@bccohan) October 17, 2012

.@melaniednc it is sad u have nothing else to talk about than a gov who wanted to hire women & hired more than any other in the country

— Kirsten Kukowski (@kakukowski) October 17, 2012

Bingo! Gov. Romney had a female lieutenant governor, a female chief of staff and women made up half his cabinet. President Lady Parts? Not so much.

4: President Obama had four women in his cabinet of 15 in the first months after he assumed office in 2009. transitionjobs.us/appointments

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) October 17, 2012

Perhaps instead of sneering at “binder recs,” DNC press secretary Melanie Roussell should be putting together “binders full of women” for President Obama.

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