Oh noes! Beyoncé’s alleged Inauguration Day lip-syncing causes frenzy


If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. That’s certainly turned out to be the case for Beyoncé’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at President Obama’s re-coronation ceremony yesterday:

CNN has confirmed Times of London report that Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem during #inaug2013

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) January 22, 2013

Nooooooooo! Some Twitterers are indeed disappointed at the news that Sasha may not be as fierce as she wants us to believe:

Well, Beyonce’s a great lip-syncher. Still.I’m disappointed.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world…

— Greg Hobbs (@GPHobbs73) January 22, 2013

Beyonce fans care to explain why y’all queen was lip synching? Fraud

— Nicole(@NicoleNicee) January 22, 2013

As a huge @beyonce fan, I’m disappointed to learn she missed a chance to nod at Marian Anderson by lip syncing the the National Anthem. 1/2

— assouthall (@assouthall) January 22, 2013

extremely disappointed in Beyonce. Very, very let down. wow.

— Gauri Kuwadekar (@Gauri_Kuwadekar) January 22, 2013

A disgrace. “@buzzfeed: Beyoncé lip-synched Star Spangled Banner at inauguration thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world… =(“

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) January 22, 2013

Sorry, but expecting a singer who earns millions for her voice to sing live and not lip-sync isn’t asking too much.

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) January 22, 2013

Others aren’t nearly so scandalized:

why is everyone so surprised that Beyonce was lip synching?

— Duncan McFadyen (@wfaeDuncan) January 22, 2013

Beyonce lip syncing. I am shocked and appalled that a pop “singer” would ever do such a terrible thing #MilliVanilli

— Dean Kerr (@epic_dean) January 22, 2013

People are shocked that Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem? She’s as phony as everything else that passes for popular music today.

— Doug Mataconis (@dmataconis) January 22, 2013

I’m trying figure out why everyone thought Beyonce was actually singing live. (I assumed, you knew)

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) January 22, 2013

An FYI on the Beyonce lip-syncing speculation: a lot of singers do not like to sing live when it’s that cold. Really hard on the throat.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) January 22, 2013

berman for the win RT @johnsberman: remember, the actual swearing-in was Sunday.Maybe that’s when Beyonce’s actual singing was too?

— Emily Friedman (@EmilyABC) January 22, 2013

I feel like I’d be more outraged about Beyonce lip syncing if she hadn’t done such a mediocre job.

— Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) January 22, 2013

We all know Beyonce has a stellar voice. The fact that she lap-synced the anthem doesn’t matter.

— Heba (@ClumsyHibz) January 22, 2013

Seriously. It could have been so much worse:

But when you stop and think about it, what’s the big deal, really? We should be used to this sort of thing by now:

So Beyonce did lip-sync at the inaugural. No surprise, Obama has lip-synced through his presidency. thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world…

— Steven Ertelt (@StevenErtelt) January 22, 2013

Beyonce lip sync is a metaphor for the Obama presidency.

— 4chunat1 (@4chunat1) January 22, 2013

Beyonce lip-synching the National Anthem seems like the perfect metaphor for the beginning of Obama’s 2nd Term to me

— AACONS (@AACONS) January 22, 2013

It’s more troubling that politicians in DC lip sync leadership than it is that Beyonce lip synced the national anthem. #millivanillipolitics

— Whitney Pitcher (@whitneypitcher) January 22, 2013

So what if Beyonce lip-synced the Anthem? The President just lip-synched his oath.

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) January 22, 2013

Beyonce lip-synched herself doing the National Anthem. Obama lip-synched Saul Alinsky.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 22, 2013

People are upset that Beyoncé was lip syncing at the Inauguration. WTH, Obama’s been lip syncing for 4 years. #SelectiveOutrage

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) January 22, 2013

Ain’t that the truth.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of bigger fish to fry:

Beyonce lip-synched?ZOMG!uhh… debt? deficits? Dodd-Frank? Student loan bubble? Amnesty? Gun control? Obamacare? Unemployment?

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) January 22, 2013

All that deserves a bit more of our outrage, don’t you think?


Sadly, some Twitter users are upset about Beyoncé’s “lip singing.” Yes, lip singing.

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