On WWE Raw, Kathie Lee and Hoda bring awareness to wine, breast cancer

Just what in the hell were Kathie Lee and Hoda doing on #RAWBrooklyn?

— Miss Giggles (@AndreaKcc) October 7, 2014

Viewers of “Monday Night Raw” were encouraged to open a bottle of wine and enjoy a guest appearance by TV hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, on hand to bring attention to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the most part, though, the attention went to the wine being consumed in the wrestling ring.

So Kathie Lee and Hoda are drinking wine in the middle of the wrestling ring. This is exactly what I thought WWE was. pic.twitter.com/lbRxAegbht

— Jason Gay (@jasonWSJ) October 7, 2014

This is how things are done on Raw.

Here we go!!! @WWE #Raw @hodakotb pic.twitter.com/3VcOETrJAf

— Kathie Lee Gifford (@KathieLGifford) October 7, 2014

Thank you ladies! You both would most def fit in around here! It's party time….@klgandhoda #WWE #RAWBrooklyn pic.twitter.com/Cfvch6PKcM

— Adam Rose (@WWEAdamRose) October 7, 2014

Adam Rose, Kathie Lee, and Hoda coming out in bathrobes. If there was anything on #Raw that wasn't PG…

— Rave (@RaveHound) October 7, 2014

BREAKING: Kathie Lee and Hoda got drunk and sober seventeen times during the pre-show, ending with them being plastered #Raw

— Am I original? YEAAH (@BrothaCheese) October 7, 2014

Kathie Lee and Hoda on Raw? Didn't realize WWE's target audience is closet alcoholic housewives. #Raw

— Mike (@MikeAmmo) October 7, 2014

This Kathie Lee, Hoda, Adam Rose segment… #Raw pic.twitter.com/5k303e4iYO

— Wrestle Reaction (@Wrestle_React) October 7, 2014

Kathie Lee and Hoda is the new HORROR GRAPHIC

— Christo㏗erRob㏌Zi㎜er㎃n (@CRZ) October 7, 2014

I wonder if Kathie Lee and Hoda have been drinking? But then again, I don't care. #RAW

— SID (@SychoVicious) October 7, 2014

Kathie Lee and Hoda each drank three bottles of wine before coming out there. #RAW

— The Steel Cage (@thesteelcage) October 7, 2014

I usually like bizarre but this Hoda & Kathie Lee segment is BIZARRE – BK #wwe #raw

— WrestlingNewsSource (@WNSource) October 7, 2014

If you want to show anyone the worst segment in #Raw history, you best show them that Kathie Lee and Hoda bit.

— Am I original? YEAAH (@BrothaCheese) October 7, 2014

I'm putting Gifford and Hoda's show under "stuff never to watch in my life" after that segment #Raw

— TableofJapan (@TableofJapan) October 7, 2014

If someone can tell me what the Kathie Lee segment had to do w/ breast cancer… I'll disagree w/ you #RAW

— Rich Bernier (@Count_Geekula) October 7, 2014

Are you suggesting it had something to do with wine?

Did I really watch Kathie Lee Gifford, during an appearance to promote a cancer charity, plug her wine line? Terrible.

— Mike Johnson (@MikePWInsider) October 7, 2014

Kathie Lee was supposedly on Raw for Susan G Komen, yet she actually pimped her wine. #vomit http://t.co/lcyUTBcxeJ

— ProWrestling.net (@prowrestlingnet) October 7, 2014

Trending? Yes.

Trending Worldwide for @WWE #RAW: #TODAYShow Kathie Lee and Hoda

— WWE (@WWE) October 7, 2014

I trust that Kathie Lee and Hoda are trending for all the wrong reasons. #Raw

— Chad Dukes Wrestling (@DukesWrestling) October 7, 2014







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