Tiger Woods Taking Indefinite Leave From Golf

Woods said that “the last two weeks have been very disappointing to me” and that he needs “a lot of work on my game.”

AP Lenny Ignelzi

Tiger Woods announced Wednesday that he taking a break from golf due to injuries.

In a statement on his website, Woods wrote that “the last two weeks have been very disappointing to me” and that he needs “a lot of work on my game.”

As a result, he is taking time off.

In his statement, Woods adds that he will still be practicing next week and hopes to play the Honda Classic, a tournament that begins Feb. 28. However, he won’t play “unless my game is tournament-ready.”

“I do, however, expect to be playing again very soon,” Woods adds in the statement.

Woods game has declined precipitously of late, leading to speculation over what exactly was the problem.

Arguing that Woods had “reached a low point,” the Boston Globe wrote Wednesday that he has been so bad of late that it “brought audible gasps from those watching and sympathy — sympathy! — from some of his fellow tour players.”

On Tuesday, the Golf Channel speculated that Woods’ “fall” could be due to his “quest for perfection.” And earlier this year, The New York Times wrote about watching Woods’ “launch wildly errant drives” during the “worst round of his career.”

Woods was once golf’s top player, but has suffered a string of injuries, as well as scandals in recent years.

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This Is Officially The Cutest Animal Ever, And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

You know what’s adorable? A fluffy raccoon. You know what’s even more adorable? A pint-sized pup. As it turns out, evolution has blessed us with a precious combination of these two critters…and most of us had no idea that it was a thing. This, understandably, is a tragedy.

Thankfully for those of us who aren’t in the know, a Twitter user by the name of Chibi_tori is here to show us the light.

Universe, meet the raccoon dog. Known as tanuki, these animals can be found roaming around in small family units in East Asia. I don’t think that most of us deserve to experience this level of cuteness, but here we are.

This particular nugget was found injured and abandoned by the luckiest Twitter user in the history of Twitter users, and he goes by the name of Tanu.

Because tanuki hibernate in the winter, they essentially turn into cuter versions of us when temperatures drop. Tanu’s fave thing to do in the dead of winter is hang out by his little stove.

“All of the happy is mine!”

He will have you know, however, that he’s not even sort of related to raccoons. He’s all dog, my friends. And if you have a dog, you can probably see a striking resemblance between Tanu’s epic laziness and the bizarre lethargy of your own pup.

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Tanu is a skilled sleeper.

If you slapped some sweatpants on him, he’d be almost identical to me at any point between September and April.

Oh, and comfort eating? Tanu is about that life.

“Busy hiding from my responsibilities. Plz try again later.”

See? Tanu is us. We are Tanu.

When he’s not napping, he can be found harnessing his inner labrador by playing with his ball.

“I am not raccoon. I am dog. I do dog stuff.”

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He even peels himself off the couch every now and then to bathe, just like we should all be doing.

After his bath, he likes to direct a disturbing amount of focus toward tangerines.

I mean…do you, man.

But at the end of the day, it all goes full circle. After snack time, he plops his diva self right next to the stove again.

“None of the peasants are scratching me because why?”

(via BuzzFeed)

There you have it, folks. Tanuki are real animals that actually exist, and the world is a better place because of it. If your heart hasn’t exploded yet and you’re looking to tempt fate, keep up with all of Tanu’s antics on Twitter.

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McConfucius: Meghan McCain’s ‘brave’ Twitter proclamation sparks hilarity


Heh. But, wait … what?

I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 31, 2013

Bless her precious heart! Is this what we can look forward to on her new show, “Raising McCain”? Meghan McCain once again took to Twitter to express her oh-so-deep thoughts. Dude. Where is Jack Handey when you need him?

Ummmm…what? RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Greg (@CajunConservatv) March 31, 2013

I’m sorry… what? RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Luke Londo (@llondo) March 31, 2013

@meghanmccain Well THAT makes a ton of sense. <eyeroll>

— Leah (@gopfirecracker) March 31, 2013

Indeed. What does make sense, though? The ensuing side-splitting mockery.

@gaypatriot @cajunconservatv @meghanmccain She could have just said I’m a lover and a fighter.She tries to be cute, but fails, as usual.

— Li’l Scalia (@IMissRWReagan) March 31, 2013

@meghanmccain That’s so deep. And people say you’re a lucky rich kid!

— cheves ligon (@chevesligon) March 31, 2013

BOLD RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Garrett Quinn (@GarrettQuinn) March 31, 2013

“@meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. #crazytown

— Scott bramlett (@WSBramlett) March 31, 2013

@meghanmccain That doesn’t even make sense…you are a lover NOT a fighter…but you are also a fighter? Please explain.

— William Bott (@William_Bott) March 31, 2013

It’s like a moving tribute to Michael Jackson but not. RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— S. R. Mann (@sevenlayercake) March 31, 2013

I don’t pass gas in elevators. But I do so watch it RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) March 31, 2013

#bqhatevwr RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Texas Red (@jswifty250) March 31, 2013

Meghan McCain like totally has an emoticon of fighting skills and like love and stuff.

— Jeremy Wood (@SoonerCubby) March 31, 2013

I’m an attention whore, but not. Yeah, I am. RT @meghanmccain: I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so watch it.

— Bruce – GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) March 31, 2013

Zing! Yes, plus, this:

Johnny Cash & Jack Daniels.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) April 1, 2013

Put the glass and the Twitter down, Meghan.


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The Creepiest Places You Can Visit in Europe (But Should Probably Avoid).

If you’re looking for something spooky to do in Europe this Halloween, there are many eerie sights to see…if you dare. While there are no grand tours for the scariest sights across the continent, you can easily plan a trip for yourself. These are some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to shake in your boots.

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria gapyear This creepy crypt is located in Rome, Italy. Thousands of bones line the walls, including skeletons left fully in tact and placed in traditional robes for everyone to get spooked.

2.) Maunsell Forts

2.) Maunsell Forts gapyear In the U.K., these abandoned forts from WWII are enough to give anyone the willies.

3.) Skull Chapel

3.) Skull Chapel gapyear Poland is home to this intricate arrangement of bones known as Skull Chapel. The main chapel with made of the remains of over 3,000 people, and this was built by ONE MAN.

4.) City of the Dead

4.) City of the Dead gapyear This Russian hillside seems like a nice little cottage community, but those little houses are really tombs. They are filled with possessions, clothing, and of course, bodies.

5.) Pripyat

5.) Pripyat gapyear In the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, this Ukrainian town was abandoned due to the dangerous radiation levels. It is one of the spookiest and most dangerous ghosts towns you can visit.

6.) Sedlec Ossuary

6.) Sedlec Ossuary gapyear Thought to contain the remains of up to 70,000 people, this creep show in the Czech Republic was created in 1870. The bones were exhumed over 300 years, when the current church was constructed and bodies were taken from a mass grave of 14th century plague victims.

7.) Bran Castle

7.) Bran Castle gapyear Transylvania, Romania. Ring a bell? It should, because that is the fictional hometown of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The castle where he got his inspiration is the one seen above, the castle of the cruel leader, Vlad the Impaler.

8.) Miranda Castle

8.) Miranda Castle gapyear Belgium is home to one of the creepiest old castles in the world. This foreboding Gothic castle served as an orphanage for much of the 20th century. Since 1990, it was totally abandoned and is now (perhaps unsurprisingly) said to be haunted. Children’s dolls lay scattered throughout some of the rooms – a ghoulish reminder of the castle’s history.

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo gapyear This Sicilian monastery buried their monks beneath the church…until one day, when they began mummifying and hanging them on the wall in their Sunday best.

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery gapyear Established about 600 years ago, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague contains more than 12,000 tombstones. However, many more thousands of people are thought to be buried there. The reason for the extreme overcrowding is due to Jewish religious law, which prohibits the disturbance of graves.

11.) Hill of Crosses

11.) Hill of Crosses gapyear No one is quite sure how or why this small patch of land in northern Lithuania became a site for hundreds of thousands of crosses. Yet the tradition is well and truly cemented, as thousands more appear each year (these days mainly from Catholic pilgrims). At first glance, it looks like an incredibly crowded burial ground, but as far as anyone knows, there isn’t a single grave here.

12.) SS America

12.) SS America gapyear This magnificent vessel was built in America in 1939 and served as a cruise liner and US Navy ship for half a century. At the time of its construction, the SS America was the pride of the U.S. maritime industry and a pinnacle of ship design. As the years passed, the competition from newer and faster ships led to its demise. It was eventually sold to a Thai company planning to renovate it into a floating hotel off the coast of Phuket. However, when it was towed from Greece, the SS America was caught in a thunderstorm. It was eventually wrecked off the coast of the Canary Islands in Spain.

13.) Capuchin Crypt

13.) Capuchin Crypt gapyear This recently discovered crypt is another creepy place to visit in the Czech Republic. This ghoulish crypt beneath the Holy Cross Church in Brno is home to 24 former monks and churchgoers, who were entombed hundreds of years ago. Each of their heads is propped up by a pillow of bricks, and they all clutch an ancient rosary in their folded arms.

If you were planning a Halloween trip to Europe, hopefully these can help get you in the spirit. If you’re looking to avoid Halloween, now you know where you shouldn’t go! Either way, maybe it’s best to stay out of a place made entirely out of skeletons at all times.

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Orthodox priest ‘blesses’ troops at Perevalne base standoff [photo]


The striking photo of a Russian Orthodox priest and his entourage at the Perevalne military base standoff in Crimea had many observers seeing red this morning.


But a reporter on scene who tweeted the photo notes that the priest explained he wasn’t favoring the Russian troops over the Ukrainians:

The Orthodox priest was there as well. His aim, he told me, was not to bless the Russian forces above the Ukrainians, but to bless them both and pray for peace. That’s something many people in the Ukraine will be doing today.

She’s right about that.


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These 14 Things Fit So Perfectly Into Other Things That You Can’t Help But Feel Satisfied. Ahh, Yes.

It’s often the tiniest of things in life that make us the most excited. Simple things even… like an object fitting just perfectly into another object, as is the case with the 14 things in the pictures below. These pictures are like a dream come true for anyone who has that innate need for organization. You know who you are. 🙂

1) OMG, this bowl is so calling for tomato soup. Perfect with grilled cheese sandwiches.

2) These Xbox games fit so perfectly into the draw that it might actually be hard to get them out again. First World Problems.

3) It’s a shame the tiles don’t fit perfectly as well.

4) Aww how cute. Granted, kittens fit perfectly into everything.

5) Somewhere, the man who designed that fridge drawer is smiling.

6) Teatris.

7) A perfectly sized slice of lime. For that consistent lime taste.

8) These two pieces are by artist Michael Johansson. It’s safe to say he has an eye for the perfect fit.

9) The perfect way to store black electrical tape and duct tape…as long as you never use them.

10) This is how one frozen yogurt shop dries their scoopers. Magnificent perfection.

11) Now superglue all the pieces so no one can ever get them apart. Or alternatively just use the thin pieces. Works just as well as glue.

12) It’s almost as if the chair was build solely with this purpose in mind.

13) Not sure the OCD meds are working as intended.

14) Her face fits perfectly into a Canadian Gemini Award.

I had no idea something so simple could be so satisfying to my brain. I can now sleep easy after seeing this. Source: imgur Share these perfect fits with your friends below.

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Thanks for clearing THAT up: Chelsea Clinton denies worshipping Satan, hilarity ensues

There are still so many things we don’t know enough about from the 2016 election. Did Russia play a part? Whose side was James Comey really on? Does Chelsea Clinton worship Satan? No?

Well, she cleared that up for us ya’ know, just in case there were any doubts:

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These 17 People Tried To Use The English Language… And Failed SO Horribly That It’s Painful. OMG.

There aren’t many people in the world today who truly value the English language. Thanks to social media and digital communication, abbreviations and poor grammar are infuriatingly commonplace. Even people who think they are proficient forget some simple grammar rules (like the difference between using “fewer” and “less”). Everyone has failed at some point. There may even be multiple glaring errors in this article (but hopefully not). No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, your failings will never compare to what you’re about to see. These people attempted to use the English language and failed so spectacularly, it’s a wonder they’re able to walk around without bumping into things or running into a Greyhound bus.

1.) If YOU’RE going to be condescending, at least be correct.

2.) Whew. At least it wasn’t diabetes.

3.) This one is so bad, it’s hard to follow.

4.) You’re right.

5.) Organisms are overrated.

6.) Mmmm. Pizzer.

7.) This hurts my brain.

8.) I prefer human beans to pinto beans.

9.) Don’t be so surly, man.

10.) The school system failed this man.

11.) What’s a “fing?”

12.) I had a friend that lack toast intolerant. He just hated not having toast.

13.) Covering someone with fiberglass insulation is pretty rude, though.

14.) I really, really, really hope her house didn’t smell like incest.

15.) There are just so many reasons why you won’t.

16.) BOOM.

17.) Here’s hoping English was their second language.

(H/T BuzzFeed) If your brain hurts right now, that’s totally normal. Don’t be alarmed. Just laugh, shake your head, turn on PBS and share this with your friend’s who’d totally get it.

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