Rand Paul: Clinton Foundation Taking Foreign Money, Benghazi Worse Than Hillary’s Private Email Usage

“The main thing that bothers me, and I think should preclude her from being considered for the presidency, is that she didn’t defend our mission in Benghazi.”

Sen. Rand Paul, a potential presidential candidate in 2016, says he’s more bothered by the Clinton Foundation accepting donations from foreign governments than Hillary Clinton using a private email address in her capacity as secretary of state.

The Kentucky Republican also said he was bothered more by Clinton’s oversight as head of the State Department during the lead up to the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“The emails don’t bother me as much as several other things. The main thing that bothers me, and I think should preclude her from being considered for the presidency, is that she didn’t defend our mission in Benghazi. She was asked repeatedly for security, didn’t defend the consulate there and I think as a consequence I think lost our ambassador there,” Paul told NewsMaxTV during an appearance on Tuesday.

Paul furthermore said foreign donors giving money to the Clinton Global Initiative gave the appearance of buying influence, saying it “really bothers” him.

“The other that’s come out recently that really bothers me is that she’s taking foreign donations from the heads of foreign states from I guess different sovereign funds but basically foreign countries for her foundation. And I think this almost, it has the appearance anyway whether it’s true or not, it has the appearance of foreign countries buying influence with someone who could potentially run for the presidency.”

The Clinton Foundation stopped taking money from foreign governments in 2009 when Clinton became the secretary of state, but dropped the ban after she left that office in 2013.

“So, I think there’s a lot of things she gonna have to answer and really that some of her behavior I think really should make a lot of Americans think twice about whether or not whether to consider her,” Paul later added.

Adrienne Elrod, a spokesperson for Correct the Record, a research group that defends the Clintons labeled Paul an extremist in comments defending her record.

“Rand Paul’s brand of extremism would hurt Americans and foster global instability. Americans want a tested and proven leader like Hillary Clinton who has worked to create opportunity and security throughout the world. As Secretary of State, Hillary took action, responsibility, and was fully transparent in working to make the world a safer place following the Benghazi tragedy, and through the charitable work of the Clinton Foundation, she has helped improve the lives of millions.”

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White House stonewalling on Commerce Secretary Bryson’s accident, Carney claims Obama only advised today


As Twitchy reported this morning, Commerce Secretary Bryson was involved in a felony hit-and-run accident on Saturday. It has been reported that he suffered a seizure, but that cannot be confirmed.

@BillHemmer interviewed an LA lieutenant. Bryson alcohol/drug tests are not in yet. Cannot confirm a seizure.

— Brent Munlin (@Bmunlin) June 11, 2012

and does he have a history of seizures? “@CBSNews: Commerce Dept. says Sec. Bryson suffered "seizure" in connection with LA-area car crashes

— Katie G. (@katieg1975) June 11, 2012

A history of seizures has also been reported.

if #Bryson suffered seizure and that was in his medical history why was he driving?

— Judy Golden (@judehere) June 11, 2012

Does Secretary Bryson have a history of sudden seizures? I pray he's okay. Driving w/ such a condition endangers lives. http://t.co/wQd8jwfu

— Nic Lott (@niclott) June 11, 2012

During Press Secretary Carney’s briefing today, reporters pressed him on the issues. Carney stonewalled and passed off all questions to the Commerce Department. Evidently, the most transparent administration ever does not have its story straight yet.

Jay Carney handling of questions about Commerce Sec's accidents only raising many more questions.

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) June 11, 2012

Carney refers reporters to Commerce Dept on question of whether Bryson is fit to serve. That's not really Commerce's call now, is it?

— David Kurtz (@TPM_dk) June 11, 2012

RT @jbendery Reporters pressing Carney on Bryson's health prior to becoming Commerce secretary. Carney punting all ?s to Commerce Dept.

— WhiteHousePressCorps (@whpresscorps) June 11, 2012

Distract and pass the buck!

Further, Carney claimed that President Obama was not even made aware of the accident until this morning. That seems a bit suspect or a bit disturbing. Isn’t this something the President of the United States should be made aware of? While the White House routinely keeps the press in the dark, shouldn’t President Obama not be in the dark? What in the heck are those 3 a.m. phone calls for if not to advise the President of the United States that his Commerce Secretary was involved in what could be a felony hit-and-run?

Carney says WH was informed of Bryson's accident Sunday night, by Commerce Dept. Obama was informed this morning.

— jennifer bendery (@jbendery) June 11, 2012

WH Chief of Staff Jack Lew has spoken with Commerce Sec. Bryson after his accidents, Jay Carney says. Pres. Obama has not.

— Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) June 11, 2012

RT @reidepstein Jay Carney just said Obama didn't learn of Commerce Secretary Bryson's Saturday accident until this morning. #whbrief

— WhiteHousePressCorps (@whpresscorps) June 11, 2012

Final thought: Is Pres Obama upset that he learned of Sec. Bryson's accident at same time we did, 36 hrs later?

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) June 11, 2012

He’s probably “doing fine.”

Update:  Bryson is taking a medical leave of absence.

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Dude, where’s Pelosi’s car? Minority leader appears lost in parking lot


The suspense! Usually, lawmakers exit a closed door meeting and head straight for the TV cameras. House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were uncharacteristically quiet leaving their fiscal cliff meeting with President Obama this afternoon, but Pelosi’s getaway was anything but clean. Reporters anxious for a scoop managed to catch Pelosi searching the parking lot for her SUV.


Just what was going on in there? Must have been some intense negotiations.









Seriously, has anyone seen it? It has the giant novelty gavel on the roof.


Oh, in other news, no one else looked happy exiting from that meeting, either. Not even Sen. Harry Reid looked happy — not that we’d know what that looks like.


It looks like Boeher had his ride ready to go, and he’s not coming back.


Dang, that was quick!


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Bubba Watson vs. giant snake


@bubbawatson OH MY GOD!!!!! RUN BUBBA RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Nelson Van Alden (@OriginalArtical) June 7, 2012

@bubbawatson Probably wants his own Green Jacket

— Cleveland Sports 360 (@clevsports360) June 7, 2012

@bubbawatson whack it!!!

— Trey Brandt (@Trey_Brandt) June 7, 2012


@bubbawatson If the snake eats your ball, do you have to take a stroke penalty?

— Rhonda (@L5S1ouch) June 7, 2012

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Employees Fed Up With Terrible Boss Get Revenge

Having a job you don’t like is one thing, but when your boss is cruel, it’s nearly unbearable. For one group of employees, the boss took it one step too far. She told one employee that “cancer wasn’t an excuse.” That was the final straw. Every single employee at this Journeys store decided to get revenge…

They quit. Every single one of them. This is the note they left.


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Poor Richard Roeper suffered through ‘craptacular’ ‘Duck Dynasty’ ‘crapola’


Thanks for the review, Contempto McSneeryPants! “Duck Dynasty” fans, professional critic Richard Roeper wants you to know he’s more enlightened than you rubes:


Yikes! Some people view the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch’s expression of religious beliefs in a different light than Roeper. Heaven forfend!


Roeper also retweeted this:


So edgy. So relevant.

Say, was anyone wondering what Richard Roeper was up to on Christmas? We see almost 22,000 favorites on Sadie Robertson’s tweet about Phil Robertson’s touching Christmas gift to his wife, Miss Kay. Seems like people care how “THAT guy” and his “bump on the head” family celebrated.

Is somebody jealous?

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DERP: Obama lapdog Michael Skolnik FEELS Trump used Syria strike to distract from Russian investigation

Well this is disconcerting.

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