Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at Climate March mocked; Michelle Fields nails!/sierraclub/status/513744971607076864

Well, it wouldn’t be a “climate change” event without some Hollywood hypocrisy, would it?

Flew in on his private jet. RT @BuzzFeed: Leonardo DiCaprio marches at #PeoplesClimateMarch in NYC

— Josh Smith (@ThisIsJoshSmith) September 21, 2014


Fox News’ Michelle Fields was there and she cornered Leonardo DiCaprio, who likely didn’t care for it. Because, this:

Talking to Leonardo Dicaprio about climate change. Don't think he was happy about me bringing up his yachts & jets

— Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) September 21, 2014


@MichelleFields Only the little people should have to give up their cars, etc.

— Miss Bossy Boots (@Vicki_Lemonds) September 21, 2014

@MichelleFields @Norsu2 Did you ask him to spell HYPOCRITE??

— Frank Dio (@FrankDio) September 21, 2014

@MichelleFields They hate the mirror of hypocrisy.

— Scott (@retiredfirecapt) September 21, 2014

Yep. Celebs and non-celebs alike should stop being such absurdly transparent hypocrites if they don’t want to be called out for it.

More photos of the actor were shared on Twitter.

. @LeoDiCaprio rallies with #Cdn #Indigenous leaders @Peoples_Climate via @Linda_Solomon

— Vancouver Observer (@VanObserver) September 21, 2014

Oh yeah and we were within 1 metre of Leonardo DiCaprio, no big deal #peoplesclimate

— Nicole (@nicolealeisha) September 21, 2014

Former VP @AlGore, @LeoDiCaprio, @MarkRuffalo and more join #PeopleClimateMarch in NYC

— Newsday (@Newsday) September 21, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio joins the march. #PeoplesClimateMarch #PeoplesCIimate

— Natasha Madov (@sulfurica) September 21, 2014

Mock-worthy? Survey says “yes.” Take it away, Twitter!

DiCaprio: "OMG, these people smell like ass." MT @BuzzFeed: Leonardo DiCaprio marches at #PeoplesClimateMarch in NYC

— Josh Smith (@ThisIsJoshSmith) September 21, 2014

i wanna know right fuckin now why leo dicaprio has a beard and ponytail he looks like moses

— a (@nourryburrito) September 21, 2014

@politico @smahaskey @Peoples_Climate Nice of him to fly in for the event. Hope he choppered in from Teterboro to avoid that nasty traffic.

— Au H2O Repub (@TeeKayTex) September 21, 2014

@politico warms my heart to see thousands of people fly and drive to NY to protest use of fossil fuels, yea 1st world people

— Clive Jones (@jivehearitllive) September 21, 2014

@politico @smahaskey @Peoples_Climate thanks to @chucktodd I know these are the indigenous people of Starbucks Nation

— TMZ Politics (@TMZ_Politics) September 21, 2014

Proving anyone can be a sheeple @BuzzFeed: @LeoDiCaprio marches at #PeoplesClimateMarch in NYC

— R Penny (@R_Penny) September 21, 2014

@ThisIsJoshSmith @BuzzFeed that guy's got a carbon footprint the size of Wales.

— Nicopotamus (@audiofidgeting) September 21, 2014

Bingo. But he’s still not the absolute worst:

@politico every name in the headline have some of the largest carbon footprints. Hypocrites club & @algore is the President of it

— HNash (@NoPCspin) September 21, 2014



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