PREVIEW: Why today’s House hearing on Ebola matters for 2014!/charliespiering/status/522484904870043648

What we’ll be watching today at noon:

Ebola is expected to become a partisan issue with House hearings just before the midterms.

— Capital Journal (@WSJPolitics) October 16, 2014

And why this hearing is so important for the November elections:

Cory Gardner and Bruce Braley are both members of the House Subcommittee that w/b holding the Ebola hearing tomorrow. Will they show?

— Laura McGinnis (@Txsleuth) October 16, 2014

Oh, we think they’ll show. Ebola has become an issue in both Senate races:

Gardner comes out for #Ebola travel ban. If prez won't, 100% screening. Udall said should be done if health officials recommend. #COSEN

— David M. Drucker (@DavidMDrucker) October 16, 2014

.@MarkUdall: We're not going to beat ebola by cutting back CDC. That's the difference between me and Congressman Gardner. #copolitics

— Lynn Bartels (@lynn_bartels) October 16, 2014

This admin. should've made Ebola a priority months ago. Time to do everything possible to stop the spread

— Joni Ernst (@joniernst) October 15, 2014

Joni Ernst releases statement on Ebola and calls for temporary travel bans #iasen

— gretchen hamel (@DCgretchen) October 15, 2014

Get the popcorn!


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