Rockies ace Jeremy Guthrie: Belieber!/JGuthrie46/status/208797324703563776

Jeremy Guthrie is doing his best to make sure he sees the 18-year-old Canadian singer in concert.

And he isn’t ashamed one bit.

In fact, the pitcher even posed with a group of fellow Beliebers a year ago. Some fans are pleased with Guthrie’s music choice.

The fact that @JGuthrie46 likes the music that he does makes him even more my favorite! 

— Sam. (@samchez_) June 2, 2012

…and then there’s those who weren’t.

@JGuthrie46 lol yeah I think your only adult male with those problems

— Jillian Souza (@JillSoPhotos21) June 2, 2012

@JGuthrie46 yeah because you know screw getting your pitching game together

— ron (@mafy19) June 2, 2012

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