Safety first: Check your house for these ‘Feinstein assault weapons’!/BreitTwit1/status/294518279383437312

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s list of “assault weapons” is currently about ten miles long, but why stop there? Here are some more that will no doubt be added in the near future:

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons bad breath

— votermom (D) (@votermom) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Assault Forks, the leading cause of obesity in America……

— AdolfJoeBiden™ (@Bidenshairplugs) January 24, 2013

It’s true.

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons I’m pretty sure high-capacity bunches of bananas are listed…

— Joe Brenn (@JBrenn) January 24, 2013

The bourgeoisie, clearly.#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons

— Darcy (@MrsDigger) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Smaller capacity ice cube trays.Who needs more than 5 ice cubes in a drink?

— Scott Good (@SkidWillie) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons The United States Constitution

— Smitty (@smitty_one_each) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Cheerleaders from Bayonne, NJ, also known as Bayonnettes.

— Emile Husson (@emile_husson) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Anything with “Shooting” or “Iron” in the name…except for “Salad” and “Waffle”

— Breitbart’s Posse (@KentAtwater) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Sharp nail clippers, expired fruit, trigger fish

— Tom Janoski (@tsj_washington) January 24, 2013

High capacity staples 4 more than 20 sheets? RT @mattcvahi: #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Staplers containing more than 10 staples.

— Kay Brooks (@KayBrooks) January 24, 2013

Movies longer than two hours, because no one needs a film to last longer than that. #feinsteinassaultweapons

— David Goza (@GozaSC) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons PEZ Candy dispensers. Their dispensers hold more than 7 rounds.

— Barackolypse Now (@CzarZellem) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Whatever she doesn’t feel is necessary for HER protection. #hypocrite #2ndAmendment

— Joe Brenn (@JBrenn) January 24, 2013




Guns don’t kill people, pillows do: #assaultweapon list expands

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