Sally Kohn schooled after endorsing ‘ignorant’ claim about Kermit Gosnell!/OHCONSERVATISM/status/464572139925147648

CNN contributor Sally Kohn has doubled down on her claims that keeping abortion “affordable and legal” is the best way to prevent more Kermit Gosnells.

Kohn labeled as “#Truth” a statement she attributed to the president of NARAL that horrors like those perpetrated by convicted Pennsylvania abortionist are the result of too many restrictions on abortion access:!/sallykohn/status/464567598282461184

Restricted access?

Kohn was schooled on some Kermit Gosnell background:!/crousselle/status/464571870692782083

Um, yeah, well there’s that.

Kohn was also reminded that Gosnell wasn’t exactly working “under ground”:!/BethanyBowra/status/464568533813579776!/caseykim12/status/464573887934922753!/Melvin_Udall_/status/464583983335239681

Hopefully somebody can convince Ms. Kohn to watch #GosnellMovie after it’s finished, because the fundraising goal has been met.

Kohn was questioned about her pro-abortion position:!/sallykohn/status/464575466536701953!/sallykohn/status/464735379103703040!/johnnyfriegas/status/464736845675253760

Very good question.



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