She Put Her Toddler To Bed In A Onesie, And The Poor Thing Almost Choked To Death!

There’s a reason onesies are incredibly popular baby clothing. But one mom’s warning might make you wean your kids off of them — and fast.

Katie Price has put her daughter in more than a few onesies in her day, but what happened to her three-year-old recently set her off from allowing the little one to wear them to bed.

Her daughter almost choked to death.

Price writes on Facebook that her three-year-old daughter climbed into bed with her wearing the onesie pictured here.

When her daughter scooted around to get comfortable, the back slid down and the front zipper slid up to her throat, choking her.

“She couldn’t even tell me or try get my attention because she was suffocating,” Price said.

Fortunately, she was right there to help. She says she won’t be buying any more zip-up onesies, and she now wants to warn other parents against sending their little ones to bed in similar outfits to keep other children from having the same experience.

(via Huffington Post)

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