Solange’s Honeymoon Looks Like A Pinterest Board IRL

*Pins everything to the “I Want To Go There” board*

1. When Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson tied the knot in New Orleans earlier this month, both wore head-to-toe white.


2. But Solange just shared photos from their recent honeymoon in Brazil — and the gorgeous trip featured ~all of the colors~:

3. Hues on hues on hues:

4. Also worth noting?

5. Every photo looked like it belonged on Pinterest:

6. This is basically the new cover photo on your Travel board:

BRB, wanderlusting.

7. Your reminder to always pack light while on-the-go:

8. Here’s your dose of eclectic home decor inspo:

9. And how-to closet organization:

10. Also, this vintage fan:

Because Pinterest loves a good vintage fan.

11. Now if you’ll excuse us…

12. We have some pinning to do.

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