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Telling! Amanda Carpenter notes something about absurd WH ‘women’ graphic [pic]


Ding, ding, ding! But, hey, the Obama administration still has lots of using women as pawns to do! The latest pathetic attempt was the ludicrous and myth-filled “Equal Pay Day.” Working women, this is what the Obama administration thinks of you:


Yep. Take a gander:




It’s a wonder they could make it to work at all, what with all the gossiping they appear to be doing.


Luckily they put their bon-bons down first! It wouldn’t do to gossip like hens with one’s mouth full. Amanda Carpenter pointed out a little something else:



And this Twitter user brought it all home with this key point that sums sexist Democrats and their attitude towards women up:



Hey, the #BanBossy girl looks awfully familiar, doesn’t she? [pics]

The life of Barack Obama’s ‘Julia’ gets curiouser and curiouser!

Meet Julia, the new composite woman in Obama’s life

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Amanda Carpenter: Senate staffers think not reading omnibus bill is hilarious


You’d think, you’d hope, that senators would want to know what’s in that $1.012 trillion omnibus spending bill they’re considering, but it seems their staffers can’t even be bothered with that. Amanda Carpenter, senior communications adviser for Sen. Cruz, has gotten wind of what the staffers are up to, and it should seriously piss you off:


Pardon? Earlier this week, the Heritage Foundation sat down to do the work that Senate staffers evidently refuse to do. And, lo and behold, Heritage discovered earmarks galore.


Don’t we know it.



Twitchy coverage of Amanda Carpenter

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Who else likes executive orders? Pres. Pen summed up with apt comparison

Ha! It’s funny, yet depressing, because it’s true.

As Twitchy reported, Amanda Carpenter, senior communications adviser for Sen. Cruz, . President Stompy Pen strikes again.

Hey, guess who else likes executive orders:

O-Bam. Although, that is an insult to seven-year-olds.

This Twitter user nutshells the difference:

Sigh. Forward!

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.


Executive Order Boom! Amanda Carpenter destroys ‘lawless’ President Stompy Foot [pic]

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