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This Is Officially The Cutest Animal Ever, And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

You know what’s adorable? A fluffy raccoon. You know what’s even more adorable? A pint-sized pup. As it turns out, evolution has blessed us with a precious combination of these two critters…and most of us had no idea that it was a thing. This, understandably, is a tragedy.

Thankfully for those of us who aren’t in the know, a Twitter user by the name of Chibi_tori is here to show us the light.

Universe, meet the raccoon dog. Known as tanuki, these animals can be found roaming around in small family units in East Asia. I don’t think that most of us deserve to experience this level of cuteness, but here we are.

This particular nugget was found injured and abandoned by the luckiest Twitter user in the history of Twitter users, and he goes by the name of Tanu.

Because tanuki hibernate in the winter, they essentially turn into cuter versions of us when temperatures drop. Tanu’s fave thing to do in the dead of winter is hang out by his little stove.

“All of the happy is mine!”

He will have you know, however, that he’s not even sort of related to raccoons. He’s all dog, my friends. And if you have a dog, you can probably see a striking resemblance between Tanu’s epic laziness and the bizarre lethargy of your own pup.

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Tanu is a skilled sleeper.

If you slapped some sweatpants on him, he’d be almost identical to me at any point between September and April.

Oh, and comfort eating? Tanu is about that life.

“Busy hiding from my responsibilities. Plz try again later.”

See? Tanu is us. We are Tanu.

When he’s not napping, he can be found harnessing his inner labrador by playing with his ball.

“I am not raccoon. I am dog. I do dog stuff.”

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He even peels himself off the couch every now and then to bathe, just like we should all be doing.

After his bath, he likes to direct a disturbing amount of focus toward tangerines.

I mean…do you, man.

But at the end of the day, it all goes full circle. After snack time, he plops his diva self right next to the stove again.

“None of the peasants are scratching me because why?”

(via BuzzFeed)

There you have it, folks. Tanuki are real animals that actually exist, and the world is a better place because of it. If your heart hasn’t exploded yet and you’re looking to tempt fate, keep up with all of Tanu’s antics on Twitter.

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Wildlife Medical Team Revives A Baby Rhino In The Nick of Time With CPR

Medical staff around the world are well-versed in performing CPR to save a life, but what do you do if your patient is 900 pounds?

That was exactly what a team of wildlife vets from Working With Rhinos had to figure out when Meha, a baby white rhinoceros orphan, had a negative reaction to sedatives during a routine dehorning operation.

The dramatic footage shows the group of vets and wildlife officers rushing to the rhino’s aid when they notice her heartbeat getting awfully weak. Thanks to the dedication of everyone involved, Meha was quickly revived thanks to repeated chest compressions.

Dehorning is routinely performed on rhinos in captivity. It has proven to be one of the most effective techniques in the relentless fight against ivory poachers.

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Game Commissioners Said They Couldn’t Help This Bear, So A Few Locals Saved The Day

In Perry Township, Pennsylvania, locals saw something that was equal parts saddening and strange. When they first noticed that a black bear was in their midst, their first instinct was to leave the area as quickly as possible.

But then they realized that something upsetting was going on — something so awful, it made them walk right up to the animal. Watch what happened when they approached it.

Here’s the worst part. Until these citizens stepped up, nothing was being done to help that poor bear. Game commissioners said that there was nothing they could do. Fortunately for the bear, these heroes were on its side.

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This Rescue Perfectly Demonstrates The Importance Of Respecting The Wild

Animals in nature are truly spectacular things to witness. The wild is where they belong and where they thrive.

Unfortunately, that freedom is stolen from far too many wild animals.

That’s just what happened to these two bear cubs just outside of Moscow. They were likely bought illegally and kept as pets, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, they were then abandoned in the woods when they became too big for their owners to care for.

The authorities were alerted when local residents saw the bears still wearing the collars given to them by their previous owners. Found dehydrated and highly unprepared for life in the wild, the scene could have ended tragically had this team of officers not rescued them just in time.

While these bear cubs could be saved, there are still countless other animals lost to captive living every year.

If you would like to do your part to help end this heartbreaking practice, you can visit the Captive Animal Protection Society for more information.

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This Baby Fox Was In Deep Trouble, Until A Helpful Man Showed Up To Free Him.

This poor fox cub somehow became severely tangled in a soccer net. He was so badly entwined in the ropes, he almost strangled himself. Luckily, Simon from Wildlife Aid Foundation stepped in.

The rescue was tense, but by the end of it you’ll be so happy:

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

Remember, things like this can be easily avoided. Roll up sports nets, equipment, and other items when you’re not using them. Otherwise, some wildlife could end up in quite the situation.

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Brave Woman Ventures Over A Busy Mexican Highway To Rescue An Injured Dog.

Superheroes may not be real… but heroes do exist. A brave Mexican woman couldn’t sit idly by when she saw a dog in trouble at the side of a highway in Mexico City. He was badly injured and just seconds away from being fatally struck by a speeding car.

Watch as she bravely ventures into traffic to get to the dog. She is incredible:

(Source: CanalIdoneo)

The poor dog had actually been hit by a car, but he was so injured he couldn’t muster up the strength to get off the road. Thankfully, now the dog is recovering in an animal shelter. Once he is healed, the shelter will attempt to put him in a loving home.

Share this brave and kind woman’s act of heroism with your friends below.

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This Sweet Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter, And You’ll Be Stunned When You See Why

Those of us who have visited shelters know that they’re filled to the brim with animals that are in desperate need of finding forever homes. Many people who take on pets forget that these animals need to be treated like family. Thousands of them are abandoned each year because people think they’re too needy, too rough with kids, or too aggressive.

But not many are left behind because they’re too affectionate.

Meet Jubilee. She’s the adorable one-year-old pup that was abandoned because she always wanted to be by her owner’s side.

He simply didn’t want her affection.

Holly Steirman

People were blown away when they heard why she was given up to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

Jubilee embodies many of the characteristics that people look for when searching for the perfect companion, but the man who dropped her off wanted nothing to do with her loyalty.

She also suffers from anxiety issues, so her former owner’s bizarre choice to give her up was actually a blessing in disguise.

He clearly wasn’t the kind of person who would help her deal with her troubles, but the volunteers at Montgomery County Animal Shelter made it their mission to improve Jubilee’s quality of life.

Just one day after being dropped off, Jubilee found a new home! A wonderful woman named Samantha knew that this pup would be perfect for her family, and that her family would be perfect for her.

She even gained a puppy sister and a human brother in the process!

Her new sister clearly has to warm up to the idea, but she’s working on it. No one can resist Jubilee’s cuteness for long.

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As for Jubilee, I think it’s pretty safe to say that she’s already settled in.

To learn more about this adorable pup’s story, check out the video below:

What’s even more incredible is that multiple families actually showed up to rescue Jubilee. Samantha’s family ended up being the best fit for her, so the other people were able to rescue other pups that day!

If you want to help Montgomery County Animal Shelter continue doing amazing work for abandoned pets in Texas, be sure to check out their website. You can also keep up with every addition to their furry family on Facebook! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an amazing companion like Jubilee in the process.

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Animal Rescues Are Always Great. But This One Has a Surprise No One Saw Coming.

It all started back in September when a farm sanctuary  in Australia called Edgar’s Mission rescued 3 runaway pigs. While heroic in itself, there ended up being a surprise no one saw coming. And it’ll melt your heart.

The 3 pigs were named Wonder Woman, Captain Courageous, and Super Girl. Wonder Woman started putting on weight faster than the others because…

…she was pregnant! With 8 adorable little piglets.

On December 6th, she gave birth to all these cuties. All of them completely healthy.

Edgar’s Mission had no idea they were actually rescuing 11 lives, not 3.

Wonder Woman is doing well, too.

What’s even cuter are the names they gave the little ones.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer…

Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.




Compassion toward animals is a beautiful thing. And sometimes, not only do you save one life…but a whole bunch of others. You can follow their progress and see more on the Edgar’s Mission Web Site. Spread this rescue with your friends by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

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