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This Baby Boy Loves This Remote So Much, He Just Can’t Handle It, LOL.

When we first entered the world as babies, everything was new to us. We may not remember it, but we lost our little baby minds over everything. Peek-a-boo? Tearing paper? Puppies?! Babies are just awesome because of their reactions to the most common things.

It’s hard not to smile when they become mesmerized by things that really aren’t THAT cool. This little guy couldn’t even handle himself whenever he saw the most magical thing in existence: the remote control.

I have a feeling this little man is going to feel the exact same way about the remote whenever he’s 33 years-old. Be sure to send to your friends using the buttons below. They HAVE to see this!

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This Sweet Baby Was Born With A Rare Disease That Makes Him Look Like An Elderly Man

Progeria is a rare medical condition that affects only one in eight million babies born every year.

Unfortunately, this disorder is as severe as it is rare. Progeria is a devastating condition that changes the outcome of every life it touches.

The beautiful souls that live with progeria, like the little one in the video below, walk through life facing more challenges than anyone ever should.

This disease is caused by a malformation in genetic material. This photo shows just a tiny portion of this genetic mix-up by comparing a normal nucleus (left) with nucleus found in someone with progeria.

While this is a simple visual representation, the actual DNA discrepancy is deeply complex and profoundly affects the life of the carrier.

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The bodies of children with progeria age far faster than average. Not only do they experience visual signs of aging, but they also fall victim to health issues normally associated with the elderly.

Kidney failure, heart problems, cataracts, and bone and joint dysfunction are common among those with progeria. Due to their warp-speed aging process, these children usually do not live past their preteen years.

While progeria is hard to read about, it’s even more heartbreaking to see with your own eyes.

The video below shows a sweet baby boy with progeria who was born in Bangladesh recently.

At first, local doctors were puzzled and didn’t know what to make of him…

But there’s no confusion here. Not only is he just as lovable as any other infant, but I’m willing to bet that he’ll grow to be far braver than most of us could ever hope to be!

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OMG! Rider Strong Is Now A Dad!

The star of Boy Meets World and your teen bedroom ceiling has welcomed his first child. Wuuuuuut?

1. Boy Meets World fans, brace yourselves. Shawn Hunter is officially someone’s dad.


2. Your favorite bad boy Rider Strong and his wife Alexandra Barreto have welcomed their first child.

The couple, who never announced that they were expecting, surprised fans with the birth of their son, named Indigo Baretto Strong.

4. But wait… how could this be?


5. Weren’t we just fanning out to his teen antics, like yesterday?


6. Apparently not.




It’s not enough that Cory and Topanga play parents on Girl Meets World, but now Shawn has to go and be one in real life? It’s almost too much.

7. Congratulations, Rider and Alexandra!

As for the rest of you, you’re old.

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Toddler’s Lion Impression Isn’t Exactly Fierce, But It Is Incredibly Cute

Kids love to dress up like and imitate their favorite animals.

Personally, I loved to act like a peppy dog. It’s an adorable phenomenon, and the videos that pop up online after Halloween each year are too cute to handle. The video below, which shows a little tyke pretending to be a lion, is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Watch the cuteness that happens when the toddler’s parent tries to get their little lion to roar.

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That’s okay, little one. You’ll grow up to be a big lion!

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This Dad-To-Be Has The Sweetest Reaction To Finding Out That His Wife Is Pregnant

Finding out that a new baby is on the way is always exciting, but this father-to-be’s reaction is especially precious.

In less than a minute, he goes through a roller coaster ride of emotions, using not one, but two languages to vent his shock and excitement. From “I don’t believe you” to “Oh my god!” his hilarious expressions of joy will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Watch this future dad’s adorable reaction to the big surprise in the video below.

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There’s so much love and joy here, I can hardly stand it! Congratulations, Dad! You made our day.

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Watch These Pakistani Girls Put A Desi Flair On Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Punjab’s got talent.

1. Facebook user Umar Hayat‘s video of two girls singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the streets of Pakistan has gone viral.

Hayat’s description notes that the video was taken “somewhere” in Punjab, Pakistan.

The video was uploaded three days ago and has over 1.5 million views and 68,000 shares on Facebook as of the writing of this post.

3. Major Pakistani newspapers like Dawn and The Express Tribune covered the video, with the Tribune going so far as to say that the two girls “owned” Justin Bieber.

Attempts to locate or identify the girls have been unsuccessful.

5. Many commenters noted the video showed there was hidden talent in Pakistan.

6. Others were shocked by the contrast.

What the faaaaaaaaak in the world is this????????? #JustinBieber @justinbieber #Pakistan|i girl in #JB’s soul!!!! 😱

— iam_DanishKhan (@دانش خان)

7. The cover has its own flair. Not only do the girls modify Bieber’s original with backup vocals, and desi melody…

8. …there’s this auntie laying down a SERIOUSLY SICK beat as backup.

9. Your move, Bieber.

Vevo / Via giphy.com

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