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These 17 People Tried To Use The English Language… And Failed SO Horribly That It’s Painful. OMG.

There aren’t many people in the world today who truly value the English language. Thanks to social media and digital communication, abbreviations and poor grammar are infuriatingly commonplace. Even people who think they are proficient forget some simple grammar rules (like the difference between using “fewer” and “less”). Everyone has failed at some point. There may even be multiple glaring errors in this article (but hopefully not). No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, your failings will never compare to what you’re about to see. These people attempted to use the English language and failed so spectacularly, it’s a wonder they’re able to walk around without bumping into things or running into a Greyhound bus.

1.) If YOU’RE going to be condescending, at least be correct.

2.) Whew. At least it wasn’t diabetes.

3.) This one is so bad, it’s hard to follow.

4.) You’re right.

5.) Organisms are overrated.

6.) Mmmm. Pizzer.

7.) This hurts my brain.

8.) I prefer human beans to pinto beans.

9.) Don’t be so surly, man.

10.) The school system failed this man.

11.) What’s a “fing?”

12.) I had a friend that lack toast intolerant. He just hated not having toast.

13.) Covering someone with fiberglass insulation is pretty rude, though.

14.) I really, really, really hope her house didn’t smell like incest.

15.) There are just so many reasons why you won’t.

16.) BOOM.

17.) Here’s hoping English was their second language.

(H/T BuzzFeed) If your brain hurts right now, that’s totally normal. Don’t be alarmed. Just laugh, shake your head, turn on PBS and share this with your friend’s who’d totally get it.

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Everyone Knows That Prison Is Bad. But What You’ll Find In These 25 Is A Horrifying Nightmare. OMG.

Those who commit terrible atrocities deserve to go to prison. However, if a criminal was sentenced to life in any of these prisons, it would be a punishment worse than death. These 25 institutions across the world are infamous for being filled with rape, torture, disease, cannibalism and massacres. It would be more humane to kill the inmates instead of letting them live out the rest of their lives here. It’s appalling.

1.) Stanley Prison, Hong Kong: One of the six maximum security facilities in Hong Kong built in 1937. Before Kong Kong eliminated capital punishment in 1990, it was once a popular place for it.

List 25

2.) Attica Correctional Facility, New York: This maximum security/supermax has held a number of the most dangerous criminals in the world. It’s famous for the Attica Prison riot on September 9, 1971. 2,200 inmates rebelled and seized the prison taking its 33 staff as hostage. 39 people died.

List 25

3.) Montelupich Prison, Poland: This was one of the worst Nazi prisons in Poland, used to hold politcal prisoners. “Medieval torture” was used as an interrogation method.

List 25

4.) Camp 1391, Northern Israel: This is a camp for “high risk” prisoners. It’s existence was unknown to the public before 2003. Most information about the jail is still classified.

List 25

5.) Vladimir Central Prison, Russia: Built in 1783, it was infamous for housing Soviet Union political prisoners. It was common for brutal beatings to occur here, some ending in deaths. The prisoners were also ordered to beat each other.

List 25

6.) Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya: The prisoners here are subjected to horrors and squalor inside of this prison. It has earned a reputation for instances of sodomy. Malnutrition, cholera and severe beatings aren’t uncommon.

List 25

7.) Butyrka Prison, Moscow, Russia: This is the largest central transit prison in Moscow and it’s known for its brutality. It held 20,000 inmates during the Great Purge and thousands of them were executed. There are AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics there as well.

List 25

8.) Nairobi Prison, Kenya: This was built for 800 prisoners but held 3,000 in 2003. The cells reek of sweat, feces, filth and garbage.

List 25

9.) Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: This prison is known for countless human rights offenses. Guard brutality and malnutrition is common here. Many inmates die from chronic disease.

List 25

10.) Petak Island Prison, White Lake Russia: This is the Russian version of Alcatraz. It is isolated on White Lake and the prisoners are surrounded by freezing waters and cold snow.

List 25

11.) San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru: This is the toughest prison in South America, it was built to house 2,500 inmates and now holds over 7,000. It has a lax environment where prisoners can buy and sell as well as gamble on cockfights. Visiting prostitutes are common as well.

List 25

12.) Rikers Island Prison, New York: A brutal prison where beatings were extremely common, this notorious prison even used inmate “enforcers” that were deployed by the guards. It was filled with violence and aggression.

List 25

13.) San Quentin Prison, California: The oldest prison in the state, it opened in 1852. Now, it is the largest death row for male inmates in the US.

List 25

14.) Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia: Georgia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe because of its zero toelrance approach, but that means its prisons are filled with tuberculosis epidemics, savage inmate treatment, assaults and more.

List 25

15.) La Sante, Paris: The name means “health,” but the conditions of this prison are terrible. It is overcrowded and torturous treatment there is common. 122 prisoners committed suicide in 2002 and 73 in 2003. They swallowed drain cleaner.

List 25

16.) Alcatraz, San Francisco, California: Most know “The Rock,” the famous prison built in the 1920s. The inmates here lost touch with the outside world and were subject to abuse from the guards.

List 25

17.) Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda: This is described as “hell on earth.” Four men are packed together per square yard. Dysentery, gangrene, rotting corpses and cannibalism can be found at this prison.

List 25

18.) Diyarbakır Prison, Turkey: This prison is known for having the most human rights violations per prisoner. They even incarcerate children for life here. To escape, inmates have committed suicide and set themselves on fire.

List 25

19.) ADX Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado: Prisoners here are isolated from the staff and cannot venture outside of their cell. Many inmates endure psychological torture and end up committing suicide.

List 25

20.) El Rodeo, Guatire, Venezuela: Over crowded and violent, gang fights and sieges have occurred in this prison… without any sign of a solution.

List 25

21.) La Sabaneta, Venezuela: This is one of the most brutal prisons in South America. Violence is a daily occurrence. Inmates are often unsupervised, giving them chances to fashion weapons for themselves.

List 25

22.) Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand: Many inmates here have gone crazy due to the stress of the first month of detention. It is the most violent prison in Thailand.

List 25

23.) Tadmor Military Prison, Syria: It’s known as the most oppressive prison in the world. Every aspect of it dehumanizes the inmates there. The president of Syria once massacred all of the 2,400 inmates as retaliation for an assassination attempt.

List 25

24.) Carandiru Prison, Brazil: Here, riots triggered mass executions by guards. There have been 1,300 deaths in the course of its 46 year history. The human rights violations here are unbelievable.

List 25

25.) Camp 22, North Korea: This is the notorious Hoeryong Concentration Camp, which has gained international attention in 2012 after its warden defected to China. It has been open since 1965 and holds 50,000 prisoners. Three generations of dissident families have been imprisoned there. The inmates are tortured and used as test subjects for human experimentation.

List 25

(H/T List25) How can governments look then other way when inmates are being raped, tortured and eaten by other humans? It’s mind boggling. Share the truth about these terrifying prisons … and make sure to never, ever commit a crime again.

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Here Are The 26 Most Cringeworthy Ways People Have Proposed. I Hope She Said No To #5.

Giving the love of your life a perfect marriage proposal is tricky business. Not only do you want your significant other to say yes, but you want the moment to be absolutely perfect and absolutely them. Every person who is about to propose has played the moment over and over in their heads after hours of planning… Except for these people. Instead of planning out their proposal in a thoughtful and special way, it seems that they just winged it. Saying yes to an awkward and cringeworthy like this is definitely a bad idea.

1.) What a delicious proposal.

2.) Don’t trust your friends to do it for you.

3.) This is a good way to cause a wreck, not begin a marriage.

4.) … okay, this is almost impressive.


6.) I hope this is a joke.

7.) … sigh.

8.) This could have been SO GOOD.

9.) How does she say yes? Order popcorn chicken?

10.) It’s kind of worth it for her heart attack.

11.) I don’t think she’ll appreciate this less-than-flattering photo.

12.) His face will be SO red if she says no.

13.) I think I’d prefer a ring.

14.) Is there an emoji for “disappointed and depressed?”

15.) Yes, pizza, I WILL marry you.

16.) BRB, let me pee before I answer.

17.) Trashy is the new classy.

18.) You just failed so hard, Duke fan.

19.) Cut your hair and put on a shirt. Then, maybe.

20.) Rocks… they say what we’re too afraid to.

21.) I wonder how many women said no to this interesting offer.

22.) The effort is nice, but the execution is more than a little strange.

23.) I take that back. THIS is strange.

24.) Ohhhhh duuuddddeeee. No.

25.) Mild… just like your romance.

26.) This was almost perfect, until it wasn’t.

Hopefully these people found a way to have a “happily ever after” ending (even if their marriage began by sticking a ring into a chicken sandwich).

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Here Are 20 Of The Most Bizarre Mailboxes You’ll Probably Ever See

Most of us know at least one neighbor with a strange mailbox.

Unfortunately for me, all of the ones on my street are pretty normal and decidedly boring. But for the people who took the photos below, the boxes they came across are anything but ordinary.

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From microwaves to computer towers, get ready to witness some of the weirdest mailboxes the internet has to offer.

1. I bet the mailman gets really heated every time he sees this.

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2. They prefer getting junk mail in their trunk.

3. This isn’t creepy at all…


5. How is this creepy AND patriotic?

6. Maybe they like reading their mail while sitting on the toilet?

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7. Well, at least it’s fabulous.

8. Is anyone else creeped out by that face?

9. This has to be a little freaky for the people delivering mail.

10. Is that an old refrigerator??

11. They must really love lighting up.

12. Somebody’s a fan of “The Walking Dead.”

13. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that thing.

14. Okay, this one’s pretty awesome.

15. This snowman has seen terrible things.

16. This sure is an interesting take on email.

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17. This mailbox is way cooler than yours.

18. “I like a little toast with my mail.”

19. I have no idea why this manatee is dressed up as a witch.

20. They deserve a little credit for putting their broken gaming system to use.

You have to wonder whether these are funny or just irritating to the mail carriers. Let’s just hope that the former is true so something like this doesn’t happen.

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A Mother Picked The Wrong Biker To Judge By His Looks. Here’s His Epic Response.

Unfortunately, it comes somewhat naturally for most of us to judge other people without really knowing them. We’re all a product of our pasts, shaped by our upbringing and experiences. But it’s important to look through all of that and remember that judging someone by their outward appearance truly is like only reading the cover of a book. And maybe the inside flap at best. Here’s a guy’s personal post that drives that point home.


So, there you have it. Don’t make hurtful assumptions about other people, especially those that you are already assuming want to kill you. Because that makes no sense. Share this guy’s experience with others. Spread the no-judging message.

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This Guy Appears To Make Short Skits While Playing With A Dead Body

Pretty much everything that can exist does exist in some form online. While this is exciting at some level, it’s also a terrifying prospect. Most of use aren’t disturbed enough to think of all the weird, crazy things that we sometimes encounter on the internet, but the many creeps who call the web home certainly are.

And some sickos are a cut above the rest. Take, for example, a YouTuber who goes by Jake.

Jake’s channel consists solely of disturbing black and white video sketches that seem to incorporate a dead body wrapped in a garbage bag.

Saying that this footage is disturbing is putting it mildly.

All of the short flickers of text that come across the screen in these videos don’t make them any better.

One enterprising Redditor was able to piece together all of these texts. The result is actually a poem.

Here’s a transcript:

There was a lady all skin and bone; Sure such a lady was never known. It happened upon a certain day, this lady went to the church to pray. When she came to the church stile, there she did rest a little while; When she came to the church yard, there the bells so loud she heard. When she came to the church door, she stopped to rest a little more; When she came to the church within, the parson prayed ‘gainst pride and sin. On looking up, on looking down, she saw a dead man on the ground; And from his nose unto his chin, the worms crawled out, the worms crawled in. Then she unto the parson said, “Shall I be so when I am dead?” “Oh yes! Oh yes,” the parson said, “You will be so when you are dead.” Here the lady screams.

This one might be the freakiest of all.

(via Reddit)

Well, I’m never sleeping again. I’d really like to know what exactly is happening in these videos and why, but I would settle for knowing whether or not that’s a real body.

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Here Are 14 Ridiculous Jobs That Pay More Than Being A Teacher

Teachers are widely under-appreciated in America, both in how little respect they receive AND in how little they are compensated for their deeds. If kids are our future, we should take care of the people grooming them for the future, right? Well, the average starting salary for a teacher is around $45,000. There are much more lucrative (albeit superfluous) professions out there, let’s examine a few.

1) Hot Air Balloon Pilot – $50-60k

2) Tollbooth Worker – $46-50k

3) Butler – $47-55k

4) Radio DJ – $50-65k

5) Pro Skateboarder – $50-100k

6) Bull Rider – $100-500k

7) Truck Driver – $45-60k

8) Stripper – $50-150k

9) Dog Walker – $50/hour

10) Pro Bowler – $45-50k

11) House Sitter – $50-60k

12) Crop Duster – $70-80k

13) Food Tester – $47-55k

14) Clown – $50-60k

Teachers do a valuable service for the community and the world at large.  It is time that we start paying them at least as much as clowns, even if those clowns are in clown college debt.  Share this post if you agree!

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Shopping For A New Home? How About An Entire Town Ghost Town All To Yourself?

House hunting is literally the worst. Not only can the process take forever, but if you mess anything up, you might have to start all over again. So might I suggest a new approach? How about looking at a completely abandoned ghost town in the Colorado foothills?

Welcome to the town of Cabin Creek — a ghost town in Colorado that’s not too far from the city of Denver.


The town is currently owned by James Johnson. Johnson bought the town in 2000 and funded the sale by selling everything he owned.


Johnson had hoped to turn the town around and make it into a destination for tourists and travelers the way it was before the Interstate was constructed.


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Sadly, Johnson’s dream never came to pass. Now he’s trying to unload the five-acre town via Craigslist for the surprisingly affordable price of $350,000.


While Johnson actually has a number of interested buyers lined up, none of them have been able to secure financing from a bank yet. The reason for this, he says, is because of the mixed residential and commercial zoning of the town along with the dangerous conditions of the buildings.


(via The Denver Post)

If Cabin Creek sounds like the place for you, you can check out the listing on Craigslist or visit the dedicated website here.

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He’s Known As The Dirtiest Man In Europe. And How He Got That Way Is Extremely Odd.

Ludvik Dolezal isn’t your average homeless man. Ludvik, who is from the Czech Republic, actually may be the dirtiest man in Europe. That’s because of his unusual habit. He is absolutely fascinated with ashes and fire. So much so, he sleeps in a bed made of ash. The man burned his mattress and duvet cover just to create enough ash to comfortably sleep in. He believes that fire is one of the most important parts of his life.

Passers by often refer to Ludvik as the devil, like in a fairy tale.

Daily Mail

One day, he quit his job.

Daily Mail

Since then, he has “been with the fire.”

Daily Mail

He burns nearly all of his possessions so that he can cover up with hot ash.

Daily Mail

It’s believed that his obsession with fire and ash is the result of a psychological disorder.

Daily Mail

One of the few possessions he managed not to burn is his radio.

Daily Mail

Sometimes strangers will give the man tires to burn so he can keep warm.

Daily Mail

He’s also a heavy smoker.

Daily Mail

He believes he has breathing problems and by smoking at least one pack a day, it helps him breathe.

Daily Mail

He gets money every month from the Czech government, but officials are afraid to give it to him all at once, in case he burns it.

Daily Mail

(H/T Daily Mail) It’s hard to put yourself in this man’s shoes. His connection to flame and ash is unique, and a part of his life that he simply cannot live without. He wears only a fleece sweater in the winters to keep warm because he is never far from fire. Share this man’s unique habits with others.

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These Confessions From Retail Employees Are Both Helpful And Mind-Blowing.

Retail/service sector jobs are a rite of passage. All it takes is a year or two for the real truth to sink in: Retail and service sector jobs suck. While your time in retail will give you the experience you need for a better job, it also gives you the chance to learn the cool/interesting/deep dark secrets of the companies you work for. Here are 10 confessions about your favorite retail companies that will enlighten and maybe even enrage you a little bit.

This explains the powerful headache I get every time I’m in there.

Damn. That’s pretty awesome.

I bet they’re not too happy about this little secret getting out.

People actually do this?


Maybe I’ll send everything via USPS from now on.

Sounds like a good way to get some free snacks.

In my heart I knew it, but didn’t want to believe it.

Makes sense, but I’m sure the loss prevention team doesn’t like it.

Oh really? I’ll have to go coupon hunting.

(H/T: Ebaum’s World) Panera. How could you!? Don’t forget to share this list by clicking below.

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What Does The Inside Of A Can Of Pasta Look Like After 25 Years? Not Good

If you’re anything like me, you have a large stockpile of canned goods somewhere in your home. You know…in case of an emergency. My plan, should the apocalypse arrive, is to become a food merchant and slowly rebuild society with the wealth and power I accumulate. But a recent article I came across might just throw a wrench in the gears.

Matt over at DinosaurDracula.com recently came across an old can of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chef Boyardee from 1991. I remember eating this back in the day and it was delicious. But how does a can like this age? The answer is not very well.

The glorious can itself!

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The moment of truth. I can imagine the smell wasn’t very pleasant based on what comes next.

The contents of the entire can managed to dehydrate down into one small clump.

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That does not look appetizing at all.

It was apparently pretty solid. It took Matt a while, but eventually, he was able to split the ball in two.

He decided to make a label and keep it forever.

(source DinosaurDracula)

Well, that really makes me question just how durable and valuable my canned goods would be in a post-apocalyptic world. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/old-pasta/

It Might Seem Like A Normal Temple From The Outside. But Go Inside And… AHHHH!

You can’t argue taste or religion. Everyone is going to feel and believe different things. Be that as it may, when you find out what these people near Bikaner, India, are worshipping you’ll have a hard time not being shocked (or at least a little creeped out). There’s a temple there called Karni Mata Temple in the town of Deshnoke that draws worshippers from all over the region. There is something special inside, called “kabbas,” that you can’t find anywhere else.

Karni Temple is special for one reason…

Rats. It’s full of rats.

But these aren’t ordinary rats.

Devotees who flock to the temple believe the rats are holy animals.

They call them “kabbas.”

They are fed, worshipped and protected.

The rats are literally everywhere.

The rats literally cover every surface.

And you must tread carefully there. If you were to step on one of the holy animals, you would need to replace it with one made of solid gold.

To keep the rats safe from predators, there are grates and grills in the courtyard.

Priests and caretakers live at the temple with the rats.

Not only do they protect them, but they also clean up after the rats.

With 20,000 rats running around, there’s a lot of excrement to sweep up.

The temple honors Karni Mata, or Karniji, a female Hindu sage.

The local folklore differs, but most rat origin stories revolve around an army of 20,000 soldiers.

They fled to the town seeking refuge and Karni Mata offered them shelter at the temple, knowing the punishment of deserters was death.

So, from that moment on, the grateful soldiers lived inside the temple as rats.

Whether you believe the rats are holy animals representing 20,000 soldiers, or you just believe them to be rats, seeing thousands of them inside of this temple must be impressive. (Even if it would seem at least a little unsanitary.) Source: amusingplanet.com They’re actually kind of cute, when you’re not thinking about how they outnumber you by the thousand. Click below to share this story about the Rat Temple with others.

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What They Found In The Desert Using Google Maps…Well You’ll Want To See This

Since the alleged UFO crash of 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, has become the unofficial Mecca for alien enthusiasts. As such, the land, especially the desert near what is now Area 51, is subject to quite a bit of public scrutiny. At any given time, there are dozens of people using Google Maps’ satellite photos to check for signs of anything unusual.

Normally, these folks don’t find much, but recently, it appears that they discovered a very odd shape in the desert near Roswell…it looks an awful lot like a swastika.

The symbol in question can be seen from the air about 70 miles from the town of Roswell itself. Let’s zoom in a bit….

This particular symbol’s location has been known for a few years, but it’s back in the news again after being picked up by a number of paranormal blogs.

While explanations were short on facts, some people speculate that the symbol could be anything from a location beacon for UFOs to an ancient symbol created by Native Americans to communicate with aliens.

Sadly, the more likely conclusion is that the symbol was dug out as a marker for pilots to practice their bombing runs during World War II.

The truth is still out there, it’s just not in an abandoned field 70 miles outside of Roswell.

(via Mirror)

Better luck next time, guys. Keep looking!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/roswell-symbols/

They Say That Dogs And Their Owners Start To Look Alike… And Here’s Proof In 20 Hysterical Photos. LOL.

We’ve all heard of the urban myth that dog owners tend to look like their dogs. Well after seeing these 20 pictures below we can correctly assume that is no longer a myth. They do. They totally do.





















Bonus Picture: Then there is this guy, who really wants to look like his dog.

After this I think the question is no longer “Do dogs look like their owners?”. I think we can safely assume that now it is “When dogs look like their owners.” Share these hilarious pictures of dog owners and their dogs with your friends below.

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If You Do Any Of These 13 Ridiculous Things, You’re Going Straight To Jail. Well, Technically Anyway.

As countries develop, sometimes the governments need to make strange-sounding laws to allow for the safe growth and development of cities. However, sometimes those laws, when taken out of context and left on the books for decades, may begin to sound a little bizarre. For instance, any law about cheese and pie can’t possibly have made sense at any point… right? Here are 13 very real, yet surely unenforced, laws still in existence today. Photographer Olivia Locher decided to demonstrate them in visual form in these brilliant photographs.

1.) In Alabama, it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.

Olivia Locher

2.) In California, nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.

Olivia Locher

3.) In Maine it’s unlawful to tickle women under the chin with a feather duster.

Olivia Locher

4.) In Utah, no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violin.

Olivia Locher

5.) In Rhode Island, it is illegal to wear transparent clothing.

Olivia Locher

6.) In Delaware, it’s illegal to wear pants that are “form-fitting”around the waist.

Olivia Locher

7.) In Tennessee, hollow logs may not be sold.

Olivia Locher

8.) In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.

Olivia Locher

9.) In Texas, it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.

Olivia Locher

10.) In Hawaii, coins are not allowed to be placed in one’s ears.

Olivia Locher

11.) In Oregon, one may not test their physical endurance while driving a car on the highway.

Olivia Locher

12.) In Kansas, it’s illegal to serve wine in teacups.

Olivia Locher

13.) In Connecticut, pickles must bounce to officially be considered pickles.

Olivia Locher

Source: Olivia Locher Via Reddit And these are just a handful of some of the strange state laws that still exist. If you look up your own state’s legislature, you’re bound to find even more. Share these hilarious (real) laws with others. They’ll get a kick out of them.

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