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You Can Make A Gigantic Area Rug For Under $30…Here’s How!

Finding a cheap and chic area rug is pretty difficult. But when Stephanie of A Scoop of Sherbert saw a friend’s DIY creation, she knew she’d found a solution to this tricky task.

All you need are some carpet squares, creativity, and a roll of carpet seam tape!

First things first, she needed a ton of carpet squares.

Stephanie recommends shopping around at a bunch of carpet stores. They generally will have plenty that you can buy for cheap — she got hers for $1/piece!

Following her friend’s original inspiration, the crafter taped all her pieces together with duct tape…

But when she went to flip the massive carpet over, it didn’t go so well. The failed first attempt didn’t cause her to give up, though.

She started fresh, arranging her squares in a new pattern.

Stephanie says that you may not get all the same color, but keeping with the same texture and carpet type will help it look like a seamless piece.

Instead of duct tape, this time she found a carpet-specific adhesive!

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You peel off the white film to reveal the sticky side, then use it to bond your carpet squares together.

Instead of flipping all the squares over, she placed them one at a time, right side up, simply sticking one side and then the other in place.

What a great fit!

If you don’t want it to slide around, just put shelf liner under it.

What a cool look! You’d never know this wasn’t from a fancy home store.

(source A Scoop of Sherbert)

What a beautiful result! It just goes to show that with a little trial and error, you can make something so perfect and affordable for your home.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/area-rug/

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