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Why This Guy Takes Forever To Power Wash His Sidewalk Is Incredibly Cool. I Love These.

Home maintenance can be a pain and take hours to complete, but keeping your property in good condition is a must. Power washing can help clean vinyl siding, driveways and sidewalks, but it’s not an easy process. It takes this guy a little longer than normal to power wash the concrete slabs outside of his home, but that’s because he does something awesome while he does it… He isn’t just cleaning the concrete. He is transforming it into larger-than-life artwork.

This is his first attempt at power washer art.

He chalked the outline first, then used the power washer.

He didn’t realize it’d turn out THIS good.

Time for Pikachu! First, the chalking…

“Then you very quickly line out the image. Making sure to make the white areas thinner than normal, and the dark areas fatter than normal. (It is a reduction process, since you can’t add any more aged dirt to fix mistakes.)”

The finished product. (Wow.)

“I wanted to attempt an image with more dark then light, so went with everyone’s favorite robot.”

“This was pretty difficult to get the thicknesses of the eye lenses along with the mouth without taking too much away.”

It took him approximately 30 minutes to create this, including chalk out.

The artist himself (5’10”) for scale.

Chalked out a minimalist storm trooper design.

Making the lines…

Finished and cleaned up!

This also took approximately 30 minutes.

“Being a light and dark process figured a Miyazaki tree spirit would be perfect. Then with Mario Kart 8, made a connection between likeness between the characters, so thought I would give it a whirl.”

“Are we brothers?”

Looks a little messy now.

But it’s all worth it.

“This is by far the hardest power wash out of this whole album. It was smaller than the rest and had the smallest room for error. Start to finish approx 1 hr 30 minutes, including chalking out.”

It would be so tempting to leave it just like this…

Majora’s Mask from the Zelda games. First, a huge chalk outline.

Then, some careful line-making.

Chipping away at the dark.

“If you attempt this, make sure you keep the nozzle at least 6″-8″ away from the ground. I definitely accidentally etched most of Majora’s Mask into our backyard concrete slab. I’m not mad, but as long as the parents don’t notice, I won’t notice.”

It took him approximately 5 hours to complete the mask.

It was so worth it.

Just look at how big this masterpiece is!

And finally, a classic: Frank’s mask from Donnie Darko.

It took about 3 hours to complete this one.

It’s also oversized, like the other mask.

This mask combination was an awesome design choice.

Power washing for the win.

Source: Reddit Whistling while you work can help the time pass, but it’s even more fun if you’re creating something really cool while you work. I’m suddenly inspired to buy a power washer… Share his power washer artwork by clicking on the button below.

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If You Had 20 Guesses, You Still Would NEVER Guess What This Guy Built With Toothpicks. WOW.

It took 100,000 toothpicks, 35 years, and at least one moment when he was like “I think I’ll build the most glorious toothpick sculpture of San Francisco ever created,” but Scott Weaver did just that. Cable cars, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge–if it’s a San Francisco landmark, Weaver crafted a toothpick version of it. All that’s missing is the fog! As if that weren’t enough, the already impressive sculpture is equipped with winding trails for balls to roll through, hence the piece being named “Rolling Through the Bay.” Check it out!

1.) Here it is!

2.) A military ship in the bay

3.) A San Francisco street

4.) A beautiful old building

5.) One of the Golden Gate Windmills

6.) A bird

7.) The Famous Cliff House

Watch the video to see Weaver’s work in action.

Awesome! I wonder if he used the mint kind. That would be one fresh-smelling city! Share this post using the button below.

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Here Are 20 Of The Most Bizarre Mailboxes You’ll Probably Ever See

Most of us know at least one neighbor with a strange mailbox.

Unfortunately for me, all of the ones on my street are pretty normal and decidedly boring. But for the people who took the photos below, the boxes they came across are anything but ordinary.

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From microwaves to computer towers, get ready to witness some of the weirdest mailboxes the internet has to offer.

1. I bet the mailman gets really heated every time he sees this.

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2. They prefer getting junk mail in their trunk.

3. This isn’t creepy at all…


5. How is this creepy AND patriotic?

6. Maybe they like reading their mail while sitting on the toilet?

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7. Well, at least it’s fabulous.

8. Is anyone else creeped out by that face?

9. This has to be a little freaky for the people delivering mail.

10. Is that an old refrigerator??

11. They must really love lighting up.

12. Somebody’s a fan of “The Walking Dead.”

13. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that thing.

14. Okay, this one’s pretty awesome.

15. This snowman has seen terrible things.

16. This sure is an interesting take on email.

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17. This mailbox is way cooler than yours.

18. “I like a little toast with my mail.”

19. I have no idea why this manatee is dressed up as a witch.

20. They deserve a little credit for putting their broken gaming system to use.

You have to wonder whether these are funny or just irritating to the mail carriers. Let’s just hope that the former is true so something like this doesn’t happen.

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Every Day, School Children In Japan Both Work During — And Enjoy — Lunchtime

Lunch period in Japan is nothing like what you’re used to. There’s no cafeteria with kids sitting in cliques, nor are there questionable food choices served on Styrofoam trays. Instead, each student is presented with the opportunity to approach lunch as a learning experience.

This means that they set their own tables, serve their fellow students, learn how to run a kitchen, and discover how their food made it to the table.

After you see this, you’ll wonder why schools in the U.S. don’t approach school lunches this way.

Lunch period in Japan certainly isn’t all about eating. It’s all about being considerate and taking stock in what you eat, and it doesn’t get better than that!

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This Kid Just Started Walking Off The Field, But He Was Pulling The Best Trick Play Ever

In an amazing display of brawn and brain, the quarterback of this peewee football team just pulled off an incredible trick play. Instead of running a normal play, he caught the snap and fooled everyone. The payoff? Peewee poetry in motion.

Just when you think he’s quitting football forever and walking off the field, he turns and does something so awesome.

It’s not too hard to score when there’s no one around to tackle you! Smart move, my man.

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If Anyone Ever Destroys This LEGO Creation, I Will Cry. Because It’s Simply Awesome.

Reddit user forte2 isn’t just any The Lord of the Rings fan. He is the Lord of the Rings fan. Although there may be others who participate in extravagant cosplay, fan-fiction or literary analysis, this guy spent months lovingly crafting something in honor of the J.R.R. Tolkein books. He built what you see below. The castle is called Helm’s Deep and it’s in the middle of a battle. It’s also incredibly awesome.

Even if you’re not a fan of J.R.R. Tolkein’s work, you have to admit this is impressive.

This took 150,000 bricks…

1,700 figures…

And FOUR MONTHS to complete.


This LEGO scene is recreating the Battle of the Hornburg.

It was a large scale battle in the book/movie The Two Towers.

A legion of evil warriors attacked Helm’s Deep.

These LEGO soldiers seem to be holding down the fort pretty well.

Now this is dedication to a story.

Can you imagine just how many LEGO bricks this guy stepped on while creating this? OUCH. Source: Reddit Share his dedication and awesome creation with others by clicking the button below!

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These Mesmerizing Science GIFs Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor.

People have lived on planet Earth for a long time. In the beginning, we didn’t know anything about science. Today we’re only just scratching the surface. What we’re learning is truly amazing, and it’s made all the better by slow motion. Here are 36 insanely awesome videos that show just how far we’ve come. From magic floating boats, to water pitchers made from sound waves, you won’t believe what you see.

1. Ever wonder how a dog drinks water?

2. This boat is “floating” in sulfur hexaflouride, which is much denser (and more dangerous) than carbon dioxide. It’s perfectly clear so it gives the illusion that the boat can float in mid-air.

3. What happens when you combine chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol in a bottle?

4. Blood and snake venom DO NOT mix. You’ll want to avoid this cocktail.

5. The arctic summer “night,” ladies and gentlemen.

6. This is science’s best guess as to how the mysterious Easter Island heads were moved.

7. The Earth compared to the largest known star. Feel insignificant yet?

8. You’ll never have to wonder how a key works again.

9. Why don’t our strawberries ever look this good?

10. Gas in a jar + fire = smiley faces.

11. Sound waves can suspend water? Who knew?!

12. Soy sauce is incredibly high in sodium (we know, doctor) which causes dead fish nerves to become active and spasm.

13. Ladybugs have the most inefficient takeoff ever.

14. It’s like an incredibly painful vacuum cleaner!

15. Putting blood into hydrogen peroxide is awful.

16. OMG there are flying snakes in the world. They’re called Chrysopelea.

17. You won’t believe how good at camouflage this octopus is…

Want more? Check out the rest of the images!

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See This Box Of Toothpicks? What This Guy Does With It Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor.

When we look at a box of toothpicks… we probably just see a box of toothpicks. Bob Morehead, however, sees so much more. Bob has spent years and countless toothpicks (over 300,000) creating his unique sculptures. The intricate buildings he creates become a part of something bigger: his toothpick city. His biography on DeviantArt.com is simply this: I create things with toothpicks. It may not sound like much, but when you see what this toothpick genius can do, your jaw may just drop. His profile just made the understatement of the year.

Bob’s amazing structures are simply the result of his creative mind.

That, and lots of toothpicks.

He has spent years gluing together simple wooden toothpicks.

The results are fantastic.

This kind of work requires patience and skill very few people possess.

Everything you see here is made from toothpicks.

He shapes them and glues them to make the perfect additions to the city.

Even the bricks and rocks are made from toothpicks.

How is this even possible?

Imagine the countless hours spent carefully placing these toothpicks…

Waiting for them to dry…

And then doing it all over again.

Part of his art is simple, but the other part is magical.

Toothpicks will never look the same.

Source: Bob Morehead via Design Stack Bob’s sculptures aren’t some flimsy toothpick towers, either. Some of his creations are three layers thick, re-enforced and structurally sound. So the next time you’re at a diner and you’re building a tiny log cabin out of toothpicks… know that Bob Morehead probably just finished paving an entire street with cobblestones made from the very same thing. Share his awesome work with others.

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