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This Elaborate Advertising Ploy Will Chill You To The Core…I Didn’t See That Coming

There isn’t much that advertisers won’t do in order to get our attention. This includes everything from hyper-violent and shocking ads to the more traditional “sex sells” approach. But what about advertising that scares the crap out of us?

It sounds like a terrible idea, but it’s probably incredibly effective for that reason. One shop in Japan went there, and the resulting images are so bizarre.

No one likes being handed flyers in the street, but flyers in a mysterious basket next to a child? Okay, I’ll bite.

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And so will you, but as you get closer, you notice something’s not right. You could never get this close to a real child without them moving a muscle.

That’s when you realize it’s a faceless doll from the depths of Hell. But hey, at least they got you to take a flyer. That’s what I call top-notch marketing.

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And it isn’t actually a faceless demon child after all. It’s a fairly normal figure known as a “time out doll.” You can even buy yourself a craft kit and make one at home if you want to!

But why would you want to?

The idea is that these dolls are supposed to lean in the corner like children in — you guessed it — time out. I’d like to meet the person who thought this would be a cute idea.

(via Reddit)

I think I could make a name for myself as a creepy marketing consultant. Now all I need is a case study for how effective it is to terrify your prospective customers. Anyone feel like being my guinea pig?

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This Skeleton Rocking Chair Will Make For A Terrifying Addition To Your Home.

I don’t take home decorating too seriously these days. But if there’s one thing that I know will tie any room in my house together, it’s a hand-carved wooden skeleton rocking chair.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pictures below and then try to tell me that this wouldn’t look stunning in every room in your house.

Here it is. The magnificent skeleton rocking chair.

It might look a little morbid at first, but just imagine how comfortable it must be.

Plus, you’ll look really cool sitting in it.

If the skeleton didn’t sell you on it, then how about the dragons on the bottom? So cool.

Legend has it that famous horror actor Vincent Price ordered two handmade skeleton rocking chairs from Europe right before his death. Sadly, they didn’t make it there in time.

This model of skeleton rocking chair is allegedly a replica of the chairs Vincent Price ordered.

Via: Tumblr

I’m sold. My place could use a few more pieces of creepy furniture. Now if only I could find a store online that sold these chairs, I’d be all set. 

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He Went To The Most Toxic City In America And The Resulting Photos Are Chilling

Urban Explorer Seph Lawless is known for exploring empty, eerie places — and Picher, Oklahoma, is definitely one of the most unsettling.

Picher started out as a promising mining town in 1918, but today, it is known as the most toxic city in America. After years of water contamination and sludge buildup, the whole town was evacuated.

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For his latest project, Lawless journeyed to this foreboding town and walked its silent streets. There is nothing safe about being inside Picher’s city limits, but that definitely wasn’t enough to extinguish his curiosity.

Abandoned for over a decade, this city once thrived with a booming mining industry in the early 20th century.

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During Oklahoma’s expansion in 1913, huge amounts of lead and zinc were found in the area. Being at the center of all this new mining work, a settlement was formed and its population had reached nearly 10,000 people by 1920.

It was named after Oliver Picher, owner of the Picher Lead Company.

It became so successful that at one point, it was producing over $20 billion of ore, quickly making it the most lucrative mining settlement in the state.

Over half of the lead and zinc used by the U.S. military during World War I came from the city.

But everything changed after mining stopped in 1967. Hazardous waste and contaminated water from mine shafts created a toxic environment.

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The situation got so bad that the U.S. government designated it as a Superfund site, which identified it as a candidate for cleanup because of the dangerous risk that was posed to people living there.

Unfortunately, Picher couldn’t be salvaged. Officials evacuated the area in 2009 and classified it as the most toxic city in America.

Residents were forced out of their homes and relocated. They left many of their possessions behind, which turned their houses into chilling time capsules that now commemorate an awful point in Oklahoma’s history.

Lawless noticed when he started exploring that people’s clothes were still hanging in their closets as if they’d only just left.

Because of extensive mining, the ground beneath the explorer’s feet could have given way at any time.

As Lawless walked through the streets, he feared that he would fall to his death.

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Mining also left behind huge piles of siliceous rock and dolomite waste called “chat.” The mounds are so large that they look like mountains surrounding the city.

Approximately 34 percent of children from Picher were found to be suffering from lead poisoning by the time 1996 rolled around.

In the short amount of time that Lawless spent on one of the hills, he reported feeling nauseous and very uneasy.

But despite all of the dangers, the city’s pharmacist, Gary Linderman, refused to leave his home. Lawless was supposed to visit with him during his journey through Picher, but sadly, Linderman died from a mysterious illness just days before their scheduled meeting.

The city now stands lonely and forgotten.

This chilling image shows a makeshift barricade that was built by those who fled the city to warn newcomers that they should stay away.

It’s obvious to anyone who enters that they are not welcome or safe in Picher, but that doesn’t stop urban explorers like Lawless from documenting the area’s ruins.

Although the eerie locale is uninhabitable today, its ghostly beauty is undeniable. According to Lawless, being there is an experience unlike any other.

Take a tour with Lawless through the abandoned city here:

It’s such a shame that this city fell into ruin. I can’t imagine having to leave everything behind like that. If you’d like to learn more about Seph Lawless and his work, be sure to check him out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also visit his website for more details.

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When This Guy Pulled A Mealworm Out Of A Hole, He Got A Nasty Surprise

When I was a kid, I loved turning over rocks to check out all the bugs that lived underneath.

While I loved watching them crawl around — yes, I was a strange child — there’s no way that I would have actually stuck my hands anywhere near them. I liked keeping my fingers, and I’ve always assumed that most people felt the same way. Not this guy, though.

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In the video below, a man is seemingly trying to pull a mealworm out of a hole with some tweezers for whatever reason. He received a nasty shock when something terrifying popped out with it.

That is a whole lot of NOPE.


In reality, this is probably just a guy feeding his pet tarantula, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

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This Is The Perfect Two-Minute Horror Movie To Play At Your Halloween Party

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is watching as many scary movies as I can handle.

But for me, it’s way more fun when my family and friends join me for all the jump-scares and terrifying moments — even if I have to force them (or trick them) to sit through the films. That’s why I’m making it my mission to share this delightful piece of horror at every Halloween party I go to this year so I can enjoy all the collective terror.

The short film “Lights Out” won the Best Director award for the 2013 Who’s There Film Challenge, and you’ll soon see why…

Well, I’m leaving my lights on at night for the rest of eternity.

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Have fun giving nightmares to everyone you know! I definitely will.

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Vintage Disneyland: The Creepiest Place On Earth.

Disneyland is more commonly known as “the happiest place on earth,” where all of our favorite characters from childhood come to life. Everything is bright, adorable and made to feel like a dream come true. (It’s also stupidly expensive, but who can put a price on happiness anyway?)

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, these vintage photos from the Disneyland of yesteryear are the nightmares your body runs away from. Looks like it was a creepy world after all! Yikes.

1.) Did their faces NEED to be nightmarish and ceramic?

2.) I wish someone would save Alice from Mickey…

3.) The Mad Hatter is mad. Very, very mad.

4.) Someone needs to explain the bloodshot, murderous eyes.

5.) Eeyore’s walk of shame.

6.) Who’s scarier, Tick Tock or Peter Pan?

7.) Pinocchio can see into your soul. And will eat it.

8.) Why do the pigs look shifty?


10.) Don’t listen to his evil secrets, child.

11.) … giant faces. They are giant, walking faces.

12.) NOPE.

13.) As it turns out… giant, naked pigs are frightening.

14.) This is what Disney crime scene photos look like.

15.) Giant, stoned animals aren’t child-friendly.

16.) This just keeps getting worse.

17.) That stare…

18.) I’ve never been so frightened of Winnie The Pooh.

19.) They aren’t blushing, their cheeks are covered in blood.

20.) P.S., this giant bug wants to eat your babies.

21.) It’s the giant hole in Baloo’s neck that’s the creepy part.

22.) Giant pigs are NOT adorable. Are NOT.

23.) Noooooooo! Why aren’t those kids afraid?!

24.) I’m not so sure he is looking that innocent…

(via Mental Floss.)

“The happiest place on earth?” That must’ve been evil Disney propaganda. 

Share these Creepyland photos with others… and appreciate the fact you never have to see giant, pantless pigs yourself.

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These Hotels Are Haunted, But You Can Still Check In… If You Dare.

The “Tower of Terror” is a popular attraction at Disney World. Its basic concept is that there was once a very successful hotel that, in the midst of its glory days, had something truly tragic happen and now ghosts lurk its halls (plus, dropping its riders from really, really high up).

If that sounded enjoyable to you, you’re in luck! There are real hotels that have similar stories out there. Unlike the fictional hotel in the ride, instead of becoming crumbling shadows of their former selves, these haunted hotels are still taking guests! Check them out!

1.) The Hotel Chelsea in New York City has had some super famous guests, including Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, but its INfamous for its haunts. Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistol’s girlfriend died here and she is said to appear along with Sid himself, who overdosed on heroin shortly after her death.

2.) One night long ago on the 19th floor of the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Maryland, a young girl committed suicide. She is said to still roam the halls in a cream dress and playing with her red ball. The elevator also mysteriously stops at the 19th floor sometimes, even when nobody pushed the button.

3.) It is said that Marilyn Monroe is still staying in a room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 52 years after her death. There is even a suite named after her there you can rent out and presumably hang out with her (probably still beautiful) ghost.

4.) The Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala, FL is haunted by seven spirits. Two of them are the founders of the inn, Emma and Ben Rheinauer. There are also four children ghosts and apparently one ‘flirty’ gentleman from the 1950s making this haunted hotel creepy in a different kind of way.

5.) Also in Florida, the Casa Monica Hotel in Augustine is haunted. A man hung himself in room 511 and ghost children have been heard running through the halls. Some of the staff won’t clean certain suites because of ghostly figures that still occupy them.

6.) Hotel Galvez is the infamous home of their ghost, “The Lovelorn Lady”. A lady checked into the hotel to await her fiancé to return from sea. He never did, for his ship sunk off the coast of Flordia. She hung herself out of grief, but is said to still be waiting for her lover to return to her to this day.

7.) The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. Here, ghostly guests are said to hold parties in the ballroom and even steal people’s luggage. I mean it could be ghosts, or, like, they just have one bellhop who doesn’t give a crap his job at all.

8.) Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington is still inhabited by its original owners, Chester and Anna Thorne. The room that is now the bridal suite has Anna’s original bedroom mirror and utterly-creeped-out brides claim to see the lady of the manor’s reflection behind them when peering into it.

I don’t know anyone would stay at a hotel named “Lord Baltimore” anyways. It sounds the place where a creepy, castle vampire baron would live. If you know someone going on vacation and they need a place to stay, give this a share on Facebook.

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If You Notice A Bee Inside Your Home, Don’t Assume That It’s The Only One

Watching bees buzz around is usually a pretty calming experience, but bees that get stuck inside people’s homes aren’t usually so docile. If you think dealing with one trapped, angry bee sounds like a nightmare, how would you feel about contending with a whole colony of them?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Redditor underdog106 a few years ago. He was greeted with a nasty surprise after work one day when he discovered that the ceiling in his bathroom had collapsed. Worse still was the fact that a massive bee colony had been living up there the whole time.

This was the scene he found when he got home. The Redditor said that he had been noticing an unusually large number of bees in his apartment, but he didn’t really think anything of it.

The first course of action was to call a beekeeper and try to get the situation under control. Here we have underdog106 and the beekeeper suiting up.

Once inside, they started gathering up the nest in an effort to save as many of the bees as they could.

The beekeeper estimated that the colony was home to around 30,000 bees, but they were only able to save 12,000.

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When the ceiling collapsed, honey coated the floor below.

Just a handful of bees. Nothing to see here.

As they worked, the bees continued to swarm. Surprisingly, though, both underdog106 and the beekeeper escaped without being stung.

Here’s a nice photo of the aftermath.

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This must have been horrible to clean up.

At the end of it all, underdog106 was left with a few souvenirs.

(source: Reddit)

Well, that’s certainly not what you want to come home to after a long day at work. What a nightmare.

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