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This Island Was Used For Top Secret Chemical Weapons. I NEVER Expected What’s There Now.

Okunoshima is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan that can only be accessed via a ferry from the mainland. Okunoshima played a key role during World War II as a poison gas factory for much of the chemical warfare that was carried out in China.

This is evident today from the empty buildings on the island that used to be the poison gas research and manufacturing facility, as well as a museum that was opened in 1988 in order to alert as many people as possible to the dreadful truths about poison gas.

But what’s so odd about the island today is what’s made its permanent home there.

The ruins of the gas manufacturing plant.

Inside the power station that supplied the factory, both buildings stand completely empty today.

This museum opened in 1988 to educate people about the island’s poison gas role in WWII.

But what’s this?! A bunny rabbit…

…a whole bunch of bunnies!

Cuddly attention seeking bunnies.

The bunnies are the result of a group of schoolchildren releasing eight rabbits on the island in 1971.

The rabbits did what rabbits do best and now the 7,500 square foot island is home to more than 300 of their floppy-eared descendants, earning it the nickname Usagi Shima, or Rabbit Island.

What used to be a top-secret military site manufacturing poison gas is normally not exactly the kind of place you’d think to spend an idyllic afternoon feeding bunnies.

But tourists flock to the island every year to see the cuddly little guys.

Hunting the rabbits is strictly forbidden and dogs and cats may not be taken onto the island.

Looks like these rabbit found themselves a perfect little heaven on Earth.

I like to think that this island is the rabbit owner’s equivalent of a holy pilgrimage. All I know for certain is, I want to visit and be attacked by cuddly awesome bunnies.

I love how something so bad turned into something so sweet. Rabbit Island sure beats Poison Gas Island.

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These Mailboxes In Japan Are A Little Odd, But They’re Definitely Adorable

Listen. After seeing what’s going on with Japan’s postal service, I’m going to need the USPS to step its game way up.

Although old mailboxes in Japan look kind of like the guy above sans googly eyes, the people charged with designing post boxes in contemporary Japan take their jobs seriously.

And by seriously, I mean not seriously at all. If you walk the streets of Tokyo long enough, you’re bound to run into something that looks more like a giant children’s toy than a mailbox, and it’s bound to be the best experience of your miserable life.

They might look a little odd at first, but when you take a second to sit with the cuteness of Japan’s postal scene, you’ll realize just how much ours is lacking.

I will give the person who brings me that duck one approximately six nickels, which is just about all I have to spare.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I see a boring blue box on the sidewalk, I’m going to weep. Nah, I’m just kidding. (No I’m not.) But seriously, Japan. Stay cute!

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This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Sings The Best Cover Of Let It Go. AWW.

Since it’s release almost a year ago, there have been about million covers of the anthemic ballad “Let it Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated film Frozen.

Actually, probably more like a million and a half. With each new incarnation of the empowering song, originally sung by cast member and Broadway icon Idina Menzel, is a fresh attempt to out-cute the one before it. And they all melt away in comparison to this little girl’s perfect rendition. Take a look!



(via Facebook.)

Even better than the original.

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Toddler’s Lion Impression Isn’t Exactly Fierce, But It Is Incredibly Cute

Kids love to dress up like and imitate their favorite animals.

Personally, I loved to act like a peppy dog. It’s an adorable phenomenon, and the videos that pop up online after Halloween each year are too cute to handle. The video below, which shows a little tyke pretending to be a lion, is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Watch the cuteness that happens when the toddler’s parent tries to get their little lion to roar.

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That’s okay, little one. You’ll grow up to be a big lion!

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The Wedding Between A Nurse And ALS Patient Will Bring You To Tears.

When Adam met Hollie, she was his nurse at the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was receiving treatment for Lyme disease. Over the course of a year, they spent hours together, three days a week, during his treatment. During that year, the two fell deeply in love.

After kicking that disease, Adam spent more time with Hollie and her son Joshua. The couple even decided to take things to the next level by moving in together. Then, tragedy struck again: Adam was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis of someone affected by the debilitating disease is grim. Each day is a fight against their deteriorating body. But, as Hollie explained, that never changed the way these two felt about each other.

“He tells me right then and there, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my last days seeing your face, kissing your lips, sleeping by your side. I understand if you don’t want this burden on you. But if you want me, I want to marry YOU. What do you say?’” 

She, of course, said yes.

While the disease took its toll on Adam, eventually forcing him into a wheelchair, they planned their perfect wedding day.

The outside ceremony and indoor reception were both free of any bumps in the road that could get in the way of Adam’s wheelchair.

“He whizzed by greeting everyone in his wheelchair upon each person’s entrance,” Hollie says.

Hollie remembers the whole day going perfectly, even though the awful disease was never far from their mind.

During their first dance, “In My Life” by The Beatles, Hollie sat on his lap with her arm around his neck while he rolled them in circles.

After the ceremony, her cousin surprised them with a hand painted sign to hang on the back of Adam’s chair.

After the wedding, Adam adopted Joshua (who only ever knew him as “dad”).

The newly minted family began their limited time together.

In October, 2013, Adam passed away.

But Hollie has no regerets. She remembers Adam’s strength and passion, how he would say, “I may have ALS, but God knows I’m going out with a BANG!”

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Their incredible story is one of the truest examples of love conquering all, even in the face of such extreme adversity.

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Little Girl Surprises Her Brother With A Hamster — Watch His Adorable Reaction

Ever since Abby got an adorable pet hamster, her big brother Daniel had been busting his butt doing extra chores around the house and going above and beyond to collect enough allowance to buy himself a hamster too. Little did he know, his sister spent nearly all of her birthday money on a sweet surprise for him.

Their precious reactions to the surprise may just be the most endearing and adorable thing you’ll see…possibly ever!

It was impossible not to cry while watching that.

My brothers and I were horrible to each other growing up. Don’t be like us. Be like Abby and Daniel!

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Meet The Curly Horse, A Breed That’s Almost Too Cute To Exist

This unique breed looks like an adorable sheep-horse hybrid — and it’s known as the curly horse.

They’re called Bashkir Curlies, American Bashkir Curlies, and North American Curly Horses. What sets them apart from other horses is their adorably fuzzy and curly coat of hair.

Hello, I’m fabulous.

Curlies are known for being gentle and intelligent horses.

They’re easily trained, have a tough constitution, and great stamina.

There’s a range of curly coat styles…

…from “minimal” to “extreme” (also known as OMG SO CUTE).

It’s like a little, wooly lamb was combined with the cutest foal ever.

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Most curly owners don’t brush out the coat and mane so that the curly perm is maintained.

However, those curls must be trimmed consistently or else they will turn into horse dreadlocks.

Curly horses, you stole my heart.

This is what their fuzzy, warm coat looks like up close.

How could any human resist the urge to snuggle with a horse that’s this adorable?

Because of their unique coat, curlies are thought to be the only hypoallergenic breed of horse.

According to research, curlies may be missing a protein in their hair that causes a typical allergic reaction.

(Although perhaps allergy sufferers are just distracted by their lovely locks.)

Hello, Mr. Fuzzybutt.

Wanna snuggle, cuddle beasts?

Some curly horses have kinky hair all over, while others only exhibit the trait in their ears, mane, and on their fetlocks.

Thank you, curly horses, for existing.

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When This Tiny Dachshund Is Allowed On The Bed For The First Time, He LOSES It

It’s no secret that our dogs really love getting up on the bed with us…

But for Pepper the tiny dachshund, he’s not into snuggling, snoozing, or even playing with another pup on the bed. No, the few sacred feet of space that we consider a resting spot is where Pepper gets his daily exercise in.

The second he gets up onto the bed, he absolutely loses all composure — and you know what? We lovehim for it!

“Let’s do laps!”

“Why rest when you can run?!”

Oh, Pepper. We’ll watch you run laps all day long. But I don’t know if you’ll get anyone to join in.

Except for these two devotedly fit corgis.

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These 30 Photos Prove Why Dogs Are The Greatest Friends You Could Ever Have

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes…and levels of body hair.

No, we aren’t talking about that one kid who somehow grew a beard in fifth grade, but the fuzzy, four-legged friends who have continued to stick with us through thick and thin over the centuries: dogs!

There are plenty of reasons why they’re called “man’s best friend,” and here are just a few of them.

1. They greet you in the morning with a cute smile and a friendly wave.

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2. They never judge. They just love.

3. They make the best sidekicks.

4. Dogs are amazing listeners!

5. They are always up for an adventure with their little humans.

6. They’ll dutifully keep scary enemies at bay. This guy would NOT let that Roomba destroy his family.

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7. They know how to appreciate the simple things.

8. They try their best to match their owners…or is it the other way around?

9. Yeah, it’s definitely them trying to match us!

10. Growing up with a dog is something special.

11. They are always up for an afternoon cuddle.

12. They know how to cheer up their humans with goofy smiles.

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13. They are always up for looking embarrassing with their BFF.

14. They can’t stand being away from their friends for even a second.

15. They know when you’ve had a bad day and just want a little snuggle time.

16. They love nothing more than a good road trip.

17. You can always count on them to be there for you.

18. They make for great dinner company.

19. They’re even inseparable at nap time.

20. They’re excellent traveling companions.

21. Warm, fuzzy pups make great blankets.

22. They are willing to take turns being the big spoon.

23. They are always up for a hug (even when that hug is a little aggressive).

24. They know that kids are weird. They get it.

25. They are just the best babysitters.

26. Dogs love a good game of tag…well, after nap time they do.

27. They are always ready for the adventures you have in mind.

28. Some are even great at doing chores!

29. Anyone who helps you pick out a paint color is a true friend.

30. Puppies are total hams, but we love them even more for it.

Do yourself a favor and go to your nearest animal shelter to adopt a new best friend! You won’t regret it.

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Funny Little Girl Throws An Adorable Tantrum Over The Craziest Thing

Kids often dream of the day when they grow up and become adults so that they can do whatever they want. But while most dream of never going to school again or eating ice cream for every meal, two-year-old Olivia can’t wait for the day she doesn’t have to answer to her mom anymore…so that she can play in a dumpster.

Yes, you read that right!

The precocious toddler was taking a walk with her mom when they passed by a dumpster parked in someone’s driveway. Declaring how much she wanted to play in the nasty-looking trash, her mom explained that “people don’t go in dumpsters, only garbage goes in dumpsters.”

Sound logic, you’d think. Olivia didn’t agree, though, and started throwing this funny temper tantrum.

Kids really do say the darndest things. I remember when my brother threw a tantrum because he wanted to go to jail. I’m going to give Olivia the benefit of doubt, though. Maybe she knew there were Pokémon in there that needed catching!

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