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This Little Girl Knows Exactly What To Do If Her Brother Ever Leaves…OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Sibling rivalry is very serious business — and no one is taking it more seriously than this little girl. Unfortunately, her hilariously elaborate plans were foiled when her parents discovered the unusual to-do list in her notebook. I would probably be disturbed if I wasn’t laughing so much.


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Pink carpet and hammering everything he loves. Now this is a girl with her priorities in order.

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Funny Little Girl Throws An Adorable Tantrum Over The Craziest Thing

Kids often dream of the day when they grow up and become adults so that they can do whatever they want. But while most dream of never going to school again or eating ice cream for every meal, two-year-old Olivia can’t wait for the day she doesn’t have to answer to her mom anymore…so that she can play in a dumpster.

Yes, you read that right!

The precocious toddler was taking a walk with her mom when they passed by a dumpster parked in someone’s driveway. Declaring how much she wanted to play in the nasty-looking trash, her mom explained that “people don’t go in dumpsters, only garbage goes in dumpsters.”

Sound logic, you’d think. Olivia didn’t agree, though, and started throwing this funny temper tantrum.

Kids really do say the darndest things. I remember when my brother threw a tantrum because he wanted to go to jail. I’m going to give Olivia the benefit of doubt, though. Maybe she knew there were Pokémon in there that needed catching!

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This Boy Was Practicing His ABCs, And His Reaction To One Letter Is Hysterical

This adorable video of two-year-old John David joyfully repeating each letter of the alphabet has taken the Internet by storm. His sweet take on the ABCs has been viewed over 15 million times on Facebook since his grandma posted it!

What makes the video so special is John’s hilarious reaction when he gets to one particularly funny letter, at which point he pauses for a few seconds in complete wonderment.

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Best ABC's I ever heard! Wait for the W The Bell Center for Early Intervention ProgramsJukin Media Verified (Original)* For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Pam Gables Sapp on Sunday, 24 January 2016

I just love how he seems to be so filled with pride that he can’t help but smile and clap with excitement after conquering the weirdest letter of all! You go, John!

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Little Girl Calls Her Grandma To Tell Her About A Rainbow That Ends At Her House.

When a little girl noticed a rainbow outside her window, she just HAD to call her grandma. She thought it ended at her nana’s house, so she made sure she was aware of the “treasure at the end of the rainbow” situation.

Even though grandma didn’t find any gold, she definitely has a little treasure in her caring granddaughter. Watch the adorable phone call here below, it’s guaranteed to make your day!

(Source: HomeVideoLicensing)

She must have had the biggest smile on her face when she heard that message from her granddaughter. Aww…

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Check Out The Places These 15 Kids Got Stuck. Absolutely Ridiculous!

We all know kids say the darndest things, but did you know they also get stuck in the darndest places? Because they do. (Well, they would if “darndest” was an actual word and it meant “absolutely ridiculous.”) Who knows how these kids ended up in these sticky situations. Thankfully their parents were there to save them… Also, to take pictures of them before they helped them out. A few of these are good enough to go in the yearly Christmas card.

1. In a lawn chair bag

2. In a toilet.

3. In a claw machine.

4. In a pressure cooker.

5. In a school desk.

6. In a couch.

7. Behind a couch.

8. In a tree.

9. In a railing.

10. In a balcony.

11. In a chaise lounge.

12. In a chair.

13. In a bucket.

14. In a dog door.

15. In a swing.

Here’s what they have to look forward to.

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I feel like I should be embarrassed for them, but I’m just so impressed that these kids found a way into these situations.

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