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‘Splainers: What today’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage means


The Supreme Court opened its term today and this ruling on gay marriage will be the biggest news of the day, if not the term:

BREAKING: All of the marriage cases were denied. All seven petitions are listed as denied on the full orders list.

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) October 6, 2014

Now, the ‘splaining of the ruling:

#SCOTUS refuses to hear case legalizing gay marriage. Will leave decision to states. #breaking

— Ruben Ramirez (@RubenRamirezNYC) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denial of appeal on #GayMarriage means same-sex unions are legal in 30 states and D.C. http://t.co/BC7BWUZUty

— 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel) October 6, 2014

With SCOTUS declining to accept cert in SSM cases out of the 4th, 7th, 10th Circuits, SSM will shortly become lawful in majority of states.

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denial of judicial review may be just a temporary move.4 fed appeals courts in recent months have struck down state bans on it

— CNN Southeast Desk (@CNNSoutheast) October 6, 2014

BREAKING NEWS #scotus denies hearing ALL marriage equality cases. Means 11 states where lower courts ruled in favor of M.E. it will be legal

— Thomas Roberts (@ThomasARoberts) October 6, 2014

Legal opinion from one of our lawyers: LET THE MARRIAGES BEGIN AGAIN! #SSM #SCOTUS #loveislove

— Jennifer Wagner (@JenniferAWagner) October 6, 2014

Court's move means gay marriages can now move fwd in IN, OK, UT, VA + WI. Soon could be legal in 30 states + DC. #SCOTUS

— devindwyer (@devindwyer) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denies appeals in #MarriageEquality cases, lifting bans in Utah, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin and Oklahoma

— MarriageEqualityUSA (@MEUSA) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS just guaranteed marriage equality in Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, & Utah. http://t.co/Mp2KuONPGB

— Jay Riestenberg (@JayRiestenberg) October 6, 2014

#Scotus non-decision on #SSM means US continues its patchwork of laws on marriage equality. http://t.co/FdH50F6cpS pic.twitter.com/CqxkzrImOt

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS lets Virginia decision STAND, earlier decision ruled same sex marriage ban unconstitutional. PAGE 39 http://t.co/qQ2Q0cck1v

— Mike Valerio (@MikeNBC12) October 6, 2014

Todays #SCOTUS ruling is rough for #Gays in #Texas. It's now up to same socially conservative 5th circuit that just upheld #abortion rules.

— Michael Board (@MikeBoard1200) October 6, 2014

At the same time, Supreme Court #SCOTUS punts on ruling LGBT couples have Constituional right to marry http://t.co/Yr1j8TTQyd

— Marcus Mabry (@MarcusMabryNYT) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS passing up on a gay marriage ruling. Gov't doesn't have power to regulate marriage under EPC & DPC. Make that ruling & we move on

— Blai (@BlaiGuy) October 6, 2014

And this is something to watch for. What’s in the missing pages?

20-odd pages inexplicably missing from #scotus order list this morning, including pages with REJECTION OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE APPEALS

— Mark Sherman (@shermancourt) October 6, 2014

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