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The Jerk Store Called And It Wants These 20 People Back. They Are the WORST.

We’re all taught the “Golden Rule” as children: do unto others as you would have done unto you. Well, apparently these people missed that lesson. Then, they took an extra curricular course on Being Absolutely Evil. These kinds of people are just the worst.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt can be a positive strategy in life… but these people? Never, ever, ever trust:

1.) The monster that thinks this is okay.

2.) The people responsible for these Oreo abominations.

3.) The second commenter on this photo.

4.) The person who thought this was a good place to leave a glue stick.

5.) Whoever printed this helpful reminder.

6.) The person responsible for these t-shirts.

7.) This comedy genius.

8.) Whoever left their hotel room like this.

9.) This person who might be more than a little passive aggressive.

10.) This funeral home.

11.) Whoever thought this would be a nice gift.

12.) This so-called “friend.”

13.) This guy’s cat.

14.) This kid who “helped” out with the chores.

15.) This person who found a way to make cyclist seem even worse than usual.

16.) This deceitful father-daughter duo.

17.) The creator of this “word” search.

18.) This not so great neighbor.

19.) The person who doesn’t know how trash works.

20.) The worst guy at Starbucks.

(via BuzzFeed.)

Let’s just hope that karma is real and it will bite these people in the butt shortly.

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This Woman Is All Of Us After A Night Out On The Town

After a long, hard week at work, sometimes you just need to get out and enjoy yourself.

While I don’t get the opportunity to go out as much as I did in college, when I do find time, I try to make the most of it. This usually includes having about five more drinks than I probably should, and all bets are off when it comes to thinking before I speak.

Let’s get real for a second. No matter how much I’ve had to drink, the drunk munchies are a sure thing. And while a post-bar pizza was usually my food of choice at school, as an adult, I try to conserve my funds a bit more by making snacks at home. I’ve made my own drunk nachos before, but I don’t think I’m enough of a drunk culinary master to perfect the art of making “grilled cheeses.”

This funny lady knows exactly what’s up. Her so-called grilled cheeses are masterful.

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From the impromptu stripping to the cheesy disaster, this woman’s drunken adventures speak to all of us after we’ve bought ourselves one-way tickets on the hot mess express.

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These 33 Parents Have The Best Sense Of Humor EVER. The Last One Is Completely Priceless!

Oh boy can my parents tell bad jokes. They think they’re funny, but after seeing these great parents in action, I can only wish they were half as knee jerkingly funny. Seriously, are your parents as awesome as these?!

OMG that last one was PRICELESS. Parents, you may have won the battle… but you have yet to win the war. Your kids will grow up one day too and god help you if they prank you half as well as you do to them now! Share these hilarious parents by clicking below!

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What This Woman Live-Tweeted On Her Delayed Flight Is The Stuff Of Legend

If there’s one thing that we all love to hate about Twitter, it’s the act of live-tweeting. Whether you’re like me and you live-tweet every single political event under the sun, or you’re more interested in posting Beyonce’s every move, there’s something satisfying about adding your voice to the mix. Social media is, after all, truly about inserting yourself into situations that don’t involve you in the slightest, am I right?

But not all live-tweet sessions are created equal. Some timeline spam is a cut above the rest — something of which Twitter user Kelly Keegs is well aware. While sitting on a delayed flight one day, her experience went from “I hate my life. Where’s my wine?” to “Please let this go on forever” in a matter of minutes.

That’s because she got a front-row seat to a painfully dramatic on-board breakup. According to Keegs, Mr. Right saw a window of opportunity to break up with his very own Mrs. Wrong. Here’s how it went down:

Not-so-nice language ahead, folks.


Ms. Keegs, as all good live-tweeters do, felt some type of way about the ordeal.

“I’m just ruining your life in full public view! Calm DOWN.”

They did squeeze a moment of zen in there.

Did he not think of this before he decided to, I don’t know, dump her on a packed flight? Nah.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251604_56a051d52cbb8”, auid: “537251604” });

Scandals abound!

And just when you thought that this could not possibly get any less appropriate…

Drink it down, boo.

(via The New York Post)

Social media is a gift from above and any other opinions are invalid. I mean, if Twitter didn’t happen to be a thing, you wouldn’t have been graced with this made-for-TV moment. I extend my sincerest gratitude to Kelly Keegs for slaying the live-tweet game. We should all feel #blessed for getting a glimpse into this unique brand of madness.

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These Are The 26 Laziest People On Earth… But They’re Actually Kind Of Geniuses.

The line between genius and lazy is a surprisingly thin one. This group of individuals really know how to think outside the box (sometimes literally!) and make life a little easier for themselves. Seems pretty smart to me. It’s like all those life hacks you see on Pinterest. These ideas will still get your problems solved…and it’ll be way more hilarious! I’m definitely inspired.

1. Whoever made this amazing jack-o-lantern.

2. No idea why his friend is so embarrassed. This guy is genius!

3. How else are you gonna get a nice even tan and stay refreshed?

4. Solve all your reading-while-lazy problems with these glasses.

5. Because putting your socks on is, y’know, really difficult.

6. This bird is a lazy expert.

7. We’ve all been this lazy person.

8. These dog owners learned figured out how (less than) helpful their pup was while making the bed.

9. Talking on the phone can be so exhausting.

10. This guy is very organized in his laziness.

11. No time to wash a dish when you’re thirsty.

12. …or a plate when you’re hungry.

13. Sometimes laziness is about thinking outside the box.

14. This is maybe not the safest time saving option.

15. Cooking prep: pan, spatula, chair.

16. Moving the extra few inches to actually touch the iPod would require Superman strength.

17. This isn’t laziness: it’s a fun new version of Jenga!

18. …the loser of that game is still the winner for taking trash out like a champ.

19. These people should be banned from the theater. Actually, banned from all theaters.

20. This is just really prepared and helpful.

21. It’s unsafe to open your car door while pumping gas, right?

22. Sometimes you just need a change of perspective.

23. Sleeping on a bare bed is more comfortable anyway. You can just vacuum the mattress later.

24. You’re not afraid of the dark, but you are lazy.

25. Cheaper than a canoe!

26. No Hoveround necessary for this guy.

H/T: BuzzFeed. Now that’s how you get things done! Just be sure to not be lazy about sharing the LOLs with your friends.

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These 30 Photos Prove Why Dogs Are The Greatest Friends You Could Ever Have

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes…and levels of body hair.

No, we aren’t talking about that one kid who somehow grew a beard in fifth grade, but the fuzzy, four-legged friends who have continued to stick with us through thick and thin over the centuries: dogs!

There are plenty of reasons why they’re called “man’s best friend,” and here are just a few of them.

1. They greet you in the morning with a cute smile and a friendly wave.

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2. They never judge. They just love.

3. They make the best sidekicks.

4. Dogs are amazing listeners!

5. They are always up for an adventure with their little humans.

6. They’ll dutifully keep scary enemies at bay. This guy would NOT let that Roomba destroy his family.

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7. They know how to appreciate the simple things.

8. They try their best to match their owners…or is it the other way around?

9. Yeah, it’s definitely them trying to match us!

10. Growing up with a dog is something special.

11. They are always up for an afternoon cuddle.

12. They know how to cheer up their humans with goofy smiles.

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13. They are always up for looking embarrassing with their BFF.

14. They can’t stand being away from their friends for even a second.

15. They know when you’ve had a bad day and just want a little snuggle time.

16. They love nothing more than a good road trip.

17. You can always count on them to be there for you.

18. They make for great dinner company.

19. They’re even inseparable at nap time.

20. They’re excellent traveling companions.

21. Warm, fuzzy pups make great blankets.

22. They are willing to take turns being the big spoon.

23. They are always up for a hug (even when that hug is a little aggressive).

24. They know that kids are weird. They get it.

25. They are just the best babysitters.

26. Dogs love a good game of tag…well, after nap time they do.

27. They are always ready for the adventures you have in mind.

28. Some are even great at doing chores!

29. Anyone who helps you pick out a paint color is a true friend.

30. Puppies are total hams, but we love them even more for it.

Do yourself a favor and go to your nearest animal shelter to adopt a new best friend! You won’t regret it.

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Funny Little Girl Throws An Adorable Tantrum Over The Craziest Thing

Kids often dream of the day when they grow up and become adults so that they can do whatever they want. But while most dream of never going to school again or eating ice cream for every meal, two-year-old Olivia can’t wait for the day she doesn’t have to answer to her mom anymore…so that she can play in a dumpster.

Yes, you read that right!

The precocious toddler was taking a walk with her mom when they passed by a dumpster parked in someone’s driveway. Declaring how much she wanted to play in the nasty-looking trash, her mom explained that “people don’t go in dumpsters, only garbage goes in dumpsters.”

Sound logic, you’d think. Olivia didn’t agree, though, and started throwing this funny temper tantrum.

Kids really do say the darndest things. I remember when my brother threw a tantrum because he wanted to go to jail. I’m going to give Olivia the benefit of doubt, though. Maybe she knew there were Pokémon in there that needed catching!

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These 15 Hysterical Pinterest Fails Will Make You Feel So Much Better About Yourself. LOLOL.

Pinterest is basically an online, virtual corkboard where you can “pin” your favorite pictures of recipes, crafts, workouts and more. Many women use it as inspiration for the home crafts. There are so many wonderfully creative people out there who are willing to share their ideas! The only downside to attempting a Pinterest project is this: you just might not be as talented as the original person who posted the project. That’s totally okay, though. These 15 people weren’t too good at it, either.

1.) Kiwi chocolate pops? Easy.

2.) Anyone can make a penguin!

3.) Children paint their nails. I can, too.

4.) All aboard the candy train!

5.) I’ll be the belle of the ball with this scarf.

6.) What a Despicable (Me) cake.

7.) Dinner parties are a cinch.

8.) Autumnal decor is right up my alley.

9.) Art so easy, kids could do it.

10.) Holiday treats that are easy on the eye and the tummy.

11.) Your kids are gonna love these.

12.) Surprise your Valentine with a fun, adorable cookie!

13.) Mmm, mmm, mmm!

14.) The inside of the cake is gonna be more fun than the outside.

15.) “Cloud Bread?” EASY.

LOLOL. If any of these made you smile, you need to pass it on and make others feel better about their mistakes. Not everyone is good at making tiny penguin cupcakes and that’s okay. Click the button below to share these hilarious fails!

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Can’t Think Of The Right Words To Express Your Emotions? Use These E-cards.

It’s frustrating to be at a loss for words in an electronic medium. You sometimes try hard to find the perfect insult or witty thing to say, but come up short.

Never fear! We have you covered. These e-cards have all the sass and rudeness that you couldn’t put into words. Once you see them, you’ll know exactly what they mean and agree with them 100%.

1.) For the easily offended.

2.) For the lonely souls.

3.) For the nosy bartenders.

4.) For those afraid of blackmail.

5.) For the cocky Facebook users.

6.) For boring people.

7.) For when you get pulled over.

8.) For cake lovers.

9.) For those who don’t want to eat healthy.

10.) For those who are always late.

11.) For best friends.

12.) For the optimist in us.

13.) For those who love snow.

14.) For gassy ladies.

15.) For those wanting to create a music blog.

16.) For those who hate working out, but still go to the gym.

17.) For morning people.

18.) For Grad School students.

19.) For those who have a hard time making relationships work.

20.) For hungry people.

21.) For cat people.

22.) For those two faced people.

23.) For those who hate birthdays.

24.) For those who talk a lot of crap.

25.) For Facebook stalkers.

26.) For those who hate their jobs.

27.) For those who hate that one guy.

28.) For those who like to waste money.

29.) For those who browse the net at their job.

30.) For those of you who read this post.

Next time you’re at a loss for words, just check out some e-cards. They will probably express an emotion in a way that you never could. Takes the pressure off, right?

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Check Out The Places These 15 Kids Got Stuck. Absolutely Ridiculous!

We all know kids say the darndest things, but did you know they also get stuck in the darndest places? Because they do. (Well, they would if “darndest” was an actual word and it meant “absolutely ridiculous.”) Who knows how these kids ended up in these sticky situations. Thankfully their parents were there to save them… Also, to take pictures of them before they helped them out. A few of these are good enough to go in the yearly Christmas card.

1. In a lawn chair bag

2. In a toilet.

3. In a claw machine.

4. In a pressure cooker.

5. In a school desk.

6. In a couch.

7. Behind a couch.

8. In a tree.

9. In a railing.

10. In a balcony.

11. In a chaise lounge.

12. In a chair.

13. In a bucket.

14. In a dog door.

15. In a swing.

Here’s what they have to look forward to.

Don’t keep this hilarity to yourself, click on the button below to share it with others!

I feel like I should be embarrassed for them, but I’m just so impressed that these kids found a way into these situations.

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These 13 Kids Wrote Brutally Honest Cards For Their Mothers. LOL, Ouch… #10 Is Rough.

Children have a talent for being brutally honest, even when it hurts. They’re even honest on Mother’s Day… which can have absolutely hilarious results. Sure, all of these kids told their moms that they loved them… But they also told their moms what they didn’t love about them. These kids have guts!

1.) That’s almost a compliment…

2.) She loves you. Not your meatloaf.

3.) Ouch, that hurts, kid!

4.) Just let them have a dessert for being so sweet!

5.) You’re like a video game, mom. And that’s awesome.

6.) Hey, mom. I love you more than snakes.

7.) Sharing Netflix is serious bonding time.

8.) That was a painful day, thanks honey!

9.) This kid is just awesome.

10.) The honesty is appreciated, kid.

11.) I think they want a sibling. Maybe?

12.) That’s rough!

13.) This… this is just way too cute.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Mothers, fathers and all family members are precious gifts, but remember to be extra thankful for Mom this weekend. Maybe eat her meatloaf this Sunday (or at least pretend to). She deserves to feel loved! Share this with all of your moms and friends online by clicking the Share button. Happy Mother’s Day!

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These 17 Cocky People Celebrated Way Too Early. This Will Make You Cringe, Especially #6.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you were going to come out on top, but celebrated way too early and ended up with major egg on your face? If you know that sinking, awful feeling… don’t worry. No matter how much you made people cringe or how embarrassed you felt, it happens to a lot of people. Thanks to good folks at the /r/PrematureCelebrations sub-Reddit, now you can see some of the most cringe-worthy premature celebrations that have ever happened. I’m not sure how these people were ever able to go out in public again. Yiiiiiiiiiiikes (and that’s an understatement).

1.) HE WON! HE WON! … He… won? Right?


2.) Try not to get cocky… for this reason.


3.) Give it your all UNTIL THE VERY END. Otherwise, this happens.


4.) Even NFL players make the mistake of celebrating too early.




5.) Oops. Maybe you should just pretend to be hurt.


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