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David Hasselhoff shares news of his ‘death,’ tries to bond with Justin Bieber


Another day, another celeb death hoax.

Actor/singer David Hasselhoff took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the news of his death with the train wreck known as Justin Bieber.


From the “report,” which includes the disclaimer “THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE!”:

Witnesses indicate that David Hasselhoff lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed.

David Hasselhoff was air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is believed that the actor died instantly from the impact of the crash.

What a coincidence! Justin Bieber recently tried to revive his reputation with a little snowboarding.



But while Justin’s reputation remains a not-so-hot mess, The Hoff is still very much alive and he’s not so hooked on the feeling of meeting his demise on a spoof site.


Bieber and Hasselhoff shared a moment or two of quality bonding time last year when they lashed out at the media for “bs” stories.


Hasselhoff retweeted these tweets from Bieber.


For what it’s worth, Bieber’s manager loved the exchange.


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Watch These Pakistani Girls Put A Desi Flair On Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Punjab’s got talent.

1. Facebook user Umar Hayat‘s video of two girls singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the streets of Pakistan has gone viral.

Hayat’s description notes that the video was taken “somewhere” in Punjab, Pakistan.

The video was uploaded three days ago and has over 1.5 million views and 68,000 shares on Facebook as of the writing of this post.

3. Major Pakistani newspapers like Dawn and The Express Tribune covered the video, with the Tribune going so far as to say that the two girls “owned” Justin Bieber.

Attempts to locate or identify the girls have been unsuccessful.

5. Many commenters noted the video showed there was hidden talent in Pakistan.

6. Others were shocked by the contrast.

What the faaaaaaaaak in the world is this????????? #JustinBieber @justinbieber #Pakistan|i girl in #JB’s soul!!!! 😱

— iam_DanishKhan (@دانش خان)

7. The cover has its own flair. Not only do the girls modify Bieber’s original with backup vocals, and desi melody…

8. …there’s this auntie laying down a SERIOUSLY SICK beat as backup.

9. Your move, Bieber.

Vevo / Via giphy.com

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‘Don’t think I won’t kill you, dwarf’: Good one-liners from Bloom-Bieber brawl


Very true. The story doesn’t matter but it is an opportunity for a laugh at the expense of some annoying celebrities.





Twitchy coverage of Justin Bieber


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