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Baby, you’re a piece of work: Katy Perry shows how ‘climate change is hurting kids’ [video]

Move over, Bill Nye. We’ve got ourselves a real scientist!

Still skeptical about man-made climate change? You won’t be after you hear from someone who really knows about this stuff:

Wow. We had no idea she was so well versed in the ways of science.

Well, that’s it. We’re convinced!

That was cute, Katy.

Sorry, but she was told there would be no math.


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This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Sings The Best Cover Of Let It Go. AWW.

Since it’s release almost a year ago, there have been about million covers of the anthemic ballad “Let it Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated film Frozen.

Actually, probably more like a million and a half. With each new incarnation of the empowering song, originally sung by cast member and Broadway icon Idina Menzel, is a fresh attempt to out-cute the one before it. And they all melt away in comparison to this little girl’s perfect rendition. Take a look!



(via Facebook.)

Even better than the original.

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24 Heartbreaking Photos Of What Child Labor In The U.S Once Looked Like

Did you know that children as young as 14 can apply for their working permits in the U.S.?

Any child worker under the recommended age is considered illegal and goes against the U.S.’s strict child labor laws. Despite these regulations, it might surprise you to learn that over 200 million children around the world, under the age of 10, are still being put to work in 2016. Of that number, more than half of these children are slaving away in hazardous work environments such as factory jobs or other places where they are forced to operate advanced machinery.

While child labor in the U.S. has become an almost silent issue, during the height of the Industrial revolution, putting your son or daughter to work was the only option for staying afloat during tough economic times. Children as young as three put in long days for very little pay. And while schooling was an option for many of these kids, their parents were living below the poverty line and needed them to work to help set off living expenses. These 24 heartbreaking examples of child labor from the early 20th century showcase the struggle of children who were forced to grow up too fast.

1. Most child workers put in 10 hours days, six days a week, and would bring home just $1.50 a day.

Getty Images

2. When children turned three, they were considered old enough to work in the fields and pick fruit.

Getty Images

3. Most supervisors didn’t care if you were a boy or girl, the work still needed to get done, whether or not you were fit to complete the task.

Getty Images

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When They Built This For Their Son, They Redefined The Words ‘Awesome Parents’

If you are a fan of searching the internet for cool DIY ideas, then chances are you’ve seen some pretty amazing things that parents have made for their little ones.

But Redditor Missilluzion and her husband really outdid themselves when they spent a year building an adorable playhouse for their three-year-old son. If your kids love castles, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

They used two-by-fours to build the castle’s frame.

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Then they added particleboard for the walls, cutting out the windows and turrets with a circular saw. The second floor needed to be sturdy, so they reinforced it with heavier boards.

Stick-on tiles gave a nice texture to the outside.

The dedicated parents even painted and stained the inside, even though I’m pretty sure the little guy would’ve been cool with a more rustic look.

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Then they built a wrap-around staircase for easy access to the second floor.

No kid’s castle is complete without a slide.

The fabric trim and dark stain on the slide brought a surprising amount of sophistication to the playhouse.

Nobody likes stubbed toes or splinters, so Mom cut up a cheap rug and stapled pieces to the stairs.

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The last step was to personalize it with handmade curtains and their family crests. It looks amazing!

The top floor is so cozy for reading.

And not only is the inside of the bottom floor gorgeous, but it also has a mounted iPad that the little prince can use to watch Netflix.

If you’re as jealous as I am and want to give the project a go, you can find the full details in this post. I want my own castle so badly.

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This Little Girl Knows Exactly What To Do If Her Brother Ever Leaves…OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Sibling rivalry is very serious business — and no one is taking it more seriously than this little girl. Unfortunately, her hilariously elaborate plans were foiled when her parents discovered the unusual to-do list in her notebook. I would probably be disturbed if I wasn’t laughing so much.


(via: Reddit)

Pink carpet and hammering everything he loves. Now this is a girl with her priorities in order.

Share with your friends and siblings below!

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Funny Little Girl Throws An Adorable Tantrum Over The Craziest Thing

Kids often dream of the day when they grow up and become adults so that they can do whatever they want. But while most dream of never going to school again or eating ice cream for every meal, two-year-old Olivia can’t wait for the day she doesn’t have to answer to her mom anymore…so that she can play in a dumpster.

Yes, you read that right!

The precocious toddler was taking a walk with her mom when they passed by a dumpster parked in someone’s driveway. Declaring how much she wanted to play in the nasty-looking trash, her mom explained that “people don’t go in dumpsters, only garbage goes in dumpsters.”

Sound logic, you’d think. Olivia didn’t agree, though, and started throwing this funny temper tantrum.

Kids really do say the darndest things. I remember when my brother threw a tantrum because he wanted to go to jail. I’m going to give Olivia the benefit of doubt, though. Maybe she knew there were Pokémon in there that needed catching!

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This Boy Was Practicing His ABCs, And His Reaction To One Letter Is Hysterical

This adorable video of two-year-old John David joyfully repeating each letter of the alphabet has taken the Internet by storm. His sweet take on the ABCs has been viewed over 15 million times on Facebook since his grandma posted it!

What makes the video so special is John’s hilarious reaction when he gets to one particularly funny letter, at which point he pauses for a few seconds in complete wonderment.

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Best ABC's I ever heard! Wait for the W The Bell Center for Early Intervention ProgramsJukin Media Verified (Original)* For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Pam Gables Sapp on Sunday, 24 January 2016

I just love how he seems to be so filled with pride that he can’t help but smile and clap with excitement after conquering the weirdest letter of all! You go, John!

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Kids Sent Out These Birthday Cards That Were Sweet, But Hilarious.

It may not be your birthday today, but these adorable cards from children will give you cause for celebration. There’s something about the innocence and sincerity behind them that makes the cards so sweet and funny.

Granted, most of what these kids wrote seems downright insane on the surface…but you know they had good intentions.

…but I can’t stop laughing!

(via BuzzFeed)

Adorably hilarious. I always thought my parents were trying to be nice when they said that a homemade card was better than ones I could buy in a store. Now I can see that they were 100% right. I would put these on the fridge in an instant.

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Little Girl Calls Her Grandma To Tell Her About A Rainbow That Ends At Her House.

When a little girl noticed a rainbow outside her window, she just HAD to call her grandma. She thought it ended at her nana’s house, so she made sure she was aware of the “treasure at the end of the rainbow” situation.

Even though grandma didn’t find any gold, she definitely has a little treasure in her caring granddaughter. Watch the adorable phone call here below, it’s guaranteed to make your day!

(Source: HomeVideoLicensing)

She must have had the biggest smile on her face when she heard that message from her granddaughter. Aww…

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These 13 Kids Wrote Brutally Honest Cards For Their Mothers. LOL, Ouch… #10 Is Rough.

Children have a talent for being brutally honest, even when it hurts. They’re even honest on Mother’s Day… which can have absolutely hilarious results. Sure, all of these kids told their moms that they loved them… But they also told their moms what they didn’t love about them. These kids have guts!

1.) That’s almost a compliment…

2.) She loves you. Not your meatloaf.

3.) Ouch, that hurts, kid!

4.) Just let them have a dessert for being so sweet!

5.) You’re like a video game, mom. And that’s awesome.

6.) Hey, mom. I love you more than snakes.

7.) Sharing Netflix is serious bonding time.

8.) That was a painful day, thanks honey!

9.) This kid is just awesome.

10.) The honesty is appreciated, kid.

11.) I think they want a sibling. Maybe?

12.) That’s rough!

13.) This… this is just way too cute.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Mothers, fathers and all family members are precious gifts, but remember to be extra thankful for Mom this weekend. Maybe eat her meatloaf this Sunday (or at least pretend to). She deserves to feel loved! Share this with all of your moms and friends online by clicking the Share button. Happy Mother’s Day!

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23 No-Candy Valentines Kids Will Love Even More Than Sugar

Because kids don’t need any more candy.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Glow sticks.

“You make me glow.” Download the free printable in four different colors here.

2. Hand clappers.

“You deserve a hand.” Download the free printable (for mini or full-sized hand clappers) here.

3. Stamps.

“I think you’re a stamp-endous friend!” Download the free printable here.

4. Finger lights.

“You are one bright kid!” Download the free printable here.

5. Bubble wands.

“You blow me away!” Learn more — and find a link to the free printable — here.

6. Tiny animals.

“I’m wild about you!” Download all four free printables here.

7. Pens or pencils.

“I think you are just write!” Download the free printable here.

8. Melting heart slime.

“Slime yours!” Find the recipe for melting heart slime — and a free printable — here.

9. Rulers.

“You rule.” Learn more — and download the free printable — here.

10. Rainbow loom bracelets.

“Friends forever.” Download all eight free printables here.

11. Little toy cars.

“I wheelie like you!” Download the free printable here.

12. Whoopee cushions.

“Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day!” Download the free printable here.

13. Bouncy balls.

“You make my heart bounce!” Learn more about how to put these together — and download the free printable — here.

14. Stretchy hearts.

“I like you this much!” Find the free printable here.

15. Silly straws.

“Sip! Sip! Hooray it’s Valentine’s Day!” Download the printable here for $1.95.

16. Astronaut figures.

“You’re out of this world!” Download the free printable here.

17. Plastic bugs.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, love bug!” Learn more about making these — and find the free printable — here.

18. Mad libs.

“I’m ‘mad’ about you!” Download the free printable here.

19. Balloons.

Learn how to make one of these featuring your own kid here.

20. Play-Doh.

“Doh’nt you know you were ‘cut out’ for me?” Find the free printable here.

21. Lip whistles.

“Blow me a kiss.” Download the free printable here.

22. Plastic paratrooper toys.

“Dropping down to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!” Download the free printable here.

23. Magnifying glasses.

“I’ve had my eye on you.” Download the free printable here.

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What This Young Girl Can Do With Just About Any Animal Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. WOW.

Each of us have unique gifts, but the special talent 15 year-old Amelia Forman has is so incredible, it’s almost unbelievable. Since she was a toddler, she has had a very special connection with animals in the world around her. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, deer, kangaroos and monkeys have all been her close companions. The connections are so incredible, her photographer mother Robin Schwartz even published a collection of photos of her daughter and her animals, called Tiny Vices: Amelia’s World. Now that Amelia is getting older, she is contributing more to the photo shoots and ideas of what she and her mother can do with the animals… giving us a peek into an amazing life.

For the past 12 years, Amelia has had a very special and intimate connection with animals.

To her, interacting with all sorts of animals was completely normal.

She didn’t realize how incredibly lucky she was.

Her mother Robin has been able to capture countless special moments between Amelia and the animals.

Her connection with these creatures is amazing.

It’s hard not to be jealous.

These animals are like her siblings.

She plays with them, shares secrets…

And even shares a bathtub from time to time.

Amelia is an inspiration to us all and she didn’t even realize it.

We’re part of the world around us.

And we should try to fit in naturally with our animals friends like she does.

Source: Robin Schwartz via My Modern Met Amelia and her mother are attempting to create a new collection of images, focusing on her rapport with the animals. If you’d like to support their project, visit their Kickstarter page. Being able to get more glimpses of their life would be a treasure. The second book will be called Amelia And The Animals and it’s bound to be just as good as the first. What a wonderful world Amelia lives in; share these photos with others by clicking on the Share button.

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