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This Is Officially The Cutest Animal Ever, And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

You know what’s adorable? A fluffy raccoon. You know what’s even more adorable? A pint-sized pup. As it turns out, evolution has blessed us with a precious combination of these two critters…and most of us had no idea that it was a thing. This, understandably, is a tragedy.

Thankfully for those of us who aren’t in the know, a Twitter user by the name of Chibi_tori is here to show us the light.

Universe, meet the raccoon dog. Known as tanuki, these animals can be found roaming around in small family units in East Asia. I don’t think that most of us deserve to experience this level of cuteness, but here we are.

This particular nugget was found injured and abandoned by the luckiest Twitter user in the history of Twitter users, and he goes by the name of Tanu.

Because tanuki hibernate in the winter, they essentially turn into cuter versions of us when temperatures drop. Tanu’s fave thing to do in the dead of winter is hang out by his little stove.

“All of the happy is mine!”

He will have you know, however, that he’s not even sort of related to raccoons. He’s all dog, my friends. And if you have a dog, you can probably see a striking resemblance between Tanu’s epic laziness and the bizarre lethargy of your own pup.

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Tanu is a skilled sleeper.

If you slapped some sweatpants on him, he’d be almost identical to me at any point between September and April.

Oh, and comfort eating? Tanu is about that life.

“Busy hiding from my responsibilities. Plz try again later.”

See? Tanu is us. We are Tanu.

When he’s not napping, he can be found harnessing his inner labrador by playing with his ball.

“I am not raccoon. I am dog. I do dog stuff.”

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He even peels himself off the couch every now and then to bathe, just like we should all be doing.

After his bath, he likes to direct a disturbing amount of focus toward tangerines.

I mean…do you, man.

But at the end of the day, it all goes full circle. After snack time, he plops his diva self right next to the stove again.

“None of the peasants are scratching me because why?”

(via BuzzFeed)

There you have it, folks. Tanuki are real animals that actually exist, and the world is a better place because of it. If your heart hasn’t exploded yet and you’re looking to tempt fate, keep up with all of Tanu’s antics on Twitter.

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With One Line, This Artist Creates Incredible Work That Sticks With People Forever

When it comes to careers that are full of promise, “artist” typically doesn’t top the list.

Although creativity and its many iterations are often the driving forces behind what keeps humanity trudging along, the confines of traditional success tend to draw distinct lines between themselves and art.

And this is a phenomenon with which tattoo artist Mo Ganji is all too familiar. His rise to corporate success at a young age was comfortable, admirable, and sensible. Although he was an expert climber as far as the corporate ladder was concerned, he wasn’t sleeping at night. Something more important rattled behind his ribcage, and it was just active enough to convince him that comfort, admiration, and sense would never give him the life he wanted.

Ganji, like most artists, was born with a third eye of sorts — one that sees the world from a different angle and guides him through the creative process.

Although he’s been drawing and painting since the second he experienced the satisfaction of creation, his most recent tattoo work has garnered considerable attention.

With one line, he creates compelling images that translate into tattoos drawn in a style that is utterly singular.

Just as impressive as his artistic process is the process that got him from point A to point B — from the office to the tattoo shop. “It all started with a thought I had long before I stepped into the corporate jungle,” he explained to ViralNova. “It took about a year before that thought turned into a serious idea, and another year before the idea became concrete enough for me to act on it.”

He was eating lunch with a close friend one day when he was posed with an important question.

His confidante asked, “What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to doing what you’re doing right now.” In that moment, the artist knew exactly what he had to do.

After thinking about the root of his hesitation, he knew that fear was the only thing holding him back.

“Fear is the paste that holds society together and keeps it working,” he writes. “It ensures that most people will never develop and achieve their full potential. You never know what will happen, and this is the most exciting quality of life. Imagine living 100 years and realizing that nothing ever really happened to you. Nothing was accomplished. Isn’t that a terrible thought?”

When his friends Isi and Momo put a tattoo gun in his hand for the first time, a whole new life was born. Since that moment, he’s put every ounce of energy into his craft.

His signature style developed just as spontaneously. “The whole one-line thing happened overnight, really,” he said. While drafting a three-headed deer design for a client, he scribbled a one-line version of the drawing as well. When the client laid eyes on the latter, he chose that one to stay with him forever.

From that moment forward, people started asking for one-line tattoos of their own.

Ganji believes that he inherited the gift of an ambitious soul from his father.

While most parents of a successful son in the corporate world would be stunned upon hearing that their child was going to leave everything he worked for in the dust, his decision wasn’t questioned. His family understands the power of a passionate soul.

“It goes without saying that I would not be where I am at today without the love and support of my friends and family,” he writes. It’s this level of support that’s not often received by those who chose to leave it all behind for art.

“When you choose this life,” he continues, ” you are pretty much left on your own, and you have to rely on your abilities to bear daily challenges. You cannot hide behind the logo of a big cooperation and try to fly under the radar. You pay a price for independence, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

When asked what he noticed about the world after making such a huge lifestyle shift, his initial response was simple: “an incredible deceleration of life.”

In his words, “We live in a system in which people do things they don’t want to in order to pay for things they don’t need. Ever since I started doing what I love, I have lost a lot of appreciation for money and material things.”

“Time is the most precious commodity in my life, and I treat it as if it were gold.”

The second he started etching lines into people’s skin and stopped drawing lines in the sand, Mo Ganji unleashed his most authentic self.

If you’d like to learn more about this artist and his work, be sure to visit his website. For regular updates, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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These Mailboxes In Japan Are A Little Odd, But They’re Definitely Adorable

Listen. After seeing what’s going on with Japan’s postal service, I’m going to need the USPS to step its game way up.

Although old mailboxes in Japan look kind of like the guy above sans googly eyes, the people charged with designing post boxes in contemporary Japan take their jobs seriously.

And by seriously, I mean not seriously at all. If you walk the streets of Tokyo long enough, you’re bound to run into something that looks more like a giant children’s toy than a mailbox, and it’s bound to be the best experience of your miserable life.

They might look a little odd at first, but when you take a second to sit with the cuteness of Japan’s postal scene, you’ll realize just how much ours is lacking.

I will give the person who brings me that duck one approximately six nickels, which is just about all I have to spare.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I see a boring blue box on the sidewalk, I’m going to weep. Nah, I’m just kidding. (No I’m not.) But seriously, Japan. Stay cute!

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What This Woman Live-Tweeted On Her Delayed Flight Is The Stuff Of Legend

If there’s one thing that we all love to hate about Twitter, it’s the act of live-tweeting. Whether you’re like me and you live-tweet every single political event under the sun, or you’re more interested in posting Beyonce’s every move, there’s something satisfying about adding your voice to the mix. Social media is, after all, truly about inserting yourself into situations that don’t involve you in the slightest, am I right?

But not all live-tweet sessions are created equal. Some timeline spam is a cut above the rest — something of which Twitter user Kelly Keegs is well aware. While sitting on a delayed flight one day, her experience went from “I hate my life. Where’s my wine?” to “Please let this go on forever” in a matter of minutes.

That’s because she got a front-row seat to a painfully dramatic on-board breakup. According to Keegs, Mr. Right saw a window of opportunity to break up with his very own Mrs. Wrong. Here’s how it went down:

Not-so-nice language ahead, folks.


Ms. Keegs, as all good live-tweeters do, felt some type of way about the ordeal.

“I’m just ruining your life in full public view! Calm DOWN.”

They did squeeze a moment of zen in there.

Did he not think of this before he decided to, I don’t know, dump her on a packed flight? Nah.

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Scandals abound!

And just when you thought that this could not possibly get any less appropriate…

Drink it down, boo.

(via The New York Post)

Social media is a gift from above and any other opinions are invalid. I mean, if Twitter didn’t happen to be a thing, you wouldn’t have been graced with this made-for-TV moment. I extend my sincerest gratitude to Kelly Keegs for slaying the live-tweet game. We should all feel #blessed for getting a glimpse into this unique brand of madness.

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We Should All Aspire To Be This Dog Playing With His Ball Thrower

The world is a cruel place. Every day when we wake up, there’s more bad news — another depressing trend on Twitter, another news anchor breaking down in tears, another war. It seems endless.

Fortunately for all of humankind, dogs exist — and more specifically, Buddy the Rescue Dog exists. His life got off to a rough start, but once he found his forever home, tail-wagging became the adorable norm.

Buddy’s favorite humans love to spoil him, and when the weather finally warmed up, they knew they had to supply him with everything he’d need for hours of summer fun. That’s where this ball thrower comes in.

I seriously wish I got this pumped over anything.

Bad days? What bad days? Buddy doesn’t do bad days.

We all really need to take a page out of his book and happily lose our damn minds over the little things in life. For more of this guy’s adorable antics, be sure to follow him on Facebook!

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18 Times Tumblr Completely Screwed With Our Minds

If you’ve ever used Tumblr, you probably know that it’s a mind-bending chasm full of thoughts that you never wanted to have. (It’s also home to some seriously disturbing fan fiction, but that’s beside the point.)

It’s essentially a one-stop shop for statements that will make you question your place in the world…and make you wonder why people have so much free time. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best posts that call the Internet home.

1. Tumblr can’t even let us have birds.

2. I mean…they’re not wrong.

3. This nonsense is about to ruin your day!

4. Everything is awful!

5. There’s nothing quite like ruining the most universally enjoyed activity of all time.

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6. Immaturity, thou hast always reigned supreme.

7. Question everything, friends.

8. “Just making my death pouch. Nothing to see here.”

9. How is this language even a thing?

10. Never has a yam caused so much unrest.

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11. For those craft-related disasters.

12. Walk into your next meeting, ask your coworkers one of these questions, and say nothing for the rest of the day.

13. We’re all commitment-phobes.

14. I want to kiss this person right on the face.

15. Life sucks and then you die!

16. I feel this in my bones.

17. Et tu, contractions?

18. If you need me, I’ll be pretending that the Internet doesn’t exist.

(via BuzzFeed)

So there you have it, folks. Just in case you didn’t already think that life was the worst, now you know. Thanks, Tumblr! You’re always looking out.

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This Sweet Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter, And You’ll Be Stunned When You See Why

Those of us who have visited shelters know that they’re filled to the brim with animals that are in desperate need of finding forever homes. Many people who take on pets forget that these animals need to be treated like family. Thousands of them are abandoned each year because people think they’re too needy, too rough with kids, or too aggressive.

But not many are left behind because they’re too affectionate.

Meet Jubilee. She’s the adorable one-year-old pup that was abandoned because she always wanted to be by her owner’s side.

He simply didn’t want her affection.

Holly Steirman

People were blown away when they heard why she was given up to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

Jubilee embodies many of the characteristics that people look for when searching for the perfect companion, but the man who dropped her off wanted nothing to do with her loyalty.

She also suffers from anxiety issues, so her former owner’s bizarre choice to give her up was actually a blessing in disguise.

He clearly wasn’t the kind of person who would help her deal with her troubles, but the volunteers at Montgomery County Animal Shelter made it their mission to improve Jubilee’s quality of life.

Just one day after being dropped off, Jubilee found a new home! A wonderful woman named Samantha knew that this pup would be perfect for her family, and that her family would be perfect for her.

She even gained a puppy sister and a human brother in the process!

Her new sister clearly has to warm up to the idea, but she’s working on it. No one can resist Jubilee’s cuteness for long.

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As for Jubilee, I think it’s pretty safe to say that she’s already settled in.

To learn more about this adorable pup’s story, check out the video below:

What’s even more incredible is that multiple families actually showed up to rescue Jubilee. Samantha’s family ended up being the best fit for her, so the other people were able to rescue other pups that day!

If you want to help Montgomery County Animal Shelter continue doing amazing work for abandoned pets in Texas, be sure to check out their website. You can also keep up with every addition to their furry family on Facebook! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an amazing companion like Jubilee in the process.

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