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Maps are hard! CNN’s geography slip-up, flashback oops are hilarious [photos]


Oh dear. This is CNNagain.


A reason for the slip-up?



Maps are consistently hard for CNN.


Yup. Many Twitter users couldn’t help but be reminded of that hilarious oops.


So there’s that, CNN!


Laugh or cry? Is THIS the reason Nancy Pelosi referred to Africa as a country?

Not unexpectedly! Biden thinks Africa is a country? THIS Obama ignorance is even worse

Geography fail: CNN tries to find Hong Kong, misses mark by 10,000 miles [pic]

Geography is hard! CNN places Ukraine city of Slovyansk in Crimea

Man, geography is hard! CNN misplaces NYC and Boston [pic]

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Centuries of Forced Relocation, Disease, And Genocide Have Hidden This True History — Until Now

What do you lose when you’ve lost your name?

Native Americans lost many, many things after European contact, including what they originally called themselves. This map is an attempt to correct that injustice. Aaron Carapella devoted himself for years, talking to people and researching books and museums, in order to pull together in one image the original names and approximate locations of the incredible diversity of people indigenous to this continent. Well done, Aaron!

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See Which Fast Food Chain Has Taken Over Your State

The fast food feudal lords have taken over our country! Here’s a pretty new map charting aggregated data about fast food location and influence, correlated with where consumers spend their money when they travel. Aka this is why we’re fat. 

Color key: black is McDonald’s, red Burger King, yellow Wendy’s, magenta Jack in The Box, periwinkle Sonic, cream Dairy Queen, green Carl’s Jr., and cyan Hardee’s. Three colors combine per region; so if you see darker colors, it means McDonald’s is supreme. Whiter ones mean Dairy Queen reigns, etc. Kinda frightening, huh? 

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