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This Is The Perfect Ring With Which To Propose To A “Star Wars” Fan

You had me at, “In a galaxy far, far away.”

1. The ring designed by Etsy seller DTEK Designs is an engagement ring that no Star Wars fan could possibly say no to.

2. The Luke Skywalker inspired lightsaber design is the perfect ring for when you’ve found the Princess Leia to your Han Solo and are ready to pop the question.


The ring comes in either Platinum with 18k yellow gold accent, 18k white gold with 18k yellow gold accent, or 14k white gold with 14k yellow gold accents.

3. There are also Darth Vader engagement rings for those that are more inclined towards the Dark Side.


4. The Luke Skywalker ring is priced at $1,700 and the Darth Vader ring is priced at $1,200. Both are available on Etsy


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The Wedding Between A Nurse And ALS Patient Will Bring You To Tears.

When Adam met Hollie, she was his nurse at the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was receiving treatment for Lyme disease. Over the course of a year, they spent hours together, three days a week, during his treatment. During that year, the two fell deeply in love.

After kicking that disease, Adam spent more time with Hollie and her son Joshua. The couple even decided to take things to the next level by moving in together. Then, tragedy struck again: Adam was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis of someone affected by the debilitating disease is grim. Each day is a fight against their deteriorating body. But, as Hollie explained, that never changed the way these two felt about each other.

“He tells me right then and there, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my last days seeing your face, kissing your lips, sleeping by your side. I understand if you don’t want this burden on you. But if you want me, I want to marry YOU. What do you say?’” 

She, of course, said yes.

While the disease took its toll on Adam, eventually forcing him into a wheelchair, they planned their perfect wedding day.

The outside ceremony and indoor reception were both free of any bumps in the road that could get in the way of Adam’s wheelchair.

“He whizzed by greeting everyone in his wheelchair upon each person’s entrance,” Hollie says.

Hollie remembers the whole day going perfectly, even though the awful disease was never far from their mind.

During their first dance, “In My Life” by The Beatles, Hollie sat on his lap with her arm around his neck while he rolled them in circles.

After the ceremony, her cousin surprised them with a hand painted sign to hang on the back of Adam’s chair.

After the wedding, Adam adopted Joshua (who only ever knew him as “dad”).

The newly minted family began their limited time together.

In October, 2013, Adam passed away.

But Hollie has no regerets. She remembers Adam’s strength and passion, how he would say, “I may have ALS, but God knows I’m going out with a BANG!”

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Their incredible story is one of the truest examples of love conquering all, even in the face of such extreme adversity.

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This Little Girl Got Married In Norway…And The Message Behind It Is Shocking.

Does the idea of a 12-year-old girl marrying a 37-year-old man disgust you? Good. Unfortunately, for 39,000 girls each year, there are people sick and twisted enough to wed a child. It may sound far-fetched, but just because you don’t know that it’s going on doesn’t mean it isn’t.

This brings us to a huge issue: most people don’t know these things happen every day. To raise awareness of this crisis, a young girl in Norway was arranged to wed an adult man. Unlike the child marriages that go unnoticed, this one was publicly planned and featured traditional wedding photos to highlight how awful it is for kids to be stripped of their childhoods. Take a look at the compelling Stopp Bryllupet campaign.  

If this picture disturbs you, you won’t want to see the rest.

Thea, the 12-year-old bride, gets ready for her big day.

Does that look like a happy bride to you?

How terrible.

(via Elite Daily)

Although this marriage was fake and these photos were staged, they are a disgusting reminder of the real issue in the world today. So little has been done to put an end to this terrible practice. If you would like to continue the protest against child marriages, check out the Stopp Bryllupet website.

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