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Maps are hard! CNN’s geography slip-up, flashback oops are hilarious [photos]


Oh dear. This is CNNagain.


A reason for the slip-up?



Maps are consistently hard for CNN.


Yup. Many Twitter users couldn’t help but be reminded of that hilarious oops.


So there’s that, CNN!


Laugh or cry? Is THIS the reason Nancy Pelosi referred to Africa as a country?

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Geography fail: CNN tries to find Hong Kong, misses mark by 10,000 miles [pic]

Geography is hard! CNN places Ukraine city of Slovyansk in Crimea

Man, geography is hard! CNN misplaces NYC and Boston [pic]

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These Gorgeous Photos Prove That Lagos Street Style Is The Best

Lagosians just do it better.

1. Lagos — the commercial capital of Nigeria — is the largest city in Africa. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

And among the teeming millions that make it a hub of excitement and innovation are some seriously stylish people.

Lagos Street Style

3. For the last five months, one anonymous blogger has been photographing the city’s most striking people on the streets and posting the pictures — plus commentary — on Lagos Street Style.

4. The photographer, who recently moved to Nigeria from Scotland, is a lawyer in the oil and gas sector.

“I have a keen interest in style, street photography, writing, and people-watching,” she says. “The best way to combine all these loves was the blog.”

Lagos Street Style

6. The results are great.

7. Like this striking woman in a striking dress:

Lagos Street Style

8. And this lovely churchgoer:

Lagos Street Style

9. This simply dressed beauty:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


10. This accessory queen (a former Miss Nigeria, fact fans!):

Lagos Street Style

11. And this modern take on an iro and buba:

Lagos Street Style

12. This super-stylish bearded dude:

Lagos Street Style

13. This star-spangled woman turning heads on the street:

Lagos Street Style

14. This cutie in a graphic tee:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


15. This perfect mash-up of prints:

Lagos Street Style

16. This breezy trio of #CarefreeBlackGirls:

Lagos Street Style

17. This incredibly photogenic public proposal(?!):

Lagos Street Style

18. This woman with a strict three-colour palette:

Lagos Street Style

19. This trilby-wearing on-duty photographer:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


20. There’s lots more photography on Lagos Street Style.

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