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The Reason This Family Was Forced To Leave Their Home Will Shock And Disgust You.

In 2007, Brian and Susan Trost purchased what they thought would be their dream home in Weldon Spring, Missouri. This perfect home was big, beautiful, and overlooked the golf course of the local country club.

They thought it was perfect, anyway, until they moved in. That’s when the Trouts found the secret the previous homeowners hid: the house was infested with thousands of venomous brown recluse spiders. Yuck!

While brown recluse spiders aren’t technically deadly, they don’t make for a hospitable living situation.

The Trosts hired two separate pest control companies to get rid of the spiders, with no luck.

There were so many spiders at one point, they were “bleeding out of the walls.”

The Trosts sued the previous owners of the house in 2008 for not disclosing the infestation. The lawsuit ended in the Trosts’ favor.

However, they were not able to collect the $472,000 they were awarded because the previous owners are now bankrupt.

Their homeowners insurance also refused to pay anything because they say spiders aren’t covered.

Not long after finding the spiders, the Trosts abandoned their house. The property is now owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association. They are currently fumigating the house again before attempting to sell it. They’re confident that they can get all the spiders out.

H/T: St. Louis Today

This is every home buyer’s nightmare…and the perfect example of when you should just burn a house down. I can only imagine how the Trosts are feeling right now. How can their insurance not cover something like this? It’s too weird!

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These People Are Having Really Bad Days. Oh, Boy… I Thought Mine Was Bad.

If you’re having a bad day, there’s little you can do to fix it. If the terrible time you’re having isn’t as awful as what you see below, though, perhaps it’s time to stop complaining. After all, you weren’t just rammed by a particularly fierce sheep.

These people are having such bad days, they have seemingly gone out of their way to make your day seem like a total success by comparison. Really, they’re that bad.

1.) Oh, public transportation.

2.) Beware of sheep.

3.) GeronimOUCH.

4.) Coma me bro.

5.) When you see it…

6.) Is that a water balloon or a watermelon?

7.) Now THAT hurts.

8.) Faster than taking the elevator.

9.) This why you don’t flirt and drive.

10.) I hope they at least got their souvenir photo for free.

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When This Guy Pulled A Mealworm Out Of A Hole, He Got A Nasty Surprise

When I was a kid, I loved turning over rocks to check out all the bugs that lived underneath.

While I loved watching them crawl around — yes, I was a strange child — there’s no way that I would have actually stuck my hands anywhere near them. I liked keeping my fingers, and I’ve always assumed that most people felt the same way. Not this guy, though.

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In the video below, a man is seemingly trying to pull a mealworm out of a hole with some tweezers for whatever reason. He received a nasty shock when something terrifying popped out with it.

That is a whole lot of NOPE.


In reality, this is probably just a guy feeding his pet tarantula, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

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