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‘MEANINGLESS!’ Ingraham blasts Obama’s Russia sanctions; Putin’s response?


Well, here we go again. President Obama might not know what the Obama Doctrine is, but he knows there are sanctions and stuff!


twitter.com/AFP/status/460…— Matthew (@Matthops82) April 28, 2014

Yep, look here:


But, sanctions!


Super powerful, guys! More from The Hill:

“The goal here is not to go after Mr. Putin personally,” Obama said. “The goal is to change his calculus with respect to how the current actions that he’s engaging in could have an adverse impact on the Russian economy over the long haul.”


Laura Ingraham does not mince words in response to this latest, pitiful move by the Obama administration.


But, hey, maybe this will work instead:


Giggling madly so we won’t cry. Speaking of giggling, this Twitter user leaves us with an exit prediction of Putin’s response:


Heck of a job, Barry. Again.


‘Arrogance!’ Ed Henry rattles Obama; President Stompy Foot sneers at Fox News

Heck of a job! Obama doesn’t know what the Obama Doctrine is? Citizens help him out

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David Brooks: Obama was right on Bergdahl, Taliban aren’t terrorists like al-Qaeda


When it comes to the decision to release five Taliban leaders in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, President Obama can count on New York Times columnist David Brooks for his support.

According to Brooks:

The president’s instincts were right. His sense of responsibility for a fellow countryman was correct. It’s not about one person; it’s about the principle of all-for-one-and-one-for-all, which is the basis of citizenship.

But if Bergdahl indeed deserted his unit, does he deserve to be treated as a fellow countryman?


As far as the freed Taliban prisoners are concerned, Brooks does acknowledge that they “seem like terrible men who could do harm,” but he says the Taliban aren’t, you know, terrorist-terrorists:


No, he really said that:


Dude. Major crazy talk.


That’s good advice, Mr. Brooks.



Twitchy coverage of David Brooks

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DERP: Obama lapdog Michael Skolnik FEELS Trump used Syria strike to distract from Russian investigation

Well this is disconcerting.

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Sheila Jackson Lee: GOP lawsuit against Obama a ‘veil for impeachment’


Democrats in DC are jumping at any opportunity to work their base into a frenzy by talking about supposed Republican threats to impeach President Obama.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is doing her part to perpetuate the “impeachment” fears:


Is “veiled impeachment” mentioned in the Constitution?


And for those who have made a game out of how much the Dems talk about impeachment:


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Obama to hit the beach after next inauguration


Tackling the tough questions about college affordability and student loan debt today on Tumblr, President Obama was asked what he’d be doing once he was out of office. It looks like any charity work will have to wait a few days at least.


Obama will be dreaming from his prison cell about
drinking from a coconut on a beach after R's capture
the Senate midterm and prosecute him— Federal Spy Guy (@FederalSpyGuy) June 10, 2014



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Obama, CDC won’t like S.E. Cupp’s key question about Ebola-exposed docs


What seems reasonable? Well, this surely does:


Bingo times ten.

Plus, there was that whole “felt sluggish” thing. Hey, you treated Ebola patients and now feel run-down? Time to hit the town!


And let’s not forget Dr. Nancy Snyderman:




Yep. Common sense is hard, apparently.


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NYC doctor who went to a bowling alley last night has tested positive for Ebola

Twitter unloads on quarantine-breaking Dr. Nancy Snyderman for ‘lame’ apology

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Crimea votes to secede; Obama reiterates committment to diplomatic resolution


As expected, the vote in Crimea went overwhelmingly in favor of secession.


During a phone call at the request of the White House, President Obama told Vladimir Putin that the U.S. will not recognize the results as a referendum but remains committed to a diplomatic solution:


“Additional costs”? Is the White House going to try to subject Moscow to the Obamacare mandate?


Maybe Obama should convince Putin to continue the discussion on “Between Two Ferns”:


It’s possible that President Obama will change his tune, because he might have been distracted during the call:


Good question.

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Obama Administration Shying Away From Full Ban On Combat Gear For Local Cops

Public statements from top officials indicate the White House will keep sending military hardware designed for the battlefield to local police forces after Ferguson.

Gary Cameron / Reuters

WASHINGTON — In the end, the Obama administration believes cops need their armored personnel carriers.

The final chapter of the post-Ferguson debate about federal programs that put combat military hardware in the hands of local law enforcement likely came Tuesday, when Attorney General Eric Holder told a lunch crowd at the National Press Club that military hardware is a necessary part of the police force, especially in the big cities.

“If you’re in New York City and you have to deal with a terrorist incident, I think that some of the military equipment that has been made available to state and local authorities, in fact, can be useful,” he said. “Now, again, it depends on the kind of equipment. Abrams tanks I don’t think should be shared with our state and local counterparts. It’s hard for me to imagine a situation in which that would be useful. But armored carriers and things of that nature I think can be useful if deployed in appropriate ways.”

Holder said pretty clearly what Obama administration officials have been more careful about in public statements for months now: The White House is not embracing legislative efforts launched by libertarian Republicans and liberal Democrats to end so-called “police militarization” programs outright. Instead the administration will push a series of smaller changes to the programs aimed at changing the way local police are given surplus combat hardware from the Pentagon or helped to purchase it by federal grant programs run out of the Department of Homeland Security.

Militarization will still be a main focus of the Obama administration’s post-Ferguson policing efforts, but the changes proposed will likely fall far short of the Commander-In-Chief-ordered end to the Pentagon program anti-militarization advocates hoped for last August. The administration plan shaping up as the president’s 21st Century Policing Task Force deliberates is for strict new training and data collection requirements for police who use military equipment.

Those are changes long-sought by anti-militarization activists, who say police often turn to combat equipment and weapons without understanding their danger. There’s been very little in the way of official centralized data collection on the use of military equipment by local police, leading advocates like the ACLU to compile it themselves from meticulous examination of local and state police reports. A June 2014 ACLU report found raids featuring military hardware were disproportionately carried out in minority communities. Mandated data collection, advocates say, will provide invaluable insight into how federal police militarization programs work and could provide fuel for further regulation of them.

There was hope among some advocates that the White House would go farther, however. That faded in the months after Ferguson when a promised White House review of militarization programs resulted in some small changes to how military surplus weapons are sent to police forces but not much else. (The administration declined to comment for this story on the record.)

That was followed by a series of administration statements that supported equipping local cops with combat hardware. In November, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest pointed to the police response to the Boston Marathon bombing as evidence that combat gear was needed by local cops (it was something of an apocryphal tale). In January, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey — appointed by Obama to lead the federal task force examining police-community relations — forcefully defended combat-equipped police at a gathering of mayors in Washington.

“If you have a situation like we had in Paris, you don’t want a cop to show up with a flashlight and a baton,” Ramsey said. “The term ‘militarizing the police’ sounds so bad, but to take away equipment just because someone thinks it looks military-like is a problem.”

Ramsey also called for police to be “clear about under what circumstances should the equipment be deployed and guidelines about how to deploy it properly in those cases.”

Holder offered a similar take Tuesday.

“Then the question is, what kind of training do they have? What kind of training do they have with regard to how it should be deployed? When should it be deployed?” he said. “I think… that the deployment of at least some of that military hardware in Ferguson exacerbated what was a pretty difficult situation.”

Holder said more mundane details — like how military vehicles deployed by police look — were worth looking at, too.

“I think there are even some fundamental things about how do these things get painted? What do they look like? If it looks like the military is, in fact, occupying American streets during civil disturbances, that I think is not a good thing for the American people or for the world necessarily to see. So there are a number of questions I think that have to be worked through,” Holder said. “So I wouldn’t really disagree with Chuck Ramsey from Philadelphia. I think there is the need for it, but we just need to use, deploy this equipment in a way better than we have in the past.”

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Obama plays the fool in this tarot deck [Photoshop]


Yeah, what’s the holdup with that? Someone should have Photoshopped President Obama’s face onto a tarot card by now.


Thanks for taking care of that, Twitter.

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Obama chewed out for chomping gum at D‑Day ceremonies


President Obama was to be on his best behavior at the  70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy today. He almost passed muster, but was that a big wad of gum in his mouth during the solemn ceremony? Twitter seemed to think so.


Judge for yourself (via Weasel Zippers):



This time the president managed to offend the French as well.



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Carney: Obama won’t decide Shinseki’s fate until reading report from Shinseki


“A definite maybe” might be the best way to sum up some of Jay Carney’s responses at today’s press conference when being pressed about the future of VA secretary Eric Shinseki.

There have been bipartisan calls for the resignation or firing of the VA secretary, but Carney said that Obama will base his decision on whether to fire Eric Shinseki at least in part on an investigative report about corruption at the VA that will be compiled and submitted by … Eric Shinseki:


It remains to be seen what recommendations Shinseki will give to Obama regarding Shinseki’s future at the VA.

Anybody looking for straight answers from Jay Carney didn’t get what they were after at today’s presser:


Jay Carney never ceases to amaze.



‘Is he in a time out?’ Obama reportedly placed VA secretary Shinseki ‘on probation’

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As another Obama scandal breaks, Newsweek devotes cover to … Watergate?


As Twitchy reported, Rolling Stone, the magazine for “Boomer fossils” that was once obsessed with the Watergate break-in, is now running a cover story by Paul Krugman calling President Obama “a historic success.” As if that weren’t enough, the magazine is promising a list of “55 numbers that prove President Obama has accomplished more than you may realize.” Good lapdogs!

In the meantime, while the Washington Post is breaking news on the latest secret service scandal and its suppression by the White House until after the election, Newsweek has decided to devote its latest cover to … Watergate?

All the scandals in the Obama WH & what does Newsweek do a cover on? Watergate. Smh http://t.co/ydKXFkCq92

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) October 9, 2014

The Watergate scandal was a whole lot wider and Deep Throat a whole lot deeper than you think — http://t.co/KStFA5IMpY

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) October 9, 2014


@Newsweek hello 1973 wants their news stories back!

— Curtis Ohl (@omniohl) October 9, 2014

"Remember when the press was still willing to do investigative reporting rather than being Administration lapdogs? We do." @KatMcKinley

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) October 9, 2014


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Obama and Putin have 6th phone call since start of Ukraine crisis


President Obama and Vladimir Putin had another phone call today in regards to the situation in Ukraine.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller has the details:


Obama and Putin have spoken by phone a reported half dozen times since the start of the Ukraine crisis:


With that out of the way…



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