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This Is Certainly One Way To Let Everyone Know You’re Engaged

And also that you’re having a yard sale.

1. These signs began appearing this past week around north Brooklyn, advertising a Fian-SALÉ.

Julie Gerstein

2. But wait! It’s not what you think!


3. For clarity:

Julie Gerstein

4. Sadly, no fiancés will be on offer, but plenty of vintage dresses, antique furniture, and books will.

Julie Gerstein

Again, she’s MOVING IN WITH HER FIANCÉ, but you shouldn’t expect to buy one at this yard sale.

5. Bummer.


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Watch Six Pairs Stare Into Each Others’ Eyes As A Love Experiment

If your heart hurts, it’s probably because it just grew a few sizes.

1. Can uninterrupted eye contact boost intimacy, even if people don’t know each other well?

Soul Pancake / Via youtube.com

Last month a New York Times writer recreated a psychologist’s love experiment, which requires two people to gaze at each other for four straight minutes (and also answer 36 questions). The idea is that feeling vulnerable can cultivate closeness.

2. Soul Pancake collected a dozen people to recreate the visual portion and test this theory.

Soul Pancake / Via youtube.com

The six pairs’ relationship levels varied from meeting for the first time to being married for 55 years.

3. After some uncomfortable fidgeting, you can see their unease start to melt away.

Soul Pancake / Via youtube.com

I’m not crying, you are!

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