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Vintage Disneyland: The Creepiest Place On Earth.

Disneyland is more commonly known as “the happiest place on earth,” where all of our favorite characters from childhood come to life. Everything is bright, adorable and made to feel like a dream come true. (It’s also stupidly expensive, but who can put a price on happiness anyway?)

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, these vintage photos from the Disneyland of yesteryear are the nightmares your body runs away from. Looks like it was a creepy world after all! Yikes.

1.) Did their faces NEED to be nightmarish and ceramic?

2.) I wish someone would save Alice from Mickey…

3.) The Mad Hatter is mad. Very, very mad.

4.) Someone needs to explain the bloodshot, murderous eyes.

5.) Eeyore’s walk of shame.

6.) Who’s scarier, Tick Tock or Peter Pan?

7.) Pinocchio can see into your soul. And will eat it.

8.) Why do the pigs look shifty?


10.) Don’t listen to his evil secrets, child.

11.) … giant faces. They are giant, walking faces.

12.) NOPE.

13.) As it turns out… giant, naked pigs are frightening.

14.) This is what Disney crime scene photos look like.

15.) Giant, stoned animals aren’t child-friendly.

16.) This just keeps getting worse.

17.) That stare…

18.) I’ve never been so frightened of Winnie The Pooh.

19.) They aren’t blushing, their cheeks are covered in blood.

20.) P.S., this giant bug wants to eat your babies.

21.) It’s the giant hole in Baloo’s neck that’s the creepy part.

22.) Giant pigs are NOT adorable. Are NOT.

23.) Noooooooo! Why aren’t those kids afraid?!

24.) I’m not so sure he is looking that innocent…

(via Mental Floss.)

“The happiest place on earth?” That must’ve been evil Disney propaganda. 

Share these Creepyland photos with others… and appreciate the fact you never have to see giant, pantless pigs yourself.

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Vintage Meryl Streep Is The Best Meryl Streep

Best actress and totally babely.

1. Let’s talk about America’s most enduring national treasure: Meryl Streep.

Universal Pictures

2. She’s amazing now, but she was also a mega-babe in the ’70s and ’80s.

Paramount Pictures / Via thoughtcatalog.com

3. Just look at her in this purple-on-purple-on-cowboy boots ensemble.

Jack Mitchell / Getty Images

Hells yes to wearing pastel overalls.

4. Annd here she is just chilling with fellow cool as hell ’80s It Girl Diane Keaton.

Images Press / Getty Images

5. But that’s not all. Here she is reading some feminist lit, planning her world domination or whatever.

Jack Mitchell / Getty Images

(Actually she’s apparently rehearsing a Shakespeare in the Park production of The Taming of the Shrew.)

6. Somehow pulling off the most intense patchwork blazer ever.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

7. Just bringing some homemade cookies or kugel to the party.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

With her hubby Donald Gummer, nbd.

8. Enjoying a romantic embrace from Dennis Quaid in Postcards from the Edge.

Columbia Pictures / Getty Images

9. Proving she can pull off the Dorothy Hammill.

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

10. And also a wild head of curly locks.

Getty Images

11. Here she is giving bunny ears to frickin’ Shirley MacLaine.

Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

12. Looking cute AF in all black.

Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett


13. Proving she is a flawless goddess.

Paul Natkin / WireImage

14. And proving she is a flawless goddess who can also walk around with a baby Henry Gummer strapped to her.

Tom Wargacki / WireImage

15. Did ’80s Meryl Streep ride the subway? Yes, she did.

Ted Thai / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

And OMG, the NYC subway in the ’80s was terrifying.

16. She also pulled off this all-white ensemble like a boss.

Tom Wargacki / WireImage

17. And kept things frumpterable before frumpterable was a thing.

Barry King / WireImage

18. Gorgeous hair? Check.

Art Zelin / Getty Images

19. Radiant smile? Double check.

Ron Galella / WireImage

20. All hail Kween Streep!

Ron Galella / WireImage

21. Yaaaaaas!


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13 Phrases From “Puberty Blues” You Need In Your Life Right Now

Rack off, ya fish-face moll.

Puberty Blues is an iconic Australian movie (and book and TV show) that forever immortalised the ~youth culture~ of the late ’70s/early ’80s, including the glorious slang. We think it’s time for some to make a comeback…

1. Ban “fair dinkum”. Say goodbye to “strewth”. “Deadset” is the only true way to express your emotions.


2. “Moll” is a great insult to describe anyone you don’t like. It just rolls off the tongue and encapsulates so much shade.


3. The best thing about “moll” is it can be combined with any other word to take your shade game to the next level.


4. The more descriptive, the better.


5. And combined with “rack off”, it’s the ultimate way to tell someone where to go.


6. Need a comeback if someone calls YOU a moll? Look no further than “gutless wonder”.


7. Or, if you prefer to keep it simple, a “turd” will do the trick.


8. When referring to your parents, “olds” contains just the right mix of insult and affection.


9. And when you see a hot guy there’s only one way to address him.


10. If you fancy a date, get them to go round with you.


11. And to take it to the next level, there’s the ever-romantic “root”.


12. Sweeten the deal with a well-placed compliment.


13. But when it’s time to breakup, well, here you go…


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