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The Creepiest Places You Can Visit in Europe (But Should Probably Avoid).

If you’re looking for something spooky to do in Europe this Halloween, there are many eerie sights to see…if you dare. While there are no grand tours for the scariest sights across the continent, you can easily plan a trip for yourself. These are some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to shake in your boots.

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria gapyear This creepy crypt is located in Rome, Italy. Thousands of bones line the walls, including skeletons left fully in tact and placed in traditional robes for everyone to get spooked.

2.) Maunsell Forts

2.) Maunsell Forts gapyear In the U.K., these abandoned forts from WWII are enough to give anyone the willies.

3.) Skull Chapel

3.) Skull Chapel gapyear Poland is home to this intricate arrangement of bones known as Skull Chapel. The main chapel with made of the remains of over 3,000 people, and this was built by ONE MAN.

4.) City of the Dead

4.) City of the Dead gapyear This Russian hillside seems like a nice little cottage community, but those little houses are really tombs. They are filled with possessions, clothing, and of course, bodies.

5.) Pripyat

5.) Pripyat gapyear In the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, this Ukrainian town was abandoned due to the dangerous radiation levels. It is one of the spookiest and most dangerous ghosts towns you can visit.

6.) Sedlec Ossuary

6.) Sedlec Ossuary gapyear Thought to contain the remains of up to 70,000 people, this creep show in the Czech Republic was created in 1870. The bones were exhumed over 300 years, when the current church was constructed and bodies were taken from a mass grave of 14th century plague victims.

7.) Bran Castle

7.) Bran Castle gapyear Transylvania, Romania. Ring a bell? It should, because that is the fictional hometown of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The castle where he got his inspiration is the one seen above, the castle of the cruel leader, Vlad the Impaler.

8.) Miranda Castle

8.) Miranda Castle gapyear Belgium is home to one of the creepiest old castles in the world. This foreboding Gothic castle served as an orphanage for much of the 20th century. Since 1990, it was totally abandoned and is now (perhaps unsurprisingly) said to be haunted. Children’s dolls lay scattered throughout some of the rooms – a ghoulish reminder of the castle’s history.

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo gapyear This Sicilian monastery buried their monks beneath the church…until one day, when they began mummifying and hanging them on the wall in their Sunday best.

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery gapyear Established about 600 years ago, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague contains more than 12,000 tombstones. However, many more thousands of people are thought to be buried there. The reason for the extreme overcrowding is due to Jewish religious law, which prohibits the disturbance of graves.

11.) Hill of Crosses

11.) Hill of Crosses gapyear No one is quite sure how or why this small patch of land in northern Lithuania became a site for hundreds of thousands of crosses. Yet the tradition is well and truly cemented, as thousands more appear each year (these days mainly from Catholic pilgrims). At first glance, it looks like an incredibly crowded burial ground, but as far as anyone knows, there isn’t a single grave here.

12.) SS America

12.) SS America gapyear This magnificent vessel was built in America in 1939 and served as a cruise liner and US Navy ship for half a century. At the time of its construction, the SS America was the pride of the U.S. maritime industry and a pinnacle of ship design. As the years passed, the competition from newer and faster ships led to its demise. It was eventually sold to a Thai company planning to renovate it into a floating hotel off the coast of Phuket. However, when it was towed from Greece, the SS America was caught in a thunderstorm. It was eventually wrecked off the coast of the Canary Islands in Spain.

13.) Capuchin Crypt

13.) Capuchin Crypt gapyear This recently discovered crypt is another creepy place to visit in the Czech Republic. This ghoulish crypt beneath the Holy Cross Church in Brno is home to 24 former monks and churchgoers, who were entombed hundreds of years ago. Each of their heads is propped up by a pillow of bricks, and they all clutch an ancient rosary in their folded arms.

If you were planning a Halloween trip to Europe, hopefully these can help get you in the spirit. If you’re looking to avoid Halloween, now you know where you shouldn’t go! Either way, maybe it’s best to stay out of a place made entirely out of skeletons at all times.

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Appreciate The Horror Genre The Right Way With These 10 Scary Films.

Halloween is approaching fast, so it’s time once again to break out the horror flicks! They’re fun any time of year, but they’re especially fun when you curl up with (or hide under) a big blanket with some friends. Or alone…if you dare.

There are so many horror movies and, unfortunately, a lot of them are pretty terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I love a terrible horror movie from time to time. There is something satisfying about laughing at something that was obviously meant to terrify.

But there are only so many horror movie tropes you can see before they start to bore you. Creepy little girls in white nightgowns, flash cuts, jump scares, and oozing black substances get old. With so many sub-par films out there, it can get disappointing when you’re in the mood for a scare.

So we compiled a list of some of the best and scariest movies we’ve ever seen. We’re leaving out a lot of the classics, because you’ve probably heard of them. Instead, we’re including smaller movies and movies that might not be traditional “horror” films, but are creepy anyway.

1.) The Haunting, Robert Wise, 1963

The 1999 sequel never happened. It never happened. Okay? This horror movie is perfect for people squeamish about horror movies, because the scares are in your mind rather than on the screen. You don’t have to wonder when something is going to appear and shock-scare you, but hardened horror veterans can appreciate it, too. It’s a classic story of a group of strangers in a supposedly haunted house looking to do research on the paranormal. And, yes, they find it.

2.) The Innkeepers, Ti West, 2011

A hotel with a known ghost legend is about to close. Two ghost hunting employees, alone for the hotel’s last night, are determined to find ghosts before they have to find new jobs. And they do…kind of. This is another film that’s more psychological than just things popping out and shrieking, and it requires thought. Director Ti West stated in interviews that he’s not content to let the audience in on too much. Instead, he makes them come along for the ride without the benefit of figuring out what’s actually going on.

3.) Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli, 2007

No, wait, hear me out. Ignore that this movie became a franchise with about a billion sequels. The original movie is actually pretty good. It’s a found-footage movie chronicling couple Micah and Katie’s move into a new house and the way they cope when things start…happening. It’s a pretty slow-paced movie, with little in the way of scares or special effects, but what it offers is effective. It’s also an interesting take on the “haunted house” genre, with the people, rather than the space, being haunted. Skip the sequels, though. They’re not worth it.

4.) The Orphanage, J.A. Bayona, 2007

A couple moves into an old orphanage with the hopes of refurbishing it and making it into a home for disabled children. When they arrive, their young son Simon begins to make friends, in particular a little boy named Tomas. Trouble is, no one can see Tomas. As the movie unfolds, secrets about Tomas, Simon, and the orphanage become unveiled. Though there are horror elements, and the film is chilling and suspenseful, but what carries this one is the compelling story. It’s also produced by Guillermo del Toro, so it’s visually striking as well.

5.) The Conjuring, James Wan, 2013

A family of seven moves into a picturesque old house. When things start getting creepy, they call in famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Then things get really creepy. This film was shot and styled like a classic 70s horror movie. It has nothing in the way of gore, violence, sex or even swearing, but was given an R rating simply because it’s really scary. It’s also lightyears better than Wan’s Insidious films.

6.) Event Horizon, Paul W.S. Anderson, 1997

The crew of a spaceship discovers a ghost ship off Jupiter that disappeared after generating and entering a manmade black hole. The trouble with creating black holes is you might open up into a dimension of pure chaos, but the rescue crew doesn’t realize this. What follows is the descent into both figurative and literal hell for the crew. This is not a film for children, with a considerable amount of violence and gore. And while it’s scary, the film’s real horror comes from the impending doom, the isolation of space, and each of the crew members’ personal demons.

7.) Jug Face, Chad Crawford Kinkle, 2013

This Southern gothic tale is not what you expect. Whatever you expect, you’re probably wrong. The movie centers on a rural, isolated community that worships “the Pit,” a hole in the ground exuding a supernatural force…and demands human sacrifice. Again, whatever you’re thinking now, you’re also wrong. It’s a desolate, ominous, character-driven piece with a mythology of its own.

8.) The Moth Diaries, Mary Harron, 2011

This movie is “horror” in the traditional sense, drawing inspiration from the gothic novels of the 19th century. When a newcomer strikes up a close friendship with her best friend, boarding school student Rebecca struggles with the feeling that something isn’t quite right about this new girl. Or maybe she’s just jealous? Using the classic vampire tale as its foundation, this movie is also an exploration of the friendships of teen girls. It’s an interesting departure from the basic vampire story. Vampire fans should take a look.

9.) Alien, Ridley Scott, 1979

“But wait,” you say, “that’s a sci-fi movie!” Yes, it is, but it’s more science horror than science fiction. It’s described as a “slasher movie in space,” and director Scott knew from the outset that fear was the feeling he wanted to inspire. The crew of a mining ship encounters a strange distress call, and when they investigate, an alien life form sneaks aboard their ship. This is the kind of movie that’s scary because of what you don’t see, and the claustrophobic settings add to the feeling of inescapable doom.

10.) “In Chambers,” Aleksander Nordaas, 2011

This one is a short! Clocking in at only 10 minutes, you can watch this on your lunch break for a spooky afternoon. This short involves nefarious men with medical equipment and a great soundtrack. Explaining any more would give too much away.

So grab that popcorn and turn the lights down. Actually, on better thought, you might want to keep them on for these! 

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This Project Seemed Like A Good Idea, But Now, Climate Change Might Spell Trouble

The U.S. government hasn’t always been known for its sound judgement, especially during the Cold War. During this period in U.S. history, the government engaged in a variety of strange projects that were all designed to crush the Soviet Union if war erupted. However, the aftermath of one of these bizarre endeavors is now threatening massive environmental disaster in Greenland.

In 1959, the Army Corps of Engineers built a top-secret science station known as Camp Century deep under the arctic ice of northern Greenland. The existence of the base was only known to top military officials and the soldiers who built it.

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However, the purpose of the station was far from scientific. The base was actually a cover for a secret U.S. military experiment known as “Project Iceworm.”

The purpose of Project Iceworm was to construct underground missile launch tunnels. Greenland is significantly closer to Russia than the continental United States. Any missiles launched from Greenland would reach their Soviet targets in a much shorter time, essentially ensuring an American victory…or so they thought.

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Luckily, it never came to nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. As tensions between the two superpowers thawed, glacial shifts in the Greenland ice sheet caused extensive damage to Camp Century. It was later abandoned.

Over the years, officials allowed for the surrounding ice to entomb the nuclear missiles and waste products housed at the camp. And that was pretty much the end of it, until a pesky thing called climate change came knocking.

According to a recent report, the ice surrounding the remnants of Camp Century is slowly melting away thanks to rising temperatures caused by climate change. If the ice melts fully, there’s a risk that hundreds of gallons of nuclear waste could contaminate Greenland and its surrounding oceans.

(via Mysterious Universe)

Making matters even more complicated is the legal ownership of Camp Century. Technically, the camp was a joint venture between the U.S. and Denmark. However, since it was abandoned, the site has become a gray area with both sides feeling less than eager to foot the bill for a proper cleanup.

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He Went To The Most Toxic City In America And The Resulting Photos Are Chilling

Urban Explorer Seph Lawless is known for exploring empty, eerie places — and Picher, Oklahoma, is definitely one of the most unsettling.

Picher started out as a promising mining town in 1918, but today, it is known as the most toxic city in America. After years of water contamination and sludge buildup, the whole town was evacuated.

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For his latest project, Lawless journeyed to this foreboding town and walked its silent streets. There is nothing safe about being inside Picher’s city limits, but that definitely wasn’t enough to extinguish his curiosity.

Abandoned for over a decade, this city once thrived with a booming mining industry in the early 20th century.

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During Oklahoma’s expansion in 1913, huge amounts of lead and zinc were found in the area. Being at the center of all this new mining work, a settlement was formed and its population had reached nearly 10,000 people by 1920.

It was named after Oliver Picher, owner of the Picher Lead Company.

It became so successful that at one point, it was producing over $20 billion of ore, quickly making it the most lucrative mining settlement in the state.

Over half of the lead and zinc used by the U.S. military during World War I came from the city.

But everything changed after mining stopped in 1967. Hazardous waste and contaminated water from mine shafts created a toxic environment.

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The situation got so bad that the U.S. government designated it as a Superfund site, which identified it as a candidate for cleanup because of the dangerous risk that was posed to people living there.

Unfortunately, Picher couldn’t be salvaged. Officials evacuated the area in 2009 and classified it as the most toxic city in America.

Residents were forced out of their homes and relocated. They left many of their possessions behind, which turned their houses into chilling time capsules that now commemorate an awful point in Oklahoma’s history.

Lawless noticed when he started exploring that people’s clothes were still hanging in their closets as if they’d only just left.

Because of extensive mining, the ground beneath the explorer’s feet could have given way at any time.

As Lawless walked through the streets, he feared that he would fall to his death.

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Mining also left behind huge piles of siliceous rock and dolomite waste called “chat.” The mounds are so large that they look like mountains surrounding the city.

Approximately 34 percent of children from Picher were found to be suffering from lead poisoning by the time 1996 rolled around.

In the short amount of time that Lawless spent on one of the hills, he reported feeling nauseous and very uneasy.

But despite all of the dangers, the city’s pharmacist, Gary Linderman, refused to leave his home. Lawless was supposed to visit with him during his journey through Picher, but sadly, Linderman died from a mysterious illness just days before their scheduled meeting.

The city now stands lonely and forgotten.

This chilling image shows a makeshift barricade that was built by those who fled the city to warn newcomers that they should stay away.

It’s obvious to anyone who enters that they are not welcome or safe in Picher, but that doesn’t stop urban explorers like Lawless from documenting the area’s ruins.

Although the eerie locale is uninhabitable today, its ghostly beauty is undeniable. According to Lawless, being there is an experience unlike any other.

Take a tour with Lawless through the abandoned city here:

It’s such a shame that this city fell into ruin. I can’t imagine having to leave everything behind like that. If you’d like to learn more about Seph Lawless and his work, be sure to check him out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also visit his website for more details.

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This Is The Perfect Two-Minute Horror Movie To Play At Your Halloween Party

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is watching as many scary movies as I can handle.

But for me, it’s way more fun when my family and friends join me for all the jump-scares and terrifying moments — even if I have to force them (or trick them) to sit through the films. That’s why I’m making it my mission to share this delightful piece of horror at every Halloween party I go to this year so I can enjoy all the collective terror.

The short film “Lights Out” won the Best Director award for the 2013 Who’s There Film Challenge, and you’ll soon see why…

Well, I’m leaving my lights on at night for the rest of eternity.

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Have fun giving nightmares to everyone you know! I definitely will.

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Vintage Disneyland: The Creepiest Place On Earth.

Disneyland is more commonly known as “the happiest place on earth,” where all of our favorite characters from childhood come to life. Everything is bright, adorable and made to feel like a dream come true. (It’s also stupidly expensive, but who can put a price on happiness anyway?)

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, these vintage photos from the Disneyland of yesteryear are the nightmares your body runs away from. Looks like it was a creepy world after all! Yikes.

1.) Did their faces NEED to be nightmarish and ceramic?

2.) I wish someone would save Alice from Mickey…

3.) The Mad Hatter is mad. Very, very mad.

4.) Someone needs to explain the bloodshot, murderous eyes.

5.) Eeyore’s walk of shame.

6.) Who’s scarier, Tick Tock or Peter Pan?

7.) Pinocchio can see into your soul. And will eat it.

8.) Why do the pigs look shifty?


10.) Don’t listen to his evil secrets, child.

11.) … giant faces. They are giant, walking faces.

12.) NOPE.

13.) As it turns out… giant, naked pigs are frightening.

14.) This is what Disney crime scene photos look like.

15.) Giant, stoned animals aren’t child-friendly.

16.) This just keeps getting worse.

17.) That stare…

18.) I’ve never been so frightened of Winnie The Pooh.

19.) They aren’t blushing, their cheeks are covered in blood.

20.) P.S., this giant bug wants to eat your babies.

21.) It’s the giant hole in Baloo’s neck that’s the creepy part.

22.) Giant pigs are NOT adorable. Are NOT.

23.) Noooooooo! Why aren’t those kids afraid?!

24.) I’m not so sure he is looking that innocent…

(via Mental Floss.)

“The happiest place on earth?” That must’ve been evil Disney propaganda. 

Share these Creepyland photos with others… and appreciate the fact you never have to see giant, pantless pigs yourself.

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These 14 Creepy Sea Creatures Are Probably Lurking In Our Waters Right Now.

The Little Mermaid is full of lies: life is NOT better under the sea. In fact, you should probably keep your legs on land from now on.

My childhood dreams of singing with a crustacean band are shattered. You’ll understand when you take a look at what really lurks beneath the waves. No wonder Ariel wanted out of there so bad.

1.) St. Augustine Monster

This amorphous monster washed up onto Florida shores in 1896. Scientists think it might be the remains of a giant octopus, but nothing is certain.

2.) Montauk Monster

Discovered in 2008 on the New York beach, this creature has yet to be identified. Some say it’s a bloated, distorted raccoon carcass, but it looks more like a mutant experiment gone wrong.

3.) Red Blob

A real life version of The Blob was discovered on Australia’s Mudjimba Beach. Scientists are still looking into what the limbless, eyeless, and mouthless creature could be.

4.) The Living Fossil

There are actually a ton of “living fossils” swimming around our oceans that were previously considered extinct. Above is the Coelacanth, which we thought had purged from the earth 60 million years ago.

5.) Giant Jellyfish

The Portuguese Man o’ War isn’t technically a jellyfish: it’s four different species banding together like the worst supergroup in the world to roam the waters with no brain, no heart, and poisonous tentacles that hang as low as 165 feet. Giant jellyfish are also a real thing you should be afraid of, too.

6.) Jules Verne’s Squid

Giant squids were considered a myth until this big guy washed ashore in 2004, weighing 400 lbs. It gave visitors a shock when they found it on a beach in Cantabria, Spain.

7.) Sea Monk

This was found off the coast of Denmark in 1546. While it was probably just a large squid, it was so terrifying that people canonized it as a Christian warrior to ward off its evil.

8.) Folly Monster

This behemoth washed up in 2012 on Folly Beach in South Carolina. The creepy mystery was solved when it was identified as an Atlantic sturgeon and not something that would steal your soul.

9.) The Stronsay Beast

Nicknamed “Nessie’s cousin,” the creature supposedly washed up on Scottish shores in 1808. According to records, it was 55 feet long and missing its tail.

10.) Trunko

Discovered in South Africa in 1924, legend has it that the large white blobby creature fought with two killer whales before fatally losing the battle and washing ashore.

11.) Half Monster

It may be missing about 50 percent of its body, but it’s still 100 percent creepy. It was discovered on Pukehina Beach in New Zealand and has yet to be identified.

12.) Mystery Monster

This terrifying toothy created washed up onto Villaricos Beach in Spain recently. At 13 feet long, scientists still speculate on its identity, but are leaning toward Asian dragonfish, ribbonfish, or possibly an oarfish.

13.) Gambo

The drawing comes from the man who discovered the creature in 1983 off a Gambian coast. Not much is known about Gambo, as he was apparently cut into small pieces and buried by villagers. Y’know, like you do with demons.

14.) Sea Serpent

Reports of a giant sea snakes spotted across the seas are as old as Poseidon himself. However, as horrific as they appear, actual oarfish are pretty dumb and harmless.

(via All Day.)

It may be hotter under the water, but now you know it’s because that’s where all the EVIL is. I’m certainly not going to the beach any time soon.

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These Aren’t Your Mother’s Porcelain Dolls. In Fact They’re… OMG.

When you think of porcelain dolls, you probably think of the little cherubs your mother never wanted you to go near out of fear that you’d break them–as if you’d want to use a shiny and smooth angel as an action figure. Boring.

These porcelain dolls, however, are nothing like those needlessly naked winged babies. No, these are a whole lot different. These figurines certainly aren’t for the faint of heart, but even if gore isn’t your thing, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate the artist’s talent and creativity.

That’s right… they’re a-gore-able.

What came first, the doll or the viscera?

No, these are not your mother’s porcelain dolls.

You have to admit, these are mind-blowingly good.

Eat your heart out.

Throw your hands in the air like they’re just not there.

I love your shade of crimson.

It took a lot of guts to make this.

(via laureeen)

Whoa. I’m glad my mom didn’t have those while I was growing up. When I wasn’t having nightmares about them, I’d be dying to try and play with them.

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