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‘All hell broke loose:’ Ferguson protesters arrested after melee with cops


If it’s a day that ends in “Y,” it’s another day for Ferguson rabble-rousers to gather in front of the police station, yell, block traffic, and get arrested. All in a day’s work. Or whatever it’s called.

@STLAbuBadu arrested in front of #Ferguson police department. pic.twitter.com/o01RlmGrfW

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

#Ferguson police officer exchanges words with protesters as he orders them off the street. pic.twitter.com/icpAChlX2e

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

Protesters including @TefPoe object to #Ferguson police removing their sign. pic.twitter.com/2yu83vsrqu

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

#Ferguson protesters lock arms blocking street in front of police department. pic.twitter.com/iQxK1lELgC

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

The police chief joined the marchers. But the unity moment didn’t last long.

#Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson briefly marches with protesters before arrests. pic.twitter.com/0OAN9vjMLg

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

NOW: #Ferguson Police Chief briefly marches w/ protesters before arrests start in front of police station @kodacohen pic.twitter.com/quwooWeeyk

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 26, 2014

Police move to clear the street in front of the #Ferguson PD after arrests. pic.twitter.com/KaIDqvOKiG

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014

Here comes the shoving.

#ferguson https://t.co/d2DsMCEGvk

— Chris McDaniel (@csmcdaniel) September 26, 2014

Shoving ensues during march in #Ferguson while Jackson addresses crowd http://t.co/I2Wb5DTGdu #News4StLouis

— KMOV (@KMOV) September 26, 2014

Police arrest protesters after demonstrator allegedly attempted to fight Chief. http://t.co/I2Wb5DTGdu

— KMOV (@KMOV) September 26, 2014

FERGUSON ERUPTS… Again! – Protesters Taunt, Attack Police Officers (Video) http://t.co/IPdOVCH8Ik via @gatewaypundit

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) September 26, 2014

@kodacohen: #Ferguson Chief Tom Jackson briefly marches with protesters before arrests. pic.twitter.com/WH6HwneB4X” Then all hell broke loose.

— Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 26, 2014

The protesters blame the chief for “incitement,” natch.

The way it broke out it almost felt like #Ferguson PD were trying to incite some shit. Chief Jackson was not in danger.

— Phreedom (@mechphree) September 26, 2014

@ryanfrank314 @AntonioFrench I've been arrested for no reason, on a van in ferguson pd parking lot.

— Umar Lee (@STLAbuBadu) September 26, 2014

The taunting protesters didn’t relent:


— Chris McDaniel (@csmcdaniel) September 26, 2014


— Chris McDaniel (@csmcdaniel) September 26, 2014

The police remain on alert.

The cops are lined up in #ferguson ready to pounce. Crowd has thinned significantly but they are not budging. pic.twitter.com/t28840q3Pn

— mervyn marcano (@britrican) September 26, 2014

OK, Ferguson, your tantrum is noted. Go to your room.

— ConservativeLA (@ConservativeLA) September 26, 2014

Someone needs to spike Ferguson's water supply with extra strength Xanax.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) September 26, 2014

Yep, this about sums things up:

Ferguson can't get right.

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12) September 26, 2014

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LeBron James: Players don’t want any member of Sterling family owning Clippers


The NBA has banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, and there has been talk that his estranged wife, Shelley, would keep her 50 percent share of the team.

According to Miami Heat star LeBron James, the players don’t want any member of Don Sterling’s family owning the team:


The AP quoted James, who spoke after a practice:

“As players, we want what’s right and we don’t feel like no one in his family should be able to own the team,” James said after the Miami Heat practiced for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against Brooklyn.

James’ statement sparked a lot of discussion:


Would that “rule” work the other way around:



Full Twitchy coverage of the Donald Sterling controversy here.

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Fans of the Liverpool Football Club bring the anti-Semitic hate

The Liverpool Football Club was forced to delete a tweet last night after daring to wish its Jewish fans a happy Rosh Hashanah:

Liverpool fans so abhorrent in their racist responses that @LFC have now deleted this tweet. Anti-Semitism is rife. pic.twitter.com/tEoNcHAYRF

— Ben (@BenLewis0795) September 26, 2014

Here are a few of the anti-Semitic and hateful responses that prompted Liverpool to delete its “happy new year” message:


— Zak (@ImtiazZakiy) September 25, 2014

@LFC viva hitler !! **** jews

— #Gaza iKoora (@iKooora_) September 26, 2014

@LFC: Liverpool FC would like to wish all our Jewish supporters around the world a happy new year. #RoshHashanah” Gas them

— JEY (@Rooney_LFC) September 25, 2014

And  here are some of the responses:

@LFCZA you seen @LFC sent Jewish NY greetings. Was met with barrage of racism & now tweet deleted. Easy to pander to racists. Not good

— Raphi Bloom (@rafjb69) September 26, 2014

@LFC @LFC_Arabic @Officiallfc_id @PakistanLFC @MalaysiaLFC Why did you take off the Happy Jewish New Year tweet? Did you let racism win?

— Joel Kleinberg (@Joelinhorito) September 26, 2014

Yes, racism won.

@LFC When you deleted this you did not only turn back against Millions of Jewish fans, but also against the Israelis WHO PLAYED for the club

— Your Savior (@Gilli_Parann) September 26, 2014


Hard to fathom: The #antisemitic tweets after #Liverpool FC wished Jewish Supporters a Happy New Year http://t.co/Kt4pnS7HxM #LFC

— QPR REPORT (@QPRReport) September 26, 2014

“Hard to fathom”? Only if you live in a bubble:

Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain quadrupled over Gaza

Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain as Jewish people face backlash over bloodshed in Gaza

‘Anti-Semitism is poisonous’: hundreds gather for rally against anti-Jewish attacks


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/26/fans-of-the-liverpool-football-club-bring-the-anti-semitic-hate/

Steven Crowder takes on Lena Dunham and “rape culture” [video]


The left is obsessed with taking strong words and robbing them of their real meaning. “Racism” and “hate” are now applied to simple disagreement. With all the talk condemning “rape culture” are they minimizing the real crime of rape? Steven Crowder tackles the issue (and —shudder— plays Lena Dunham again) in his latest video.

New video up tonight! Will be taking @lenadunham to task and addressing our plaguing "rape culture" problem.

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) October 14, 2014

Video: Steven Crowder destroys Lena Dunham’s rape story and rape culture at the same time.  This is the… http://t.co/ZZwc30K1jA

— RedBloodedAmerica (@RedBloodedGuy) October 15, 2014

Oh dear god he's back https://t.co/cTcEjYejrs

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) October 15, 2014

@rilaws "We'll get to rape culture in a sec" is something I never should have heard Steven Crowder say.

— bobby finger (@bobbyfinger) October 15, 2014

@lenadunham watch this. Quite Intriguing. NEW VIDEO: Steven Crowder tackles Real Rape v. “Rape Culture” http://t.co/fdhekHr97b

— Matt B (@mbs213) October 15, 2014

Something tells me that @scrowder will not receive an invitation to speak at a women's dept. on campus any time soon http://t.co/fONgQJt53b

— Jason Mattera (@JasonMattera) October 15, 2014

Probably a good guess.



Don’t look now feminists, but a Dem senator just supported ‘campus rape culture’ [photo]

‘Monster Hunter’ author Larry Correia targeted for departing from ‘rape culture’ orthodoxy

‘Rape culture wins’: Feminist freakout after Miss Nevada dares suggest self defense training for women

Revolting: Demented lib comments on rape culture by depicting Paul Ryan as rapist [pic]

Twitchy coverage of Steven Crowder


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/16/steven-crowder-takes-on-lena-dunham-and-rape-culture-video/

‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell’s Facebook thread mocks Ventura [pics]

Veteran Navy SEAL and author of “Lone Survivor” posted a simple meme shaming Jesse Ventura to his Facebook page. It started a flood of memes from Luttrell’s fans, some of whom are presumably former or current military but all of whom feel that Ventura’s lawsuit against the widow of SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was the height of dishonor.

Caution: Some of the language is pretty salty.


Only for 2014?

(“Blue Falcon” is military slang for “buddy f*ck”—a soldier screwing over one of his comrades.)

That seems more like it.



‘Justice’! Sickos high-five Jesse Ventura for victory over Chris Kyle’s estate

‘F*cking disgrace’: Jury helps jagoff Jesse Ventura stick it to Chris Kyle’s widow

Dana Loesch hosts a spirited game of ‘Guess That Celebrity!’ [Photoshop]

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The top ten horrible Halloween costumes that aren’t Ray Rice

Nowadays if someone sees a bad Halloween costume, it’s going to end up on internet. Halloween is still a few days away and we’ve already found some really bad costume ideas on Twitter.

 10. The “Invisible Pedestrian”

When you’re a kid knocking on strangers’ doors at night asking for candy, naturally the first rule is “safety first.” This costume could not be less safe it was made out of broken glass.

9. Baby Butt

Tobacco marketing aimed at kids is just getting ridiculous.

8. Ferguson Protester

Watch out for rubber bullets.

7. Toilet

Seriously, have some self respect. Actually this one could lead to some awkward situations if fellow party goers have had too much to drink

6. “Prison Princess”

“Prison Princess” is probably also a euphemism for something we’d rather not discuss here.

5. Human Centipede

Just no. Seriously. No.

4. Ice Bucket Challenge

Why not just use a real ice bucket?

3. Hashtag

This one’s for the people who really want to dress up as a major Obama administration foreign policy initiative.

2. Sexy Ebola Containment Suits

No wonder the CDC needed to change those protocols.

1. Beyonce’s Silhouette

It looks Charles Clymer morphing into “Rodan.”


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Gov. Mary Fallin calls beheading ‘act of cowardice’; Death penalty sought

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin issued a press release today insisting that the perpetrator of the Vaughn Foods beheading will be brought to justice. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn has indicated that he will seek the death penalty in the case.

“Since the attack was reported, I have been communicating with law enforcement as well as Oklahoma’s Department of Homeland Security to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted into the motives of the attacker,” wrote Fallin. “That investigation is still ongoing, and it is unclear at this time whether the crime was an act of terrorism, workplace violence, or a gruesome combination of both.”

I hope Oklahoma get it right & file murder 1 special circumstances against Alton Nolen and seek the death penalty. #WorkplaceViolenceMyBum

— Brian Mora (@BrianMora_USA) September 30, 2014

Alton Nolen murdered in the name of Islam – hated "infidels". That's a hate crime and he should get the death penalty.

— Stephen Wilson (@GR8_2B_alive) September 27, 2014

Death penalty. Stop this shit now before it gets out of hand. http://t.co/SIA621GzJp

— Roald C. Harr (@roaldc48) September 29, 2014



Twitchy coverage of Alton Nolen

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