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Now Wonkette ridicules Ted Cruz and his ‘backwards’ shotgun

Gizmodo must have thought it had a great scoop the other day when it discovered video (from CNN) showing gun rights advocate Sen. Ted Cruz carrying his shotgun “backwards” while pheasant hunting. Talking Points Memo picked up on the story as well, also accusing Cruz of holding his shotgun backwards.

Wonkette didn’t publish its piece on Cruz and his disregard for gun safety until today, likely because executive editor Kaili Joy Gray managed to wring out more than 900 words to author apost entitled, “Ted Cruz Doesnt Care If He Accidentally Blows Off Someones Head With A Shotgun.”

It’s that same photo we saw yesterday, of “Cruz demonstrating how to ‘accidentally’ kill someone, maybe in that farmhouse not far behind him. Oops, bang bang, sorry, kid youre dead.”

“Anyone who has had even a second of firearm safety training can recite the rules for you,” continuesGray, who then links to Gizmodo’s piece as the definitive authority on safe firearms handling.

Wow, Cruz is such a numbskull he managed to break a shotgun while hunting! Time for a scathing follow-up post.

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‘Maybe MSNBC will like you now’! April Fools Day comes early for Ted Cruz [pic]


Sen. Cruz joined citizens outside the Supreme Court yesterday to show his support for Hobby Lobby and religious freedom:


Apparently, according to one media outlet, he also switched parties:


Well, yes. Technically it is. But:



Being misidentified as a Democrat has got to suck, but maybe in this case, there’s a silver lining:


Ha! There you go!



Twitchy coverage of Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz adds dose of reality to Dems’ ‘like a boss’ Obama bumper sticker


The DNC’s proposed Obama “like a boss” bumper sticker has inspired facepalms and Photoshops, and Sen. Ted Cruz got in on the mockery today with a devastating reference to the falling civilian labor force participation rate.

Well played, Senator!

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Donald Trump: ‘Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it’

Donald Trump just accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucuses over the Cruz campaign’s admission that it helped spread a rumor that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race:

The thought here is that Carson votes went to Cruz after the rumor was started and that it only took a small number of voters per caucus site to give Cruz the win.

CNN had reported that Carson was taking a break from the campaign before the caucus even started, which is where Cruz’s campaign allegedly first heard the story (note the countdown clock at the bottom-left):

Cruz went on to apologize to Carson over spreading the rumor:

Trump also hit Cruz over the controversial mailer designed to “shame” voters into caucusing:

Our coverage of the mailer story:

Daughter claims Ted Cruzs vote shaming mailer gave her dead mother an F

Disabled woman who cant caucus this year calls Ted Cruz a bully after getting named on his mailer

Ted Cruz says hell use every tool he can, including controversial vote shaming mailer

Update. Trump added another tweet after we published the post:

Update 2. Oh boy:

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‘Well played!’ Ted Cruz slays with ‘affordable’ O-care snark-truth [pic]


Indeed he is! Sen. Ted Cruz started off 2014 in style with this tweet:


The senator has used that picture to make a point before, but it never gets old. He has been retweeted almost 600 times and counting.

Of course, some whiners are calling for a waaahmbulance:


Seriously? Come on.

Most rightly cheered the apropos pic.


And an exit truth:




Ha! Ted Cruz lets Dr. Evil do the talking to describe Obamacare [pic]

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Thanks to Ted Cruz, Texas executes cop-killer

Protestors in Mexico, including one man who burned an American flag, weren’t able to persuade Texas to spare the life of cop-killer Edgar Tamayo. He was convicted of shooting Houston policeman Guy Gaddis in the back of the head with a gun he had snuck into Gaddis’ patrol car after being arrested in 1994.

Here’s some background on the case via BBC News:

[Tamayo] was among the four dozen Mexican nationals awaiting execution in the U.S. in 2004 when the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, ruled they had not been advised properly of their consular rights.

Former President George W. Bush ordered Texas and other states to review the cases, but the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of the state in 2008, saying the president could not effectively enforce The Hague’s ruling, leaving it to Congress to pass legislation.

Yes, that’s right. When Texas argued its sovereignty before the U.S. Supreme Court to execute the nationals in question, President George W. Bush sided with the World Court against Texas.

Not one of W’s finest moments.

It was Ted Cruz (then Texas’ Solicitor General) who  the case for Texas and won, paving the way for Tamayo’s execution yesterday.

The flag-burning incident occurred a week ago in Mexico in protest of Tamayo’s scheduled execution:

Some opponents of Tamayo’s execution, such as the American Bar Association, cited Tamayo’s low IQ as an extenuating factor:

Testing has determined that Tamayo has an IQ of approximately 67 and major limitations in adaptive functioning.

(We keep hearing that IQ is a “” concept. Apparently, it is a perfectly valid concept if the person citing it happens to be liberal.)

Many photos related to Tamayo’s execution were posted to Twitter yesterday:

Finally, after twenty years, justice has been served.


Rest in Peace, Guy Gaddis.

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Ted Cruz: Faulty website is ‘but 1 symptom’ of Obamacare; Offers cure

If you are experiencing one of the above symptoms, be sure to talk to your representative about full repeal.


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