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David Limbaugh shares Obama administration ‘scandal brackets’ [pic]


The NCAA Tournament match-ups were announced Sunday evening, and President Obama will no doubt be filling out his brackets very soon as he does every year.

David Limbaugh passed along a bracket Obama will definitely not fill out:


Ha! The entirety of Congress should be forced to fill that out.


There’s even room at the lower right for a few more “phony scandals” that might arise (larger version here).


Here’s the new 2014 “Obama Scandal Bracket” created by Jon Gabriel and posted at Ricochet. The version featured in David Limbaugh’s tweet was posted in 2013.

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When election season and Halloween combine to form one, awesome hashtag


Who’s ready for another hashtag game? Of course you are!

Today’s entrant combines Halloween with the awesome snark of partisan politics that you would expect to surface on the Friday before election day. Behold, #DemocratHorrorMovies!

Here are some of the funnier ones we’ve seen:









And yes, let’s add a real movie clip to the mix:



You can read the rest of the entries here.


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Telling! Amanda Carpenter notes something about absurd WH ‘women’ graphic [pic]


Ding, ding, ding! But, hey, the Obama administration still has lots of using women as pawns to do! The latest pathetic attempt was the ludicrous and myth-filled “Equal Pay Day.” Working women, this is what the Obama administration thinks of you:


Yep. Take a gander:




It’s a wonder they could make it to work at all, what with all the gossiping they appear to be doing.


Luckily they put their bon-bons down first! It wouldn’t do to gossip like hens with one’s mouth full. Amanda Carpenter pointed out a little something else:



And this Twitter user brought it all home with this key point that sums sexist Democrats and their attitude towards women up:



Hey, the #BanBossy girl looks awfully familiar, doesn’t she? [pics]

The life of Barack Obama’s ‘Julia’ gets curiouser and curiouser!

Meet Julia, the new composite woman in Obama’s life

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‘Very cool’! Gene Simmons proudly appears on cover of US Veterans Magazine [pic]


Today, KISS bassist and proud U.S. military supporter Gene Simmons shared a sneak peak at his cover spot on an upcoming issue of U.S. Veterans Magazine:


Particularly in light of the all the disturbing revelations about the neglect and mistreatment of patients in the VA system, it’s more important than ever that our veterans get the respect and support they so richly deserve.



Gene Simmons, KISS play private show for troops and veterans

Full Twitchy coverage of Gene Simmons

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‘Packs on!’ Dan Aykroyd makes announcement about ‘Ghostbusters 3′


A third “Ghostbusters” movie is now closer to becoming a reality, and today Dan Aykroyd announced his involvement today:


Sony Pictures has reportedly given a third installment of “Ghostbusters” the green light, and shooting is set to begin next year in New York City.



Dan Aykroyd saddened by passing of ‘brilliant, gifted’ Harold Ramis

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‘You’ve set the stage for a new Holocaust’: David Draiman unloads on lib media


In July, Disturbed and Device vocalist David Draiman told “the mainstream media, anti-Semites, propagandists, and attackers of Israel” he’d “had about enough of your bullsh*t.” In a scorching rant, Draiman ripped the media again for fueling a stomach-turning “wave of anti-Semitism.”



‘#TeamIsrael’: 10 celebs using social media to stand with Israel

‘You fall for it’: David Draiman hammers Piers Morgan for claim Israel has a ‘child-slaughtering military strategy’

David Draiman has a kick-ass message for the MSM and anti-Semites [pic]

Full Twitchy coverage of David Draiman

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‘ABC is drunk!’ Affiliate starts year with Halle Berry oops [pics]


Well, an ABC affiliate got its first “oops” of 2014 out of the way pretty quickly!


To be fair, perhaps the New Year’s Eve celebrations were extended a bit?


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Rep. Paul Ryan wants amnesty first, border security second


Well, yes, that pretty much sums it up:

[Rep. Paul] Ryan confirms GOP “principles” will include legal status for the 11 million, but he also says this will be a “probationary status” to make sure the 11 million will not be “preferenced over people who did follow the laws.”

Ryan also says the undocumented will be allowed to work as part of “probationary” status before security benchmarks are met. “You can be on probation,” Ryan says, “while the border is being secured.”

So, legal status for 11 million illegal aliens, before anyone even pretends the U.S. borders are secured. Just the thing Americans need when long-term unemployment is at record levels in virtually every state.


No wonder Rep. Ryan, “the most pro-amnesty member of Congress,” rose to his feet to clap last night when President Obama urged Congress to enact immigration reform.


As for concerns about the poor and rising income inequality, well, never mind all that!

Twitchy readers may recall that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., pushed a similar bill last year. That bill didn’t go over so well with conservatives. On the other hand, it did win the endorsement of “Homeland” terrorist Abu Nazir. So there’s that.

The Daily Caller’s Mickey Kaus, as usual, sees through the pro-amnesty smokescreen:




Buzzfeed says amnesty advocate Paul Ryan is on a mission to help the poor; Mickey Kaus calls BS

Washington Post: Paul Ryan called illegal aliens ‘exploited Americans’

Mickey Kaus: If Obama were really worried about rising inequality, he wouldn’t be pushing immigration bill

Want US workers to earn more? Mickey Kaus has an idea

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‘Transparency’: ‘Media lockdown’ at Biden event in Chicago


Some reporters seem like they’re getting a little tired of getting the run-around from the most transparent administration in history.


They can’t have people like that participating. That could create a breach in the narrative.





Reporter: Obama ‘the greatest threat to press freedom in a generation’

Journalists: ‘Stifling of free expression is happening’ despite Obama’s pledge 


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So, homemade hazmat suit lady at Dulles airport is awesome [photo]


So, this happened:

Wow, just wow. RT @jdhenchman: Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit pic.twitter.com/eiiqwWtfId

— Kristina Baum (@kristinabaum) October 16, 2014

That photo, reportedly taken at Dulles airport, is making the rounds and it is a hit!

ok what MT @AlexPappas: Photo of passenger at Dulles waiting for flight — wearing Hazmat suit http://t.co/urLycHlqZe pic.twitter.com/7iHAkK3k2D

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) October 15, 2014

Apparently, the CDC isn’t doing a great job at inspiring confidence. Gee, who would have thunk it?

Take THAT, Ebola!

Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit pic.twitter.com/Ljlny8t4pr

— Joe Henchman (@jdhenchman) October 15, 2014

Good lord woman RT “@jdhenchman: Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit pic.twitter.com/8n6WkkOUqK

— Ben White (@morningmoneyben) October 16, 2014

@kristinabaum @bpmarkowitz @jdhenchman probably a good idea to wear that into Dulles just under normal circumstances

— Jason Caldwell (@jasoncaldwell) October 16, 2014

@morningmoneyben @jdhenchman I'm totally doing this when I travel from now on

— Brian Johnson (@milojbloom) October 16, 2014

Photo taken with 12 Monkeys filter RT @jdhenchman: Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit pic.twitter.com/80u4AbXcLC

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 16, 2014

@kristinabaum @katie_martin_FX @jdhenchman I like the gap between the gloves and the cuffs.

— Ken Tindell (@kentindell) October 16, 2014

Is that Easter Basket Wrapping Paper? Your move, Ebola! @kristinabaum @katie_martin_FX @jdhenchman

— The Panic (@Gunntwitt) October 16, 2014

A marketing suggestion:

@morningmoneyben @jdhenchman I see she has a J.C. Penny bag there. Maybe the chain should start selling those suits. Could be big.

— Sam Litzinger (@SamLitzinger) October 16, 2014

And an exit prediction:

This year's viral Halloween costume. RT @jdhenchman: Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit pic.twitter.com/JfmV75GOY5

— Rick Swagler (@RickSwagler) October 16, 2014



Twitchy coverage of CDC

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‘I know how to fill a bustier’: Bette Midler asks if she should give Congress a go


Has Bette Midler decided to stop just sounding off about politics on Twitter and put her money where her mouth is?


Well, that’s … something.


And what basis would that be, exactly? It probably doesn’t matter, seeing as even if Midler were serious, she likely wouldn’t have much political wind beneath her wings. The only wind we can find is between her ears. And maybe between this guy’s:


President Bette Midler? There’s a thought exercise we’d rather sit out on.



Twitchy coverage of Bette Midler


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Albert Brooks: Man could have prevented Iraq crisis, but ‘we killed that guy’


With the situation in Iraq continuing to deteriorate, actor/comedian Albert Brooks says none of this would be happening had Saddam Hussein been left in power:


Points of contention with Brooks’ position:




‘What about the knives?’ Albert Brooks gets pushback after blaming NRA for Santa Barbara murders

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Lib ‘logic’: Brewer an ‘anti-gay extremist,’ DOMA signer Clinton a brave hero


As Twitchy noted last night, Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of updates to Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act didn’t win over CNN contributor Sally Kohn. And her tweet was just a mild example of how progressives react when they get what they want.


Brewer vetoed the bill and is a “vicious anti-gay, anti-immigrant extremist”? Fascinating:


Duh. He’s evolved now. What a difference a (D) makes. (Repeat: It’s not a cult.)


Jan Brewer vetoes #AZ1062
Bill Clinton signed #RFRA and #DOMA

Guess which one @SallyKohn supports.— S.M (@redsteeze) February 27, 2014


Not to mention Clinton’s personal War on Women.


And yet, the Left remains disappointed that Cheney is alive.

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‘Maybe MSNBC will like you now’! April Fools Day comes early for Ted Cruz [pic]


Sen. Cruz joined citizens outside the Supreme Court yesterday to show his support for Hobby Lobby and religious freedom:


Apparently, according to one media outlet, he also switched parties:


Well, yes. Technically it is. But:



Being misidentified as a Democrat has got to suck, but maybe in this case, there’s a silver lining:


Ha! There you go!



Twitchy coverage of Ted Cruz

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Ron Paul spreads Blame America poison on 9/11 anniversary


Here is an excerpt from the three-paragraph article, published on Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty website:

It will be an immense dishonor to those dead Americans that the U.S. government will continue to commit the moral equivalent of 9/11 against others equally as innocent, equally as precious. It will be a disgusting display as they continue to try to convince us to excuse the deaths of innocents with horrible euphemisms like “collateral damage” and callous phrases like “people die in war”.

The least Americans can do is oppose them. The least we can do is regard them as warmongers and hold them in contempt. The way to honor those killed on 9/11 is to never forget that killing innocents is always wrong and can never be justified.

If “killing innocents is always wrong” and “collateral damage” is a “horrible euphemism,” the author must believe that the U.K. and U.S. bombings of German and Japanese cities during World War II were moral atrocities, since those bombings killed many thousands of innocent civilians. Indeed, the author presumably regards the U.S. and British armed forces who ordered and implemented those bombings as “warmongers” who are morally equivalent to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.


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